In Pictures: More News Day 2014 images

27 March 2014 Last updated at 13:10

Photos from around the UK as schools turn their classrooms into newsrooms for BBC News School Report's eighth annual News Day.
Gumley House Convent School sport the school report logo
The reporters at Gumley House Convent School are ready for action
Students stand before the camera with their equipment and note pads
Students at William Brookes School are fully equipped with cameras for News Day 2014
The School Report team stand before the camera and smile
"Should students be allowed to listen to music in class to help them learn?" - Tarporley High School's reporters will be finding out the answer for News Day 2014
John Hanson Community School smile for the camera in their class room
John Hanson Community School in Andover say they are very excited about their first BBC News School Report
Abbey Grange Academy pose in front of the camera
Abbey Grange Academy give a big shout-out to School Reporters across the UK
School Reporters sit at their desks in front of computers as they smile for the camera
Holy Trinity School Reporters busy at work as they report on the missing airliner, the train crash in Chicago and the Ukraine crisis
Two pupils smile for the camera whilst at their desks and one student poses with head phones
At Paulet High School the team say they are having "the best day!"
Holly, Alex and Gracie pose for a selfie in the class room
Holly, Alex and Gracie make time for a selfie before their busy day
Zakaria from Walworth Academy sits at his desk before presenting his news story
Zakaria from Walworth Academy prepares to present his story about 'life on Mars'
School Reporters pose at their desks whilst at work
St Michael's School Reporters grin for News Day 2014
Beaconsfield High School students gather for a group photo
Beaconsfield High School are all smiles as they prepare for a busy day reporting
The 12 teams at George Salter Academy are displayed in a group photo
All-Star Basketball, netball and the TV programme Benefits Street are among the topics today at George Salter Academy
Wexham School Reporters stand with their notepads before the camera
Wexham School are ready with their notepads and say they are "so excited about News Day"
A girl reads the paper as a group gather for a picture and point towards the camera
Hillcrest School check the daily headlines before embarking on a day as School Reporters
A collage of Brentford School for Girls School Reporters whilst reporting on their stories
Brentford School for Girls are caught in action whilst creating headlines for News Day
Students at Westminster Academy smile for a photo
Students at Westminster Academy are now busy researching and writing stories! Good luck team!
Two students stand with their School report microphones whilst another sits at her desk and smiles
It's all fun and games for Regents Park Community College, whose stories include global warming, Facebook and Sports Relief
Three boys from Robert May's School prepare the camera for filming on the football pitch
Robert May's School are out on the field for their News Day reports
Students gather with Kate Phillips from the BBC
Kate Phillips from the BBC speaks to pupils from Harlington School in the School Report newsroom
Three students from St. Pius X College put their thumbs up for the camera whilst sitting at their desks
Students from St Pius X College give News Day the thumbs-up