In Pictures: Comberton Village College visit Brazil

8 April 2014 Last updated at 15:51

School Reporters from Comberton Village College visit Brazil for the Street Child World Cup tournament.
School Reporters from Comberton Village College
Brazil here we come! Comberton Village College students get ready for their big adventure - visiting the Street Child World Cup tournament in Rio de Janeiro.
Comberton students ready to board their flight to Brazil
The Comberton students began their journey to South America with a flight from Heathrow Airport.
Rio de Janeiro airport
And we're there! Cloudy conditions and temperatures of 23C greeted the students when they landed in Rio.
The shanty towns above Rio de Janeiro
Rio is a huge city with many of its poorer communities living in the favela shanty towns.
Welcome to Rio sandcastle
You are never far from a football pitch in Brazil - even on the beach.
Comberton pupils at Sugarloaf Mountain
Sugarloaf Mountain is one of Rio's most iconic sights.
Sugarloaf Mountain cable car
A cable car is the least taxing way to get to the top of the mountain.
View from Sugarloaf Mountain
And the view from the top is well worth the trip - even if it is cloudy.
Comberton students sightseeing in Rio
Strictly Come School Report - Rio's spectacular Municipal Theatre is home to some impressive artwork.
Comberton pupils at Rio's Municipal Theatre
How's that for a staircase? The theatre also boasts lavish interiors such as this.
The interior of Rio's main bank
Rio's main bank doubles up as an arts performance venue.
Ham and Cheese toasted sandwich on a plate
A "pastel" is an example of local food, in this case filled with ham and cheese. The turnover is made from pastry folded around a filling and then fried.
The Santa Marta favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Santa Marta favela, in the centre of Rio, is "pacified" - meaning it was safe for the School Reporters to report from.
Group of School Reporters and their guide in the Santa Marta favela
The School Reporters found the way of life in the favela both difficult and yet uplifting - and very different from their own in Cambridgeshire.
Children lining up behind national flags on a football pitch
The teams line up waiting for the Street Children World Cup to kick off
Four female School Reporters with musical instruments on a football pitch
School Reporters from Comberton Village School bang the drum for the beginning of the Street Child World Cup in Rio de Janeiro