New homes for a BBC microphone cube

4 March 2014 Last updated at 07:58

School Reporters from The Gordon Schools in Aberdeenshire were the latest to take up our BBC microphone challenge, with some innovative photographic locations. Can you do better?
BBC mic cube in school grounds
School Reporters from The Gordon Schools in Aberdeenshire were the latest to take up our BBC microphone cube photographic challenge. Luckily the weather was kind and made for a lovely view of the impressive school buildings.
BBC mic cube in flowers
Spring may still be in its infancy but Gordons' budding photojournalists found an abundance of flowers close at hand, as this cube bouquet proves.
BBC mic cube and skull
Alas, poor Yorick didn't know he was being used as a prop for a BBC News accessory in this theatrical close-up.
BBC mic cube on Shakespeare bust
We wonder if Yorick's creator, and the nation's most famous playwright, would have approved of being used as a microphone hat stand? But then, all's well that ends well.
BBC mic cube on a pile of books
The mic cube then booked a place amongst the works of some other, more modern writers.
Art shelves
Nestled alongside a collection of bric-a-brac is not the most obvious place you would expect to come across a BBC School Report mic cube. But that's the whole idea behind our photographic challenge!
BBC mic cube in art department
And we wonder who shouldered the responsibility for balancing art and creativity in this picture?
BBC mic cube and motorbike
This is maybe the only time a BBC mic cube has been spotted cadging a lift on a motorbike.
BBC mic cube and wasps nest
Let's hope the wasps who built this rather impressive nest were not around to witness the gatecrashing of a strange cuboid visitor.
BBC mic cube and Grease props
Is the BBC microphone cube the one that he wanted?
BBC mic cube and plastic body model
Heart of the matter - can you beat this as a home for a BBC School Report mic cube? If so, email us at
BBC mic cube and old press
It's very interesting to contrast a very modern piece of press equipment with a very old one.
BBC mic cube as part of wall
Just another brick in the wall.
BBC mic cube and medical jars
We hope whatever is in these science jars is still not alive!