School Reporters boldly go to find where no microphone cube has gone before

7 March 2014 Last updated at 08:16

School Reporters use all their reporting creativity as they take up the microphone challenge and find unusual locations for the famous red box.
School Report mic cube with Uncle Sam poster
Uncle Sam says School Report needs you! Solway Community Technology College went straight to the top as they took up our microphone challenge.
Bird of prey with mic cube tied to its beak
Come fly with the School Report team from St Pius X College.
School Report cube mic in school corridor
Were School Reporters from John Hampden Grammar School preparing to stage a press conference after school assembly? What exciting snippets of news were revealed?
School Report cube mic sits with a plant
A green scene at the Teign School provided a lovely floral setting for this BBC mic cube - Gardeners' Question Time here we come!
School Report mic cube in bowl of fruit
School Reporters from Brondesbury College for Boys remind us to eat more fruit as part of a healthy diet - get those five a day!
Skeleton model holds the school report mic cube
Them bones, them bones, them dry bones - the oldest staff member from St Pius X College talks exclusively to School Report! Fancy a go? Email your unusual microphone cube pictures to and we'll use some of the best on our website.