Cubism catches on as our photographic challenge inspires Newcastle

10 March 2014 Last updated at 07:56

Check out Newcastle School for Boys' selection of microphone cube challenge photos and, if they inspire you, send us some of your own and we might use them too!
Microphone in front of school front door
Welcome to Newcastle School for Boys, where School Reporters rose to our photography challenge by finding a rather glitzy microphone to show off their cube-making skills.
Student with microphone as his head
We love this picture! Finding innovative, and amusing, ways of photographing a cardboard microphone cube is what our School Report challenge is all about.
Mic cube and computer screen
If you think you can match the efforts of Newcastle School for Boys, email your mic cube photos to and we'll feature the best ones we receive on our website.
Microphone hanging from ceiling
Did the boy who took this shot hang around long enough to capture the reaction of other students, we wonder?
School Reporters playing cricket
We were bowled over by this clever picture. Let's hope the microphone escaped intact after facing a demon delivery!
Pupil sitting on mic cube
Is he sitting comfortably? We don't know, but it's certainly an original use for a a BBC microphone cube.
School Report poster and mic cube
We asked for interesting uses of BBC School Report branding and this colourful shot goes one further. Great work boys!