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This assembly, on the theme of remembrance, helps students to reflect on the 2014 centenary of World War One.

It suggests ways in which students can assess the impact of the war on history and also explore how remembrance has become part of national life in the UK and other countries. Students are encouraged to consider how remembrance has evolved to include World War Two and later conflicts. The materials include a script for teachers, along with classroom ideas and suggestions for further research. There are online resources too, including image galleries, video clips and audio clips.

The assembly addresses the reasons why we remember World War One and how that remembrance is marked, for example by Remembrance Sunday in November, the two-minute silence, war memorials and poppy-wearing. Students are asked to consider how learning about past wars (and about historic public attitudes to war and peace) can shape our attitudes to present conflicts.

The soldiers of the 1914 - 1918 war are no more but their memories and experiences live on in archives, image galleries, video clips and audio recordings. Such records illustrate why remembrance became such an emotive concept. Remembrance still arouses strong feelings in the bereaved families of servicemen and in pacifists who feel uncomfortable with the 'militarism' they believe surrounds remembrance. These issues can be explored in the assembly with avenues for further research outlined in the teachers' notes.

The assembly begins by encouraging discussion about what people think when they hear the word 'remembrance'. The events surrounding Remembrance Sunday are outlined and there is an opportunity to discuss how we mark anniversaries, such as the centenary of World War One. How appropriate is our contemporary response to these long-ago events?

The assembly offers an introduction to study topics in history, English literature, RE, PSHE and citizenship.

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