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20 October 2014
Schools Digger and the Gang!

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How to use English
To the animals
The Animals Adventure covers the National Curriculum at:
KS1 Science - Materials and their properties; life processes and living things. QCA Science Scheme of Work: 1C sorting and using materials; 2A health and growth; 2B plants and animals in the local environment; 2C variation.
Tell pupils the activities all involve science puzzles.
Look at the opening of Into the boat. If it is hard for everyone to see the computer screen, encourage pupils to describe the landscape they see: a boat, water, an animal park.
Tell pupils the puzzles will be about weather and clothes, floating and sinking and animals.
Suggested questions for classroom discussion
Which bits of your own outfits are waterproof? How do you know?
Can you name five things that are not in the online adventure that would sink/float? How do you know?
Describe an animal without naming it. Who can guess what it is? (E.g. It has scales, it lives in water but can come on land, and it has lots of sharp teeth. It's a crocodile).
Extension work
Pupils could draw a comic strip to show Digger and the Gang visiting a supermarket. What science puzzles could they find there? (E.g. different types of food and where they come from: milk from a cow, orange from a tree).

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