The News Is... News Reporters create a News Day poem

Three School Reporters The poets - Jasmine, Helen and Mukahang, from Oxford Spires Academy

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The News is...

The news is that we matter more than adults today

The news is I'm a journalist, breaking news

The news is trying to keep it secret so I get the headline

Cheerleader Cheering for Oxford Spires Academy on News Day

The news is there are lots of names on the cheerleader squad sign-up.. give me an O-S-A

The news is we have to write a discursive essay on homework if we didn't bring it in

The news is the dog ate it - it really did

The news is the new basketball court has increased the population of flying students

Arms constructing a paper plane Flying to Rome on a paper plane....

The news is she threw her perfect match away, and with it a free ticket to Italy

The news is she scrunched up the best paper aeroplane in the world

The news is I told you so

The news is my brother's teachers are striking and he gets a day off

Asparagus It's As-pa-ra-gus

The news is he can't say aspagarus - asgarap - aspra - whatever

The news is the fundraising team are holding a car-wash to raise money for their new office

The news is we meditated in RE, but I couldn't get to sleep

The news is I can't read your handwriting.

Blue Steam engine in station Do you choo-choo-choose me?

The news is karma is my best friend; it gives to people what they deserve

The news is everyone is obsessed with karma

The news is I have a friend who is obsessed with steam-engines

The news is purple, flickering and uncertain

Three small crocodiles The risk assessment for this work experience placement was lengthy

The news is someone says they've got work experience on a crocodile farm

The news is I wish…

The news is love

The news is he gave her red roses but now his heart is broken

Sport Relief mile runners Going the extra mile for Sport Relief

The news is Level 7

The news is that a star makes all the difference to an A

The news is all students ran in the drizzle for Sport Relief

The news is I have trouble standing on dry ground, let alone mud

Muddy shoes It will all come out in the wash

The news is it's just mud, guys. Get over it

The news is 52 languages at Spires

The news is I always miss the interesting stuff

The news is I can learn many languages from my peers

Oscar statuettes All that glitters....

The news is no-one actually uses the word peers unless they're abnormal

The news is I can't live without him giving me the answers

The news is he may be good-looking but he's a two-timer

The news is I want to be a star…

School Reporters in front of school logo Jasmine, Helen and Mukahang, from Oxford Spires Academy, on News Day

The news is it was MY idea!

The news is our lives

The news is - we ARE the news around here!

The news is again

The news is - it starts here.

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