How we got our Michael Gove selfie, by School Reporters

Image copyright BBC School Report
Image caption He seemed quite surprised to be asked for a selfie but happy to do it, said Laura and Annabelle

Teenagers persuaded Education Secretary Michael Gove to pose for a "selfie" with them at the end of an interview for BBC School Report News Day.

Here is their story of how they grabbed a world exclusive.

The idea came up while we were planning our interview with the education secretary as part of School Report News Day.

Talking with the rest of the group of reporters, we decided it would be good to finish off the interview with some lighter questions.

So we decided to ask him for a selfie, like David Cameron and Barack Obama in South Africa last year. We thought it would be fun to continue the tradition of politicians taking selfies.

Image copyright BBC SCHOOL REPORT
Image caption The students came up with the idea while planning their interview with Mr Gove

When we asked him, he seemed quite surprised but he seemed happy to do it, though he did say we would have to watch out that he didn't break the camera.

So after the interview people gathered round and we all got out our phones. I think everyone got a photo in their school groups.

We managed to take two, but in one he has got his eyes closed.

We thought it was quite nice of him to agree to it.

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