Eight things teachers should learn

If the world suddenly turned upside down and teachers sat at desks in schools instead of pupils, what would students teach them

School Reporters at Impington Village College in Cambridge, Archbishop Tenison's CE High School in Croydon, and London based John Roan School and Blackheath High School suggested the lessons they would teach would have nothing to do with English, maths or science.

School Report is a project helping secondary school students around the UK make their own news for a real audience. Follow more reports from students on the project's 10th annual News Day on Thursday.

  • To teach a variety of sports


    School reporter Rebecca, from Blackheath High School, would like teachers to be able to teach a variety of sports - not only the ones supposed to be for 'girls'.

  • To dress in a fun way


    'I think that teachers should dress appropriately for the subject they are teaching. For example, in History we are learning about the plague, so our history teacher could dress up as a man who has the plague'.

    'I think this would be good because we would get a better understanding of the subject at what it was like to live in that time. It would also make the lessons more fun and make it more interesting, and therefore we are more likely to listen rather then being in a lesson that isn't that fun where you get bored and can't really be bothered to listen'. Summer, Blackheath High School.

  • To use technology


    'I think that teachers should learn about technology and computers more, as it helps me and other students I'm sure, learn and understand quicker and easier, especially with videos'.

    'At the start of the school year, I, amongst many other people, learnt what type of learner I am: listening, visual, etc. I am a visual learner. If teachers put videos up more often, then I as a visual learner, would learn better, and be better in school.

    But there's only one problem - they don't know how! '

    'I mean, if I had a pound for every time a teacher didn't know how to put the sound onto speakers, or how to make it louder, or how to play it, I'm telling you, I would be rich! '

    Anouk, Blackheath High School

  • To give alternatives to University


    'There should always be options, whichever you want to go', says Louis, from The John Roan School in London.

  • To understand dyslexia


    'I would really appreciate it if they could be in a dyslexic students shoes and learn a lot more dyslexia', says Tegan, School Reporter from Blackheath High School in London.

  • To speak slang


    Amon, from The John Roan School in London, and Ollie, from Archbishop Tenison's CE High School, agree on the need to understand the language the students actually speak.

  • To listen


    This is about listening and understanding, for Daniel and his classmate from Impington Village College, in Cambridge.

  • To slow down


    Less writing and more 'take it slowly' is what this student from Impington Village College in Cambridge would like to see his teachers learn.