BBC News School Report 2014: News Day shout outs

  • 27 March 2014
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Thousands of students are taking part in School Report's 2014 News Day on Thursday 27 March, and this is the place to find messages of support, encouragement and congratulations for pupils across the UK from their schools and teachers!

We try to use as many as possible, but with so many schools taking part it's very hard to get every single one mentioned so please bear with us.

See if you can find your school's shout out here:

  • The School Reporters at Paulet High School are looking forward to the big day. Lots of exciting reports are being planned such as chickens and quails in school; teenage eating disorders; the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, and lots more. Good luck to all of the students - have a great day, from Mrs Harper.
Daniel rehearses in the BBC Look North studios
  • Huge shout out to Daniel from Seaham School of Technology in Durham. Daniel will be presenting the weather on BBC Look North at 18:30! Good luck, Daniel! From Mrs Dunnill and the Seaham Young Writers' Club, who have been filming a feature on the George Elmy lifeboat!
  • Good luck to pupils at St Egwins Middle School, Evesham from Mrs Higgins.
  • Shenfield High School pupils will be interviewing Joy Johnson who is one of the world's first female ice hockey referees! She has just returned from refereeing the gold medal game between Canada and the USA in Sochi. The pupils are very excited - a big shout out to them and their hard work! From Miss Turner.
  • Good luck to all 16 Year 8 students at St Bernard's Grammar School. We are really looking forward to News Day! You will all be absolutely brilliant, from Miss Khan!
  • Good luck to everyone in the press gang and those involved in Barrington Banter at Bishop Barrington School. You have worked really hard to get this far, giving up your own time and organising yourselves brilliantly. Here's to a successful news day! Mrs Downes :)
Anna, Jolie and Paige are very excited about News Day tomorrow St Benedict's School
  • A shout out for the upper fourth journalists from St Benedict's. I am very impressed by their professionalism in planning and can't wait to see their stories tomorrow! From Ms Euvrard.
  • Good morning from Castle Rock High School! The Report Day has started with bacon cobs and tweeting celebrities! We have 19 students involved and lots of reports going on! Last year we got to meet Zoe Ball from this, so we are hoping for another celebrity contact!
  • The students here at Newport Free Grammar School are as keen as mustard! On their behalf may I thank you (at the BBC) for your support, and we here wish everyone around the country the best of luck for 27 March, from Mr Hesketh.
  • Big Shout Out to 8W at Gresham's Prep School, Norfolk. Exciting, exclusive interviews with award-winning actress Olivia Colman; celebrity chef, Galton Blackiston; Britain's youngest deputy council leader, Rhodri Oliver; actor Ben Mansfield and a feature on the impact of the tidal sures on the seal population at Morston and Blakeney. From Mrs Harvey-Seldon.
  • Good luck to all of the Year 9 Reporters at The Bramcote School who are working on a range of stories today to put in the school newspaper. Plus a massive well done to all of those who have already taken part and produced amazing work already, from a very proud Mrs Garvey.
The reporting team at The Co-operative Academy of Leeds are ready to go!
  • The Co-operative Academy of Leedscannot wait to share their news reports with you all! Well done to everyone who has worked their socks off in the lead up to the News Day. So proud. From Miss Sheri Lawal.
  • Miss Holmes would like to wish all The Thomas Adams School School Reporters the best of luck on News Day! They'll be looking at stories including robotic tractors, the badger cull, GCSE stress, 9-6 school days and the fate of Wem signal box
  • Calder School News Team say hello to everyone taking part in School Report today. Good luck to everyone who is doing a report for the first time!
  • To the Wellington Schoolreporting team: have a fabulous day everyone. Wow team - let's meet these deadlines! What a team! From Miss Hitchens.
  • Shout out from Mrs MacMillan to all the students at Clydeview Academy in S2 who are set to cover stories ranging from money management to the Commonwealth Games. Adam will also be signing the news for the deaf today. Good luck team!
  • A big shout out to the S3 pupils at Cleveden Secondary School who are taking part in their first BBC School News Report. They have worked hard on preparing a variety of stories from interviewing acclaimed Scottish author, Catherine Macphail, about her soon to be released film, as well as the aspiring actor John Bell from the 'Hobbit', to investigating the issue of gang culture in Glasgow. Good luck and don't forget the 2pm deadline!
  • Good luck for tomorrow to the year 10 media students at Carshalton Boys Sports College, it's going to be a great day! From Miss Rutherford.
Westley Middle School Reporters
  • Westley Middle School's reporters are looking at Gove's policies, the Scottish referendum, flooding: the aftermath and the case of the giraffe. Good luck everyone.
  • Mr Piggot and Mrs Vallis at Prospect School would like to give a massive shout out to all the Media students involved in School Report. Keep focused and work as a team!
  • A big shout out to the girls in Room 19 at Newstead Wood who have been focused on meeting the timings of the News Day. We are looking at topics including teenage pregnancy - linking to a successful woman who was a teenage mum - as well as inter-racial relationships and the public's attitude to them over the last thirty years.
  • Well done to team 'Turning Point' in 7T at Adams' Grammar School who interviewed Darren Barnes, West Midlands School Chef of the Year, 2014. It's a fantastic and creative interview and worth a look on our AGS website! And a big hello to all the fabulous teams at Adams' - keep working and being budding journalists!! Looking forward to the big day! Miss White
  • A Shout out for Stainburn School and Southfield School in Workington, Cumbria. We are working together on School Report for the first time this year as our schools move closer to merging and creating a new academy. Mr and Mrs Williamson wish all the students good luck for News Day!
  • Wishing Freya, Meg, Anoushka, Sarah, Jack, Alice, Greg, Anna B, Anna M, Will, Niamh, Kiera, Lauren, Chris, Toby, Kim, Lydia, Molly, Charlie, Matthew, Ella, Isobel and James at John Masefield High School good luck today! We have been working hard tackling councillors, interviewing actors, finding out the most recent football story, not to mention embarrassing the Year 11s who are going out together. Remember: create a plan, be ruthless and stick to the deadlines! Can't wait to see what you will produce - be great! Mrs Haynes.
  • Just want to wish the six students and all the staff involved in BBC School Report Live News broadcast from Belfast good luck for tomorrow - especially Kathleen and Conor from Holy Trinity College. Everything will be alright on the night - or day, as it were!
  • Shout out to The Mountbatten School's School Report team - this evening the entire team are preparing the newsroom and talking to local journalists to get tips and hints on how to do well, and tomorrow all 26 School Reporters will be with us in our newsroom all day!
The Wavell School Report team are raring to go!
  • Good luck and have fun (after your Physics exam ha!) to the year 10 Severn Vale School media students on our first School Report News Day.
  • All ready at - the School Reporters have their press badges ready to go! Mis Riley.
  • The Wavell School news reporters are raring to go! Good luck to everyone involved, have a fun day. From Ms Giblen.
  • Mrs Lock and Mrs Calvert atBullers Wood School are all set up and ready to go. They say: "Officially our favourite day of the year! Good Luck to our School Reporters today, you are going to be FAB!"
  • Good luck to the girls of Moor End Academy tomorrow! I am very excited for all the fantastic news you are going to report! The girls have decided they are fed up of the way young people are portrayed in the media, and plan to show the good side of teenagers. Our website tomorrow will be filled with interviews and articles proving how amazing young people are! Z Sutcliffe.
  • To my wonderful School Reporters at Dunclug College, taking part in their first ever News Day, good luck and happy writing! From a very proud Miss White.
  • Westley Middle School young reporters are looking at Gove policies, Scottish referendum flooding the aftermath and the case of the giraffe. Good luck everyone. Ms Chohan-Jones.
  • Please give a shout out to the news team at Holy Cross College who have been working extremely hard over the last number of weeks to ensure our reports are online! Today, we are having a celebration and promoting our site! We've loved every minute! Happy News Day! From the HCC News team.
Budding reporters at St Angela's School
  • Please can I say a massive good luck to the students at Boston Spa on producing some great work for their first BBC School Report. You have all worked so hard and we are very proud of you. Miss Fox.
  • This is Mr. White wishing all of the reporters at Trinity School Belvedere good luck for the day. We will be covering a range of stories from the crisis in Syria to the welfare of the elderly in the local community, and event attempting our own version of 60 second news!
  • Good luck to the School Report team from St Angela's School - the girls reporting from BBC Broadcasting house. Ms Bangura.
  • Shout out to all Students at Wrenn School in Wellingborough who are working on School report today. You will all be brilliant! Good luck! From Mrs Bass (temporary Director General today!)
  • We're all buzzing this morning at Priory Community School in Weston-Super-Mare and ready to report!
The School Reporters at Priory Community School are buzzing this morning
  • The fantastic team of roving reporters at Witchford Village College, Ely, Cambs, cannot wait to get started! The tension is mounting… excitement builds… and they're off! Have a fantastic day everyone at Witchford, all schools taking part across the nation, and our colleagues at the BBC!
  • Good luck to all students taking part in the Rochester Grammar School's first ever News Day! Here's to a successful day. Ms Agley.
  • Good luck to all of the School Reporters at Edenhurst Preparatory School on their first News Day! You've done fantastically well in preparing for today - so proud of you. Mr. Barnes.
  • Good Morning BBC - Belvidere School in Shrewsbury are ready and raring to go! All very excited here this morning! From Year 8 Belvidere School News Reporters!
  • Good luck to all the young reporters at Bishop Hedley Catholic High School Merthyr Tydfil!
  • Shout out to pupils at the De La Salle Academy taking part in News Day today. Pupils have already been busy interviewing the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Gary Millar in preparation for News Day.
  • Good Luck to those taking part in News Day from Cheadle Hulme High School (CHHS), especially to Bethany and Bethany who will be live on BBC Radio Manchester at 10am and School Report Radio at 11am.
  • 240 Year 7 students from Monmouth Comprehensive School are taking part in the School Report Day, covering a range of stories. We would love a shout out due to the ambitious nature of the project! Mr Parkinson.
  • Hi, everyone on the Hillcrest School team. Work hard, work well, work effectively, and GO FOR IT, HILLCREST BIRMINGHAM! Ms Pallavicini.
  • To all School News Reporters and staff at Manor Croft Academy in Dewsbury; best of luck on your day in the spotlight! You can do it! Ms Parker and all the Senior Leadership Team at MCA.
  • Students from Beaconsfield High are all in the news room ready to go. They have been thinking about their feature articles for several weeks and already have interviews with their head teacher at our school and a local private school head teacher to discuss Michael Gove's recent comments about state and private schools; we have some excellent video of the recent local flooding; we have articles on the way about the Ukraine and the aeroplane crash as well as an interview with a film producer about the Oscars. Ms Jeffcock.
  • We've just briefed everyone in the Library, just getting started, very excited!!! Everyone has a lanyard and a schedule and we are good to go, Ms Norman at Comberton Village School.
Pupils at Carshalton Boys School
  • Well done to SPCS School Report team - Cameron, Ben, Titus, Finn, Nevin, Joss, Peter, Leo, Mfon and Elliot - for great teamwork during the interview of the Deputy Mayor of London! Sorry I can't be with you today - enjoy the footage! From Mrs Butchart :)
  • Shout out for all of the Calderglen High School journalists. From Ms Innes and Mr Rutherford.
  • The reporters at Carshalton Boy are raring to go! Stories they are covering are: apps affecting school work, longer school day effect on teens, and teen millionaires. From Ms Rutherford.
  • Big shout out to Farnborough Hill and the Year 9 newsroom. Things are very busy here getting stories on the website and scripting our broadcast! From Mrs Evan-Jones
  • 120 pupils in Aboyne Academy, up in the North-East of Scotland are doing lots of reporting into the recent craze for running, Aberdeen Football Club's recent cup win and School Report itself!
  • Hope you're having a fantastic News Day so far. Pupils at Robert Clack School in Dagenham will be premiering their news bulletins to senior members of staff this afternoon. Their teacher, Mr Moosa, is extremely proud of the hard work they've put into School Report this year and wishes them well for their presentations.
Farringdon Community pupils get ready to report
  • Students at Perry Beeches The Academy are raring to go with lots of reports already underway! Keep up the good work Team PB!
  • A big shout out to Farringdon Community Academy News Team, Sunderland at the start of our day. From Ms Bird and Ms Hughes.
  • Good luck to Hillcrest School BBC news reporters today - can see you busy around school already! Mrs Penn :)
  • A shout out to the busy year 9 pupils of Warlingham School in Surrey please. From Mr Lawrence and Ms Campbell.
  • Year 8 students at The Duston School are busy finding and gathering news! Looking forward to interviewing our Principal about our recent Ofsted 'Outstanding' grading!
  • We are busy at work writing and planning a report here at Davison CE High School for girls, Mrs Davison.
  • Shout to KHCTC! All working hard on some cracking stories! From Kirk Hallam School in Derbyshire.
  • Things are getting pretty exciting in the newsroom at Skinners' Academy in Hackney! Just putting the final touches to our exclusive interview with the brilliant author (and former official England Team journalist) Dan Freedman. Feeling the pressure now, but we are less nervous than 20 minutes ago!
  • Good morning School News Report! Can you please give the Yr 7 and 8 English G & T pupils from St Thomas More Catholic High School in Crewe a shout out. They have worked extremely hard on their bulletins and would love to see their school mentioned on the BBC website. Ms Benson.
  • Good morning Hillcrest News Team! Lots of great stories out there at the moment for you to investigate! May your creative and investigative skills mean you have a successful day, and enjoy yourselves! I'm looking forward to seeing your final news piece, Miss Edwards.
  • Students from Hazel Grove High School are reporting on how WW1 affected our local area. We are scripting our news broadcast before filming LIVE at 12.30pm. From Ms Grime.
Students at Devizes School prepared for the big day
  • Good morning from Devizes School! We're busy gathering our news stories, interviews are happening, hard-hitting journalism is going down. Students from Bishops Cannings and Nursteed are being fantastic helpers and we enjoyed the doughnuts. Check out our news stories later in the day! Ms Taylor.
  • Hello BBC! We are at St. Richards Catholic College in Bexhill on Sea! We are working on lots of news stories such as the immigration row, Ukraine and Russia, celebrities, and a timeline of the missing flight MH370! We are looking forward to the rest of the day! From School Reporter Rebecca.
  • Cirencester Kingshill School can't wait for Jo Durrant from BBC Radio Gloucestershire to arrive at 10 o'clock!
Holly, Logan, Molly, Gracie, Alex, Faith, Nadia and Tom at Cirencester
  • Hello to everyone who's taking part this year! We are all hard at work getting our roaming reports ready to broadcast at 2pm! Pob Lwc i chi gyd! Good luck to you all from all of us here at Ysgol Bryngwyn Llanelli! From Mr Wisby.
  • Wellfield BEC in Lancashire are all ready to start reporting! BIG hello to everyone at Wellfield, from Ms Snowden.
  • Our 24 Year 7 and 8 students have been working on a variety of stories and are looking at issues from home schooling to dementia. They've also been to London to interview Tristram Hunt MP, and got to quiz the captain of cup-winning Exeter Chiefs - enjoy your day from Miss Radford, Miss Gaydon, Miss Thomas and Miss Mouland at Stoke Damerel Community College.
  • Reporters at Blairgowrie High School are looking at today's news and finishing off scripts for their stories they have been working on already. It's all very busy!!! Ms Pieroni.
  • TheWhitgift School editorial team are on the ball in South Croydon, discussing stories for today's BBC School Report! Good luck and have a great day team! Ms Hinds.
  • Shout out to everyone at Northfleet Girls in Kent, where stories today include a report on the Hour of Code, team news for Ebbsfleet United's away game this evening, the latest on how students feel about the removal of BBC3, the weather report and much more. From Ms Davis.
Whitgift School Reporters busy discussing the news
  • Everyone in the St Marylebone School Report Team are delighted to receive our press passes and lanyards! We are working on our reports and are very excited! Good luck to the girls visiting the BBC!!! From Ms Joseph.
  • Governors, staff and pupils of Saint John Wall Catholic Schoolin Handsworth, Birmingham wish our school reporters the best of luck on their big day.
  • Pupils at Giffnock Primary have had a busy morning already! The pupils are reporting on the School's Finance Week work. We have been interviewing teachers and pupils to find out why Financial Education is important. Miss Mitchell and Mr McNeill would like to say a big GOOD LUCK, and well done so far! Let's keep working hard and meet that deadline!
  • School Report is going brilliantly at Witchford Village College, Ely, Cambs! Our fantastic Year 9 students are really stepping up to the challenge and producing some fantastic journalism! From Ms Webber.
  • Students at Perry Beeches The Academy are raring to go with lots of reports already underway! Keep up the good work Team PB!
  • Best of luck to my wonderful School Reporters at Waldegrave School for Girls. Lots of great stories including our very own Great Waldegrave Bake-Off plus the follow up to the NUT Strike. Happy writing girls! From Miss Griffin.
  • Please can you give a shout out to all the Yr 7 and 8 English Gifted and Talented Pupils who are taking part in the BBC School News Report from St Thomas More Catholic High School in Crewe. Miss Benson and Miss Gillespie are very impressed with their work and attitude and are hoping to see some very professional bulletins!
  • Mrs Branagan, Miss Reynolds, Miss Pierre and Miss Norton are very proud of them and hope they have a fantastic day!
Pupils at Perry Beeches Academy have lots of reports underway
  • Azhar Academy Girl's School is ready for News Day and excited for everyone to watch their video and read their blogs.
  • Good luck to the team at Trinity High School! We are looking forward to welcoming Paralympics' skier, Anna Turney.
  • Big Shout out to all the BBC School News Reporting team at La Retraite RC Girls School in Lambeth! Students are excitedly updating, editing and producing their news reports on education. With interviews from Baroness Sally Morgan and our Head Teacher Mr Conway already completed, students are now ringing round politicians looking for opinions and quotes on the hot topics of the day! Well done team! From Mrs Ovenden & Ms Hiltunen & Lisette.
  • Shout out for Craigholme School News Reporters in Glasgow. They have selected their stories and are all working hard. From Ms Gilligand.
  • The reporting is well under way at The Barclay School in Stevenage, with reporters working on the question of teenage perceptions of waste awareness to tie in with the national Waste Week. We are proud to be the only school in our area taking part in BBC News School Report!
Trinity High students are preparing to interview Anna Turney
  • I would like to request a shout out to my school, Penwortham Priory Academy, who are working very hard on their news report - particular Alex and Dylan who are reporting about the teenage science superstar, Jamie Edwards.
  • Shout out for The Grange School Christchurch Dorset students taking part in the School Report today. We are working on lots of interesting stories. From Ms Price.
  • Mrs Branagan, Miss Reynolds, Miss Pierre and Miss Norton are very proud of the team at Ormesby School, and hope they have a fantastic day!
The School Report team at Ormesby School, 7A1
  • This is a picture of the Marlborough House School Report team. We're about to interview our new headmaster, PLEASE give us a shout out!
  • It's a brilliant day and we have some fantastic stories at Pool Hayes Arts and Community School!
  • Good luck to Form II at Lavant House school in Chichester - we are looking forward to their report this afternoon!!
  • Big shout out to Kirk Hallam Community College. We have just shot the weather for the day and are hot on the heels of some brilliant stories! Well done guys! You are on it like a car bonnet!
  • Shout out from Abbey Grange. We're busy news gathering.
Form II at Lavant House in Chichster are excited to get reporting
  • Please can I have a massive shout out to the students of Regents Park Community College who are working incredibly hard on writing, filming and editing their news reports. Very proud teacher! Miss Neal.
  • Shout out to the students at Townley Grammar School in Bexleyheath who are working hard gathering vox-pops about inspirational women as a part of our Women's Month celebrations. Great work ladies!
  • Year 8 News Day Reporters from St Helen's Hillingdon are busy editing and preparing for today's 2:00pm deadline. Good luck Everyone!
  • Shout out rom Miss Peavoy to all Year 8 journalists at The Cooperative College in Manchester for their hard work and effort in the BBC School News Report. Your articles on resilience, heroes, Manchester are fantastic. You are a credit to the Community and The Cooperative Academy. Well done!
  • We'd like to give a massive shout out to Northwood. We have worked extremely hard in producing excellent reports.
  • Please can I have a massive shout out to the students of Regents Park Community College who are working incredibly hard on writing, filming and editing their news reports.
Students at Regents Park College present their reports to camera
  • Whitworth Community High School pupils are having fun writing and recording their stories! Good luck to everyone!
  • I would like a shout out please for students at in Walsall who have completed an audio news bulletin where they showed excellent interviewing skills. Well done in particular to William and Rebecca who were fantastic presenters!
  • We're doing really well over here at! We're just finishing up our weather report and are waiting for our teachers to let us eat the celebratory chocolate when we're finished with our editing!
  • Regents Park Community College in Southampton are working hard covering reports on issues such as Global Warming, Facebook, Sport Relief, Phones as well as the sport and weather. We shall be uploading our report to our Youtube channel later on today. Well done to Emma, Georgia, Izzy, Charlotte, Niraj, Miki, Dominic, Cameron, Emily, Sam, Nikola, Nathan and Ethan! Keep up the hard work guys - not long until deadline! Miss Neal.
  • A shout out for the students at St Helen's School who have been reporting on whether there should be age restrictions on music videos.
  • Wishing all of the students at Beauchamps High School lots of good luck! You're doing great, keep up the hard work!
  • Good Luck to Year 9 at Culcheth High School! From Mrs Spencer.
Regents Park students are ready to go live in Southampton
  • Good Luck to all the students participating from Brentford School for Girls in the BBC School News report. We know you had fun! Thanks to Mr Modasia from Brentford School for helping our report come together. Congratulations to Trinity, Molly, India, Jaida, Maleeha, Aaliyah, Kajal, Harnit, Simran and Sana for contributing in this project!
  • We are in the process of doing out final editing! I hope you enjoy our News Report. Thanking you, Nayisha, Kirtana, Uman and Lucy.
  • Students at St Helen's School in Northwood have been reporting on whether there should be age restrictions on music videos. Please give us a shou tout, we have lots of interesting new stories.
  • Both schools are collaborating to deliver the news today and all is going well. The discussions and team work is fantastic. To bring two schools together in such a way has been a brilliant experience and we are seeing the benefits. From Mr Hughes at Cedar Mount Academy.
  • Hi, here at Ditcham Park School we have just filmed our mars rover story. From Mrs Verghese.
  • Wishing all of the hardworking students a massive good luck! You're doing great, so keep up the hard work! From Mr Taylor and Mr Jacobs at Beauchamp High School!
  • Students from the Grange School, Dorset are preparing some interesting stories and would love to discuss them live on the news feed.
  • Students at Regents Park Community College are on track, recording and editing their news stories. Some of the stories they will be covering include global issues, modern technology, Scottish independence and, of course, the weather and sport. Feeling very proud of the students who are so professional and dedicated to BBC School News Report and have been preparing for this day since January. Miss Neal.
The pupils at Walton Priory are prepped for their interviews
  • We hope you are having a wonderful day so far! It would be lovely if you could please give St Helen's School a shout out on The BBC School Report Website. We would all be really happy if this is possible, it would truly make our day special. Thanking you, St Helens' news report team.
  • A big shout out for Walton Priory Middle School in Staffordshire, who are working incredibly hard today investigating how we learn during a SALAD (Speaking and Listening Active Development) day. They are busy interviewing and developing their broadcast ready for this afternoon. From Miss Ward, Head of English.
  • Good luck to all those at Regents Park Community College doing the School Report! We know you are going to be absolutely amazing and the best report they have ever had! Mr Clouder, Year 11 Supervisor.
  • We are still really busy at Paulet High School and have begun to upload some of our fantastic stories! Ms Harper.
  • Wellfield Business and Enterprise Collegeare taking part for the time this year! The students are reporting on Sir Tom Finney's funeral, Glee Club, Fitness 14 and Penwortham Music Festival! Massive good luck from Miss Snowden and Mr Chamberlain. You will be amazing!
  • Say a BIG, BIG Good luck and you're doing well to Our Lady's Grammar School BBC School Report team! A massive thanks to BBC reporter Conor Macauley who is our mentor. We've finished the filming and are editing right now. Having a fab day!
  • Shout to the St. Helen's girls in Hillingdon who have worked very hard on their BBC News Reports.
  • We are students Aarushi, Kulsum, Lucy, Tara and Sruthy sending a shout out to all of those involved in BBC school report! In the St. Helen's news room students are working furiously to finish their report before the 2pm deadline! Good luck to everyone!
  • Hello, in the News room at St. Helen's School we're working really hard. Our chief video editor Kulsum is almost finished with the report, and editor Lucy is working hard uploading both film and images for our report. Good luck to all those involved. From Lucy.
  • Paulet High School students in Burton on Trent are having a great day. Our new year 7 reporters said that it's a fun, epic, challenging and a different day. They can't wait to see their reports on the BBC website.
Park High School's team of School Reporters
  • Please give a shout out for students at St George's Academy. St George's has taken part every year and this year stories will include interviews with three head teachers. In 106 years of St George's there have only been 5 heads. The previous head visited earlier in the week and we arranged an interview with him.
  • Wishing all of the students at Beauchamps High School lots of good luck! You're doing great, keep up the hard work!
  • School Reporters in the News room at St. Helen's School are working really hard. Our chief video editor Kulsum is almost finished his report and editor Lucy is working hard uploading videos and photos for our report. Good luck to all those involved!
  • Students at Paulet High School in Burton on Trent are having a great day. Our new year 7 reporters have said that News Day so far has been fun, epic and challenging. They can't wait to see their reports on the BBC School Report website.
  • Students Lucy, Kulsum, Tara and Sruthy at St. Helen's want to send a shout out to all those involved in BBC school report! We are filming a story about our local area's new Sainsbury's. Good luck to everyone!
  • A huge shout out to Penwortham Priory Academy, where the students, in particular Alex and Dylan, are working very hard on their news report about the teenage science superstar, Jamie Edwards.
  • A huge shout out to students at St Philip Howard Catholic High School, in Barnham. Everyone is working hard developing their stories and interviewing members of the public. We can't wait to see the final product later!
  • Well done Barr Beacon School news report team! Miss Salmon would like to say a huge well done to the news team for their hard work over the past month. You should be very proud of yourselves!
  • School reporter Harry from Forest Hall School has been filming in the hail and getting student's reaction to our crazy weather to include in our upcoming weather report.
  • We are all very excited here at Fairwater this morning! Our team are creating a news report about the proposed merger between our school and another local comprehensive, Llantarnam High School.
  • Shout out to pupils at the De La Salle Academy taking part in News Day today. Pupils have already been busy interviewing the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Gary Millar in preparation for News Day.
  • Dear BBC, this is Joe, Anthony and Liam reporting on fair trade - we will be going into the town centre too ask the public what they think about fair trade and filming our findings on camera. We are very excited! Speak too you soon, Joe, Liam and Anthony out! Cranbourne BEC.
Gryffe High School's team of journalists
  • Well done to St Margaret's High reporters. Been working hard for months, great day full of interviews, research and reporting! Ms Sawyers.
  • Massive well done to students at Langtree School in South Oxfordshire who are busy on their reports; finalising last minute details. Keep going! Mrs R Buckley and Mrs LaRocque.
  • Students at Perry Beeches Academy say, "It's fun and we are working hard to meet the 2pm deadline!"
  • Hello! We are students from St Helen's! Kirtana, Lucy, Uma and Nayisha are in the final process of editing :) See you at the deadline!
  • Hi to everyone at BBC School Report! We're almost there! Filming done, editing almost done - last minute tweeking happening now. Enjoying every minute! Adam, Bethany, Laura, Max and Taylor at Hayle Community School in Cornwall.
  • Shout out to Acelya, Gulay and Selen at Turnford School reporting on the stories that matter. From Ms Jackson at Turnford School in Hertfordshire.
  • Hi this is Sharukaa from St Helen's School in Northwood. We have really enjoyed our day. Please give our school a shout out. Thank you!
  • Kelly from Alderman Peel High School in Norfolk says, 'We are now recording our links, and the anchors are about to interview a teacher. Everything is going well. I just hope we can get it done in time.'
  • A big well done to all the Stockley Academy students who have taken part in the BBC School Report today! They are doing well to keep to the deadline.
  • Mr Webster would like to give a big shout out to the BBC News School Reporters at Droitwich Spa High School who are busy creating their reports ahead of the deadline today and hoping to win the school house competition in the process!
  • Langtree School School reporters have two articles and one video on their way for uploading!! Well done on all your hard work - you have been fantastic!
  • Good luck to all our amazing Moor End Academy ladies, I am extremely excited to see all the hard work that yourselves and Ms Sutcliffe have put towards this project. So proud of you, Miss Dennis xxx
  • A shout out for Ysgol Eirias in Colwyn Bay North Wales who have interviews author and animator Curtis Jobling and George North, welsh rugby star as well as interviewing Kezia on the school report radio station!
  • It's going great now in Cumbria atQueen Elizabeth School but for a while the computer software for autocues was NOT WORKING!!!!! Nightmare, almost back on track now...phew!!!
  • School Report Day at Witchford Village College, Ely, Cambs, has got off to a fantastic start! Year 9 are coming up with some brilliant reports, and the atmosphere is electric!
Hounsdown School Reporters ready to go live
  • Michael, Oscar, Nathan, David, Ramandeep, Zoe, Zoe, Milly, Margaret and Emily are having a great day reporting their news at Bilton School! We are uploading our video right now!
  • A big shout out to our students at Fairfield School, Batley. We're all geared up to show our news report at 2pm . A huge thank you to our BBC mentors and everyone who helped to make it a success!
  • Some awesome stories now on the West Calder High School School Report site. Take a look!
  • A big shout out to the biodiversity club from St. Pius X College, Magherafelt who have just completed their articles for the BBC School Report!
  • School Reporters at Castle Schoolin Wales are having lots of fun on School Report Day!
  • Students at Regents Park Community College are starting to get very stressed out with lots of editing still left to do. A massive well done to Miki, Dominic, Niraj, Nikola, Emily, Megan, Cameron, Sam, Emma, Izzy, Georgia, Charlotte, Steven, Nathan and Ethan for their continual hard work - some very impressive journalists in the making! Miss Neal :)
  • Burnt Mill Academyhave completed their video! It's now on our website! We're talking about all the amazing things that are happening at Burnt Mill and our students' opinions on them! We also have our amazing interview and footage of pupil Abbie shaving her hair off for charity!
  • We are both very proud of our Priory Community School student's enthusiasm and productivity. from Mrs Jones and Miss Fitzgerald.
  • Burnt Mill Academy were talking about all the amazing things that are happening at burnt mill and our students opinions on them! also our amazing interview and footage of our pupil Abbie who shaves her hair off for charity!
  • Big shout out from Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow, we've completed their video and its now on our website!
  • Shout out to who are starting to get very stressed out with lots of editing still left to do. A massive well done to all the School Reporters for their continual hard work - some very impressive journalists in the making! Miss Neal : )
Students at Tendring Technology College putting their scripts together
  • YES! Finally, we, Aleena, Moroti, Dejuan and Sneha from St Helen's School, have finished our BBC News Report on 'Age restrictions for music videos'!!! Good luck to everyone who still needs to finish!!
  • A brilliant day at Arden Academy with the Digital Leaders making news stories in different styles of media - Newsround, BBC3 and BBC News at 10.
  • We would like to say thank you and a big shout out to those who took part in BBC News School Report 2014 at Hastings High School, yours sincerely, Hattie and Donetia.
  • Congratulations to the School Report news team at Hillcrest School in Bartley Green after a hectic morning working on the news stories, editing, proofreading, script writing and presenting. I hope that the final broadcast goes well. Miss Eddins.
  • Ridgeway School are doing fantastically, just doing our final bit of editing now! One of our exciting stories is about Matt Pidgeon - a year 11 in our school who is a world tap dancing champion!
  • Huge thank you to the students at George Green's school for all their hard work and enthusiasm today! You're amazing. From Miss Preston.
  • Hounsdown Secondary School is wrapping up the last of its stories, we've done stories from Southampton to India. It's been a blast! Can't wait to see our stories on the website.
  • Hello, we are very busy in the news room at St Helen's School in Northwood. We have been working very hard and have already uploaded some reports. We would really appreciate this shoutout! Sharukaa, Keya, Priya, Tania, Joanna and Aishwarya.
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School students interviewed award winning author of the 'Slated' trilogy, Teri Terry
  • A group of girls at St. Helen's School in Northwood are investigating whether HS2 will make Hillingdon hell. They have interviewed Lottie Jones from the Stop HS2 campaign and are now editing their work. Its all going well so far!
  • Please give us a shout out! We are from St Helen's School and we are doing an article on whether airbrush is pressurising the teenage mind. We have been working really hard today and would really appreciate this shout out! Thank you, Keya, Priya, Tania, Joanna and Aishwarya.
  • Massive congratulations to the Farnborough Hill School Reporters! Their interview with Sandi Toksvig is in the bag and coming to their website ASAP…Mrs Evans-Jones.
  • A sizeable shout out to some wonderful work going on at Aylesbury Grammar School. Twenty-odd Year 7 and 8 boys have been working flat out today, filming an interview with the outgoing headteacher (reading his Blackadder book), a former rugby star who now plays professionally for London Wasps, a homecoming soldier from Afghanistan and a local Bafta-winning film-maker. The computer room is veritably abuzz in a newsroom atmosphere! Hearty congrats from Mr Streat, Miss Groves and Mr Skinner.
  • At St Ambrose College in Hale Barns we're finally done! Good work everyone! Mr Leigh.
  • Jordanhill School's report is live. we have been reporting on world news as well as the Commonwealth Games and all the hard work the school has done for sport relief. We have had a super day!! Well done to all the pupils Liz Edmonstone
  • Hello to all the pupils taking part at St Paul's School for Girls in Edgbaston; you are doing a great job reporting on some interesting topics. Also, hi to our girls at the BBC in the Mailbox too - we hope you are having a fab day! Mrs Raffermati and Miss Wilkins
  • Caldervale High School's report should be up and running on our website. The class had a great time researching, writing and reporting.
  • The girls at Moor End Academy have worked really hard today and I am really impressed. Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, but we hope to have all our news online by 4pm! Miss Sutcliffe is a very stressed, but a very happy teacher!
Students at Loughborough High spoke to the Daily Mail's chief sports reporter, Matt Lawton
  • The Ridgeway School are doing fantastically - just doing our final bit of editing! One of our exciting stories is about Matt Pidgeon - a year 11 in our school who is world tap dancing champion!
  • Pershore High School had a great time taking part in big News Day in Birmingham today. Look out for their news report on BBC School Report online. Well done everyone!
  • St Margaret's High School are happy to publish our second year of News Day reports. It has been a brilliant, fast-paced day and we look forward to taking part again next year. Well done everyone!
  • Emma, one of six School Reporters from Cardinal Langley who have been working with the BBC Sport social media team, says: 'My favourite part of today has been the chance to be able to tweet to over two million people and having people retweet and favourite it as I watched.'
  • A big shout out to goes to Sarah Goldthorpe, Tanya Arnold, students Ellie, Kate, Charlotte and Bradley along with teachers Mr Robson and Mr Powell from Horizon Community College for making BBC News School Report possible! It has been a fantastic experience and fingers crossed we should have all our reports on the website before 4pm!
  • We've had a great day today: writing, filming, editing and working as a team at Northfield School and Sports College!
  • The students had a great day working with BBC Shropshire to produce their reports - hear them on Drivetime on BBC Shropshire at 5.40pm talking about their day, and see the reports on our website. Thank you London for all of your support over the last few months - we're already getting ideas for next year!
Jake and Alfie from Calibar Primary School reported on location at a local shop opening
  • Well done to the Year 8 students who worked so hard today on BBC School Report for Blatchington Mill School.
  • Loughborough Grammar School reporters interviewed, researched and wrote an astounding number of reports today on subjects including feminism today, the use of technology in schools, the local charity Rainbows Hospice, the changing face of journalism and publishing, hairstyles in North Korea and football. Well done girls - fantastic work! Mrs Jones.
  • Hi there, we are reporting today from Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr. We have just received a phone call from Wales Today and X-Ray presenter Lucy Owen!!!
  • Montgomery High School in Blackpool are busy reporting on some exciting developments in the town! All of the students loving it!
  • Shout out to all of the Queen Elizabeth High School Reporters. We're looking forward to reading and watching your stories. Good luck! Miss Phillips and Mrs James.
  • Shout out for pupils at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School who are interviewing Rob Jarman - a full-time professional stuntman - today! He says if he had worked harder at school he wouldn't have to try to kill himself for a living!
  • Cavendish School are currently reporting on social media and literacy in the school. All going well!
  • Reporters at Park Community School in Havant are just in the process of finalising scripts ready to film. We have already been into the town centre, interviewing members of the public, and are very excited about getting our final broadcasts produced!
  • A girl fromDavison C of E High School appears to have saved someone's life. When her neighbour collapsed, she rushed over to give a hand and call an ambulance. This is a key story portrayed in the school's report, from Ingrid at Woodside High.
  • A MASSIVE well done to the Farnborough Hill newsroom who have just wrapped up filming their broadcast (and provided plenty of material for the blooper reel too). We are proud of what the girls have achieved and can't wait to see their finished product!
  • At St Ambrose College in Hale Barns we're finally up and running - the clock is ticking!
Students at Icknield School interviewing Iain Lee about the use of social media
  • A shout out for Ysgol Eirias doing the School Report in Colwyn Bay, North Wales please! We have done an interview with author and animator Curtis Jobling as well as George North, the Welsh rugby star. We have also had a interview on the School Report radio station with Kezia.
  • Students and staff at John Hanson Community School in Andover are very excited about taking part in the BBC School Report News Day for the first time.
  • Iain Lee spoke to students at Icknield High School about the positive effects of social media for the news, and how it can be used negatively in general.
  • Tension's mounting as the deadline approaches at Guildford County School! Reports are coming back from our mobile team at Broadcasting House in London throughout the day!
  • Shenfield High School students were delighted to welcome Olympic ice hockey referee Joy Tottman to the school. She has been telling us all about aiming high and reaching for your goals!
  • Glengormley High School had tremendous fun researching stories and composing news reports! We did begin to feel the pressure with the deadline looming ever closer but did not falter, and all reports were completed on time. Mr Ballentine.
  • We've had a busy but enjoyable day at Redland High School ! Ms Marsden.
  • We've been reporting on the exciting news that dinosaur remains were found in the grounds of our school in Sussex. We've really enjoyed following the story and we've even had Newsround reporting on the finds! From Maggie, Sophie, James, Kate, Joyce, Georgina, Ed, Emma and Maddie at Ardingly College.
  • Redland High School for Girls have had a busy but enjoyable day! Well done School Reporters.
  • The favourite part of the Christian Fellowship School's School Report News Day was filming and looking up information to do with the stories.
  • Things got tense at Uckfield Community Technology College as the deadline to post stories approached. Harry and Ethan worked hard editing video files, while others desperately edited their stories and sent them off to the editor before posting to the site. There was an awesome, focused silence. We're so proud of our reporters! From Mrs. Naumann and Miss Niedzielska!
  • Today we are reporting on the teachers' strike and our upcoming school song (written by the students themselves) - very exciting! Thanks, Miss Fay and the Sarah Bonnell School Reporters.
  • Montgomery High School in Blackpool are busy reporting on some exciting developments in the town! All of the students are loving it!
  • Year 8 students at The Duston School are preparing to report on exciting events that have been hosted here recently including 'Building Bridges' and the school's own mini election campaign - we will be interviewing the winning party later! Our report will be broadcast live at 15:00 so check it out!
  • Varndean School pupils are covering a wide range of stories, from the Olympic legacy to the importance of performing arts in schools.
  • Thanks so much for everything - the pupils at St John's School have loved working with you! The team have been working on a report about the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and have interviewed Liliane, a survivor, journalists Mark Austin, Lindsey Hilsum and Roger Hearing and politicians Lord McConnell and Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening MP. They will go on to make a film that they will send to every secondary school in the country! Well done School Reporters!
Students at Tendring Technology College putting their scripts together
  • Students at St Philip Howard Catholic High School in Barnham are rapidly wading through the world of journalism with huge excitement as they cover topics including the education system, the recession, life as a journalist, and vandalism in our local area.
  • Hi from Tendring Technology College. We were ready to start and then....we had a fire bell! We had to stand in the easterly winds on the tennis courts for over 15 minutes - great start!!!
  • Roundwood Park School in Harpenden are taking part in their first ever BBC School report day! Students are very excited and hard at work; stories catching their interest so far are Flight MH370, rising university tuition fees and keeping the memories of World War One alive.
  • Here at Lymm High School we have a group of 11 students taking part in BBC School Report. They interviewed local stars Alex Mitchell and Joe McGrail, who play for England Under 18s rugby team.
  • Huge well done to the reporters and film crew who helped produce 10 minutes of live news in under 3 hours. Especially Manpreet (editing) who was amazing under pressure. From Mr Ventura at Debden Park High School.