Richard Lander School Reporters produced a video report about following in the footsteps of a 14 year old soldier during their WW1 battlefields visit

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Broadcasting is when you tell everyone your story and actually tell people what you have discovered during your trip to the World War One battlefields.

You can show it to your class or maybe do a presentation at an assembly so more people in school can find out about the trip.

But you might also want to share your experiences and broadcast your report to a wider audience and for School Report, this means publishing your finished report(s) on your school website.


How you can you get a bigger audience? Is there is a special World War One commemoration event in your local area or a community group or local history society who might be interested in your report. If the focus of your battlefields report is related to a local regiment or soldiers this might be especially relevant.

Why not promote the broadcast by emailing links to friends, family or other schools or by promoting the report with posters in school or your local library?


School Reporters from the Richard Lander School in Truro have some top tips to help you produce your own report:

Oscar, 14: "Enjoy the experience and don't worry about what other people think, use your judgement. I really enjoyed the filming and learned loads."

Erin, 13: "If you are recording speak clearly and watch out for background noise. Going on the history visit gave me a great insight into World War One."

The Richard Lander School Reporters unexpectedly met the prime minister David Cameron during their battlefields trip

Adam, 14: "Be motivated and be prepared to think on your feet. Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time available; a detailed plan beforehand will mean you can plan in as much filming as possible."

Tamsin, 14: "Make sure you have what you want to say well planned and rehearsed before you go on camera. "

Matt, 14: "Speak clearly and don't be nervous, it may take more than one take."

Zak,12: "Be confident when you are filming, every bit of footage is useful. It was amazing to have the opportunity to film the stories of these war heroes. I would recommend the experience to any students."

Rebecca Jarvis, Teacher: "It was a fantastic experience for the students; having a permanent record of our visit on film has made all the hard work worthwhile and is a great resource for us to use back in school."

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