School Reporter Adam signs on for News Day

Adam working alongside his class-mate to report the news

BBC News School Report gives young people an opportunity to cover topics in the news that they feel strongly about. One school caught the eye this year when a pupil went the extra mile to get the news across to an even wider audience.

Adam is one of a number of students who are deaf and attend Clydeview Academy, where he is supported by specialist staff.

The 14-year-old, who started signing from the age of three, already had a News Day story prepared and filmed about a near death incident during a sky dive.

And on News Day itself, Adam not only signed for his class-mates but also found time to write a story on a disability football tournament.

Adam spoke to BBC News School Report about his News Day experience:

Q: How was News Day for you?

A: It was great and I really enjoyed interviewing people and writing my story. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to take part in the day.

Q: How hard was it to sign your story?

A: I had to write my story first then I practised signing it. I made some notes so that I would remember all of the information. At the end of the day I was really tired. I think being a journalist would be a tiring job!

Q: What did your class-mates think about your hard work on News Day?

Everyone thought I did a really good job and that my story was interesting.

Q: Did anything go wrong?

No, I was really lucky that everything went according to plan and I met my two o'clock deadline.

Q: Finally, how did you find working as a journalist?

It was a busy day but I enjoyed working as a journalist. I have a better understanding of the work involved in reporting the news now.

When I'm older I think I might consider a career in journalism.