The latest offerings in the School Report microphone challenge

13 March 2014 Last updated at 07:14

With microphone cube excitement showing little sign of abating, School Reporters continue to rise to the challenge, as these impressive images prove.
Cube and sewing machine
Wow, pupils from Priory Community School appear to have taken up our microphone cube challenge by sewing theirs together. It had us in stitches, anyway.
Cube on playground
This lovely shot of a School Report accessory from a very different perspective comes from budding photographers at The Market Bosworth School.
Cube on tribal mask
This scary looking tribal mask, with the addition of a not-quite-so-scary cardboard microphone cube, is the work of School Reporters at Haywood Academy.
Mic cubes in trophy cabinet
And the winner is... Richard Coates Middle School, whose pupils would like to thank everyone involved in bringing back this coveted, unusual, trophy.
Mic cube on digital radio
Maybe the reception area at Brondesbury College was where this digital radio benefitted from an interesting new aerial.
School Reporters and giant mic cube
Cubetastic! This amazing, giant piece of BBC branding was made (built?!) by students at Stoke Damerel Community College. Meanwhile, the challenge goes on, so send your photos to and we'll publish the best on our website.