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20 October 2014
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Rights & Responsibilities
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    Rights & Responsibilities
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    Which three of these rights would you be most upset to lose?

    50.25% The right to feel safe
    47% See a doctor or get treatment when I need it
    41.5% Be treated equally whether I'm male or female
    38% Be treated equally whatever my ethnic background
    27% Vote when I am 18
    23.75% Tell Parliament or a political party if I disagree about something
    23% The right to say what I think in a classroom
    22.75% The right to have a minimum wage when I start work
    21.5% The right of the media to say what it thinks
    7.5% The right to go to a football match and not experience any violence

    What do you think makes a good citizen? Someone who:

    60.5 % Obeys the law
    53.5% Participates in activities to benefit people in the community
    46.5% Works hard
    33% Takes part in activities to protect the environment
    22.5% Follows political issues in newspapers, on the radio or on TV
    25.5% Votes in every election
    22.5% Writes to a Member of Parliament
    17.5% Knows the country's history
    17.5% Engages in political discussions
    15% Joins a political party

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