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1 October 2014
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How to use English
To Grandma’s Party
The To Grandma’s Party Adventure covers the National Curriculum at:
KS1 English, levels 1- 3.
National Literacy Strategy: Word / Sentence Level work
Write on the board: obnes.
Ask pupils to re-organise the letters to make a word (bones).
Now write on the board, 'dog a Digger is.'
Ask does this sentence make sense?
Help pupils re-order the words to make: Digger is a dog.
Finally write on the board. 'bones to eat likes dog is a Digger who'. (Digger is a dog who likes to eat bones.)
Suggested questions for classroom discussion
What was in the parcel?
How would you feel if you were given a magic carpet?
Who sent the gang a magic carpet? Why did that person send it?
Where do you think they will go next?
Which character would you like to be? Why?
Extension work
Ask pupils to design/write an invitation for their own party. They could use the puzzle from An Invitation as a guide.
More able pupils might like to write their own story called 'The Magic Carpet'.

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