In pictures: School Reporters take over BBC MediaCity Salford

27 January 2014 Last updated at 09:21

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy School Reporters spend the day reporting from BBC MediaCity Headquarters in Salford.
Group of School Reporters outside BBC North's MediaCity HQ
It was an exciting day for School Reporters from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy when they got the chance to visit MediaCity, BBC's North's shiny Salford home, where even a late arrival caused by heavy rush hour traffic couldn't curb their enthusiasm.
Group of School Reporters interview Ayshah Tull
Within minutes of arriving they dazzled Newsround's Ayshah Tull with their interviewing skills. Taking no prisoners, School Reporter Neam asked Ayshah who her most annoying interviewee was.
Newsround Deputy Editor Georgina Bowman and a group of School Reporters
Sitting down was a luxury busy Newsround Deputy Editor Georgina Bowman couldn't afford as she explained how the programme chooses which stories to cover.
School Reporter Ryan stands in front of the weather forecast screen
A confident Ryan stepped up to the mark when the School Reporters were invited to demonstrate the art of "mirror imaging" - used by forecasters to present weather bulletins from the high-tech studios.
BBC School Reporters on the BBC Breakfast sofa
Scoop! The Ormiston School Reporters then uncovered the secrets of the BBC Breakfast sofa when they learned about the hidden shelf where regular presenters Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull hide their porridge during the show.
Group of School Reporters in the BBC North studio reading the autocue
The team then moved on to the BBC Sport studio and tested out their autocue reading skills. Even keeping his eyes closed couldn't prevent a fit of the giggles from Ryan.
Two School Reporters in a BBC North office
School Reporters Eye09 and Neam took to the Radio 5 live hot seats to learn about the tough decisions needed when prioritising items for a news bulletin.
Peter Salmon and four School Reporters
The team from Ormiston pitched their ideas to the Director of BBC North, Peter Salmon, who told them he hoped MediaCity's "massive creative base" would "inspire even more School Reporters".
Group of School Reporters in the CBBC Newsround studio
The School Reporters stepped through the looking-glass on the Newsround set to check out the view from the other side of the cameras. Chloe said: "I think this is actually a dream."
Group of School Reporters in the CBBC studio
By the end of the day it seemed like our intrepid School Reporters had become part of the furniture at CBBC. Isla told teacher Mr Daniels: "This is the best school trip ever."