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20 October 2014
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Government & Parliament
  • Online lesson plan
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    EU, UN & Commonwealth

    Using The Government and Parliament Quiz

    The Quiz tests students' knowledge and understanding of government and parliament.

    • The quiz gives a set of factual questions with answers to choose from. Every answer comes with a 'right' or 'wrong' response and an explanation of this.
    • The quiz can be used as a fun starter before visiting specific activities. Alternatively, it can be used between activities to provide a quick learning challenge - or to round off a topic.
    • Encourage students to do the quiz as often as they like. They can always learn more from the information given in the answers.
    Quiz questions

    1. Which countries make up the United Kingdom?
      (a) England and Wales
      (b) England, Wales and Scotland
      (c) England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland(correct)

    2. Which of these is not set by the national government in the United Kingdom?
      (a) Council Tax (correct)
      (b) Income Tax
      (c) Value Added Tax (VAT)

    3. What is devolution?
      (a) Taking power by popular protest, as in street riots
      (b) Handing power downwards, as in the new Scottish Parliament(correct)
      (c) When the human species changes over time

    4. Which of these is a registered political party in the United Kingdom?
      (a) The Blue Party
      (b) The Green Party(correct)
      (c) The Orange Party

    5. Who can vote in United Kingdom elections?
      (a) All people living in the UK
      (b) British citizens aged 18 years and over(correct)
      (c) All people in full time employment

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