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This assembly on the theme of peace is linked to those on remembrance and commemoration.

It is intended to help schools mark the centenary of World War One (1914 - 1918). Through raising awareness of that war, the assembly gives students an opportunity to think about the impact of war and peace on modern times. They will be invited to consider why some people think remembrance ceremonies glorify war and why others say such commemoration helps us to value peace by reminding us of the sacrifices made, particularly in the world wars of the twentieth century.

The assembly resources include a script for teachers, along with classroom ideas and suggestions for further research. There are online resources too, including a video clip.

The assembly script describes how many people hoped for peace and reconciliation after the horrors of World War One. It invites students to think about how World War One influenced attitudes to pacifism and patriotism and to reflect on their own attitudes to peace. Students are asked to think about the contrasting impacts of non-violent action and terrorism.

The assembly examines the role of international peacemakers, as well as the peace movement, in the light of the commemoration of the World War One's centenary. It encourages discussion of issues around the themes of world peace, reconciliation, disarmament, tolerance and mutual understanding. The video clip can be used to aid this discussion.

The assembly explores the idea that hoping for peace is not enough to achieve it. Sometimes, paradoxically, peace can only be attained by conflict. The soldiers who survived the trenches of the World War One had their own views on what peace meant. They are now all dead but their experiences live on in archive audio and video recordings. The fallen of World War One remain graphic witnesses to history.

The assembly offers an introduction to study topics in history, English, RE, PSHE and citizenship.

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