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20 October 2014
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    Using The Identity Quiz

    The Identity quiz tests students' knowledge and understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity.
    • The quiz gives five factual questions with answers to choose from. Every answer comes with a right or wrong response and an explanation of this.

    • The quiz can be used as a fun starter before visiting specific activities.

    • Alternatively, it can be used between activities providing a quick learning challenge - or to round off a topic.

    • Encourage students to do the quiz as often as they like. They can always learn more from the information given in the answers.

    Quiz questions

    1. What is the second largest ethnic group in the United Kingdom?
      (a) Black Caribbean
      (b) Chinese
      (c) Indian (correct)

    2. What was the Empire Windrush?
      (a) A cinema in London that showed silent movies
      (b) A ship that brought people from the Caribbean to work in Britain (correct)
      (c) A wind of change that changed the British Empire in Africa

    3. For the 2001 Census in the United Kingdom, most people gave their religion as:
      (a) Christian
      (b) Islam
      (c) Jedi(correct)

    4. Which word has come into the English language from outside Europe?
      (a) Canoe(correct)
      (b) Guitar
      (c) Sauna

    5. Some words from overseas have made their way into the English language. Where have the words safari and bongo come from?
      (a) America
      (b) Africa (correct)
      (c) Europe

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