In pictures: A BBC School Report microphone cube can turn up in some strange places

28 February 2014 Last updated at 07:40

John Hampden Grammar School Reporters are the first to take up the challenge of photographing a microphone cube in some very unexpected places.
BBC mic cube in school pond
We challenged School Reporters to make a BBC microphone cube and photograph it in the most unusual school location they could come up with. Pupils at John Hampden Grammar School in High Wycombe wasted no time in getting creative and were the first to head off with their cameras.
BBC mic cube in school garden
Not content with just one piece of School Report branding, the school garden offered a different perspective on the news.
BBC mic cube on table tennis table
Anyone for table tennis? Who knows where the mic cube might turn up next...
BBC mic cube on climbing wall
Halfway up a climbing wall might be one of the oddest locations a BBC mic cube has been spotted.
BBC mic cube on hockey crossbar
There are no end of places around the school a BBC accessory might suddenly appear. John Hampden's budding photojournalists have set the bar high in finding some of the less obvious ones.
BBC mic cube on school art installation
The art department's carefully constructed outdoor installation benefited from an additional, if temporary, addition.
BBC mic cube in school potting shed
You don't need a school potting shed to provide a unique backdrop for a BBC microphone cube. If you think you can do better, get snapping and email your photos to and we'll publish the best ones on our website.