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St Benedict's school, London students getting ready for News DayLesson 5: News Day

This lesson introduces students to the pressures of running and taking part in a News Day and helps them to learn to work as a team to meet deadlines

Social media verification tips

Social media can be a rich resource but also a minefield for journalists. Explore these handy tips for social media verification to help keep you safe.

Lady JusticeKeeping your news safe and legal

Issues which teachers taking part in School Report must consider before putting their students' news on a website.

Steve Wilson and School Reporters from Holbrook AcademyHow to become football commentator Watch

BBC Sport football commentator Steve Wilson gives tips on how to become a professional to School Reporters from Ipswich's Holbrook Academy.

More info and help

Teacher essentials

  • School Reporter reading questions from notepadStarting out with School Report?

    Check out our step-by-step guide to taking part in the project

  • School Reporters do their 'PTC'Practical Tips

    A collection of resources offering teachers practical tips on making the news

  • School Reporters working in a radio studioBBC Values

    Guidance to help explain journalistic principles and ethics in the modern media world

  • School Reporters working on computersExternal resources

    Find even more resources and activities aimed at budding journalists

  • BBC NewsUseful links

    A list of websites benefiting teachers and students taking part in BBC News School Report.

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