Reporting: It's a piece of cake

12 December 2013 Last updated at 18:36

School Reporters from The Compton School came to BBC Broadcasting House for the December PND to interview Steve Herrmann and cover the big Pop-Up Cake Shop.
From left to right Sanj, Emma, James, Ms Peel, Anthony, Amir and Avni from The Compton School
School Reporters from The Compton School in Barnet came down to BBC Broadcasting House for the second School Report Practice News Day for 2013/14. From left to right Sanj, Emma, James, Ms Peel, Anthony, Amir and Avni. The story of the day is told by Emma, Amir and James......
Amir, Emma and James preparing for their interview
"We split into two teams of three. Team A were interviewing Steve Herrmann, while we (Team B) were interviewing John Whaite. We worked hard to prepare a good interview for the Great British Bake Off winner. We used the five Ws to come up with questions."
Avni, Sanj and Anthony interview Steve Hermann
"Team A - consisting of Avni, Sanj and Anthony - interviewed Steve Herrmann, the Editor of the BBC News website on its 16th anniversary."
Amir and James making notes on the Steve Herrmann interview
"Whilst Team A were conducting the interview, we were writing up notes to feed into the PND live text page. We found it challenging to keep up with the speed of making notes during the interview."
Steve Herrmann answers School Reporters questions
"Steve Herrmann told the School Reporters that "in the future less people will be going to the news, more news will be coming to the people." From watching the interview Emma observed Team A's good use of eye contact and learnt that it was important to listen and respond to answers."
School Reporters interview John Whaite outside the Big Cake Sale
"After that we headed down to the third floor where John Whaite was helping out at a Pop-Up Cake Shop in aid of the charity WMUK. The cake sale was in memory of BBC Radio 4 broadcaster Rory Morrison."
Emma asking John Whaite a question
"Emma asked John about his Food Technology lessons when he was at school - he had to make 'Nutella and Mushroom Pizza' using frozen pizza which he didn't think was right. He said it was important for schools to do more to encourage young people to cook as it is an essential life skill."
John Whaite answers School Reporters questions
"James asked the Great British Bake Off winner about his new book which he called "tasty but tiring work". Amir also asked him about his favourite Christmas dinner."
The Compton School Reporters pose with John Whaite
"At first we were nervous about interviewing John Whaite but he was really nice and we were surprised at how he was just talking to us like he was a friend."
School Reporters interviewing Susan Rae
"Up next we interviewed Radio 4 announcer Susan Rae who had organised the Bake Sale in honour of her colleague. We particularly liked how she came across as 'very honest' in the interview."
Susan Rae sharing her broadcasting wisdom with School Reporters
"Susan shared some of her broadcasting tips and gave us a sound piece of advice about scriptwriting, saying 'you should write it as you would read it'."
A vast selection of cakes on sale at the Pop-Up Cake Shop
"After all the hard work we headed into the bake sale. The display was very impressive, there was so much cake to choose from!"
Martha Kearney's radio shaped cake
"We saw a cake that Radio 4 presenter Martha Kearney had baked for the cause - it was in the shape of a radio and was being raffled off."
School Reporters with the cake they bought from the sale
"As a reward for our hard day's work we helped ourselves to some well-earned cake. Emma had a cupcake and James had a marshmallow cake which left frosting all over his blazer."