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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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Lesson plan Maths
How to use
To solve problems involving amounts of money to 21p; to identify odd and even numbers; to count in fives; to identify hours on a clock; to multiply numbers up to 6 x 6; to identify names and properties of some 3D solids.
National Curriculum
KS1 Mathematics, Number / Shape, space and measures levels 1 - 3.
National Numeracy Strategy: Numbers & Number System, Shape & Space, Calculations, Measures.
Large clock; plastic coins; numberlines, counters, dice. Range of 3D solids and blank cards. Copies of activity sheets: Make a diary, Numbers, and How much does it cost?
Count together in fives around the clock face.
Ask pupils to find 4 o’clock, etc.
Which numbers on the clock face are odd? Even? Can pupils find two numbers on the clock face that add up to 5? To 10? To 20?
Can they use plastic coins to make 5p? 10p? 15p? Tell pupils they will find puzzles like this when they meet Digger and the Gang. Show pupils the Digger website homepage.
Group Work
Introduce pupils to the adventures.
Get up and go
Pupils identify the correct hour on a clock and put events in order.
Pupils use the Make a diary worksheet to order the events of their own day.

Up and jump
Pupils will practice counting in fives in the adventure activity. Ways to jump along a numberline? (e.g. 2’s, 10’s, 6’s). Pupils use counters to explore different jumps, listing the numbers they land on.

Cool down
Pupils find the correct coins to buy ice-creams, multiply prices and distinguish odd/even numbers. Pupils play the multiplication game on the Numbers worksheet . Are their answers odd or even? Can they make those numbers with plastic coins?
Individual Work
After viewing the online adventure, pupils make a Shape Challenge that Digger and the Gang could play. They count the faces of various 3D shapes. Can they find a solid with an odd number of faces? (A cylinder) An even number? (A cube). Pupils write the number of faces for each shape on a card.
Digger and the Gang used maths to play a game. As a class, play the Shape Challenge game (made as Individual Work). Can pupils match each 3D shape with its correct card?
Pupils complete the How much does it cost? worksheet.

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