How School Reporters discovered Gove's hidden talents

27 March 2014 Last updated at 19:37

Behind the scenes as School Reporters prepare to interview England's Education Secretary.
School Reporters arrive at BBC headquarters
The chance of an interview with England's Education Secretary Michael Gove brought School Reporters from across the country bright and early to the BBC's London headquarters to prepare their questions.
Preparing questions
"The preparation time was useful", said Alice, 14, from Catmose College in Rutland. "To start with our questions were quite vague. We were able to make them more precise so that we were more likely to get a good answer."
Reporting for television
School Reporters were asked to deliver a preview report on the interview for television. "We had to learn the script really quickly. It was quite scary," said Laura who is 15 and from Millais School, Horsham
Looking at the newsroom
Then it was time for a trip round the BBC newsroom. Mahmud, aged 12, from Whitley Academy in Coventry said: "I thought it was exciting to see how the newsroom worked."
School Reporters meet newsreader Fiona Bruce
The reporting team met newsreader Fiona Bruce who showed them round the newsroom and gave them tips about interviewing, particularly about listening to the answers and asking follow-up questions.
Fiona Bruce and School Reporters arrive at Department for Education
Once all the planning was done it was off to the Department for Education with the camera crew.
Michael Gove guided into interview room by Fiona Bruce
After a last-minute rehearsal, Michael Gove arrived in the interview room. "Fiona Bruce told us to keep calm and gave us advice about sounding confident and how to interrupt politely", said Tom, aged 15, from Catmose College in Rutland.
Gove answering questions
"Michael Gove called me tenacious and dogged in my questioning. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not," said Elisabeth from Highgate Woods School in London
Gove being interviewed by School Reporter
"Michael Gove is the one who decides everything that happens in schools so I was quite nervous before the interview," said Tyler, aged 12, from Whitley Academy in Coventry
School Reporter asking question
The reporters asked plenty of tough questions and got some very newsy answers. Mr Gove said he thought teachers deserved more money and that state schools often performed better than private schools.
Michael Gove laughing
Then there was a round of lighter questions. The reporters learned that Mr Gove knows all the words to a Wham! song from the 1980s and that if he was a Shakespeare character he thinks he would be Horatio, Hamlet's loyal lieutenant.
School Reporters and Gove taking selfies
Finally someone had the idea of asking Mr Gove for a selfie. "People gathered round and we all got out our phones. I got two photos but he has his eyes closed in one," said Laura from Millais.