Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby wearing decorated jacket Sergeant Stubby wearing his decorated jacket. With thanks to Division of Armed Forces History, Smithsonian Institution.

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The soldiers who knew Stubby thought he was a hero. They admired his bravery and how much he was able to help them in the war.

Sergeant Stubby with jacket on display Sergeant Stubby with his decorated jacket, on display at American museum. With thanks to Division of Armed Forces History, Smithsonian Institution.

When the Americans freed the French town of Chateau-Thierry from German control, the women who lived there made Stubby a special blanket from a goat's coat so that the soldiers could fix his medals on it.


As a result of his acts of bravery, Stubby was given the unofficial rank of Sergeant. This meant that he gained a higher rank than his human friend Conroy.

After the war, the Humane Society awarded Sergeant Stubby a medal for heroism. The American Legion awarded him membership. So did the YMCA.


After the war, Stubby won many other medals too. These included the Purple Heart, the Republic of France Grande War Medal and the Medal of Verdun.

He was even given an Iron Cross medal that had originally been awarded to the German spy he'd captured. The American soldiers took the medal off the German spy and pinned it onto Stubby's jacket.

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