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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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How to use English
Haunted House Adventure
The Haunted House Adventure covers the National Curriculum at:
KS2 English, levels 3 - 4.KS2 English, levels 3 - 4.
National Literacy Strategy: Word / Sentence Level work.
Write on the board: It was dark as the blackest knight. I herd a voice grown, 'Youll’ be sory if you go into that grate big house. Youl’l wish youd nevver ______.'
Ask pupils to complete the last sentence. Can they spot any mistakes?
Work with the pupils to correct the apostrophes and check the spellings.
How many mistakes are simply mis-spellings and how many are the result of choosing the wrong homophone? (e.g. knight /night, herd/heard).
Suggested questions for class discussion
Why did Digger and the Gang go into the house?
Instead of going into the house, what could the Gang have done?
How would you describe the house?
Who do you think the house belongs to?
Which was the trickiest puzzle to solve? Why?
Extension work
Pupils write an entry for Flick’s diary about how it felt to be inside the house. They should include sentences about what Flick could see, hear, taste and smell and about what it was like to touch different objects in the house.

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