In Pictures: Newbattle Queen's Baton celebrations

26 June 2014 Last updated at 12:29

Newbattle High School celebrated their baton-bearing teacher and student in an inspiring Commonwealth event
Newbattle student Abby arrives with the Queen's Baton.
Student Abby arrived at Newbattle High School with the Queen's Baton. Abby was nominated to carry the baton by the school for her dedication to sport.
The Mayfield Pipe Band escort the baton into Newbattle High School
The Mayfield Pipe Band escorted the baton into Newbattle High School and played throughout the celebrations which added to the exciting atmosphere of the event.
Newbattle High School Baton Bearers pose with the baton with visiting athletes Steve Frew and Susan Egelstaff
The Newbattle High School Baton Bearers pose with the baton and visiting athletes - gymnast Steve Frew and badminton player Susan Egelstaff.
Newbattle High School shows its support for the baton bearers
Proud Newbattle High School showed its support for the Commonwealth Games and their baton bearers. The day was described by head teacher Mr Taylor as "a once in a lifetime opportunity."
Head teacher Mr Taylor and event organiser Mr Wilson with Commonwealth mascot Clyde.
Head teacher Mr Taylor and event organiser Mr Wilson pose with the Commonwealth mascot, a thistle called Clyde.
School Reporters Rachel and Niamh with the Commonwealth mascot Clyde.
After a busy day of reporting on the event, two of Newbattle BBC News School Reporters, Rachel and Niamh, pose with the Commonwealth mascot Clyde.
Newbattle dancers show their support
The Newbattle Community High School dancers showed their support for Abby and performed an impressive routine at the baton event.
Newbattle High School girls hold signs in support
Other Newbattle High School students show their support for schoolmate Abby's big moment with some great signs. Clever puns!
BBC News crew set up for filming.
A BBC News crew sets up to film the Queen's Baton event. The day created a lasting impression on students and teachers at Newbattle High School.
Gymnast Steve Frew in the canteen
Champion gymnast Steve Frew gets one of his five-a-day in the school canteen! He was eager to spread the Commonwealth spirit.
Teacher Mr Foley with the baton as it leaves Newbattle
The Queen's Baton leaves with teacher Mr Foley who is Head of PE at Newbattle. He was nominated by the school for his efforts teaching PE and is also the leader of Newbattle's BBC Commonwealth Class students. He hopes the school and community are inspired to take up sport.