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20 October 2014
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Government & Parliament
  • Online lesson plan
  • Using website activites
  • Global Community

    EU, UN & Commonwealth

    Using The Lowdown
    How to use The Lowdown

    Students they can use The Lowdown anytime they want to find out more about about issues raised in the activities. They can browse around or print off sections they find interesting. Teachers can also use this to devise their own learning tasks.

    For 'Government and Parliament' there is information about elected assemblies in the United Kingdom, particularly how Members of Parliament at Westminster are elected and what happens in the House of Commons.

    Encourage students to use Lowdown for research work or to broaden their learning for each on-line activity:

    1. What is the Chancellor's red leather case used for?
    2. What is capital gains tax?
    3. How many MPs are there in the House of Commons
    Extension Questions

    1. What is the job of parliamentary Whips?
    2. What are some advantages of using renewable energy?

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