Young Sports Personality of the Year countdown begins

Elizabeth Hudson, School Reporters and Kate Grey (right) Elizabeth Hudson, Morley Academy School Reporters and Kate Grey (right)

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A group of budding athletes and journalists for The Morley Academy, met together for a special talk with a Paralympic athlete and a sports journalist.

Paralympian Kate Grey, who represented team GB at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, spoke to the students about events throughout her sporting career and how that lead to her deciding to start working in journalism.

Who are the nominees?

Young Sports Personality of the Year 2013

Dina Asher-Smith

James Guy

Amber Hill

Charley Hull

Adnan Januzaj

Jessica Judd

Amy Marren

Rebekah Tiler

Isaac Towers

Kimberley Woods

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The sports journalist Elizabeth Hudson, from the BBC Sport website, also spoke to the students about the type of things that journalists get to do, as well as sharing some of her favourite moments of the job.

They then inspired the students to create questions for the nominees of Young Sports Personality of the Year Award 2013.

The students were also given a crash course in creating questions, deciding which ones were the best and how to phrase them.

This gave the students all the knowledge that they needed to then go on and think up their own questions, which would then be put to the nominees of the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

Some of the students even chose to include questions that related to topics in the media at the moment such as prejudice.

They then separated into groups to create four sets of questions, where they then put forward their best questions to the whole group, who voted on which ones they preferred.

Kate said: "I was highly impressed by all of the group's suggestions to ask the nominees and it was tough to whittle the list down.

"I was surprised at how varied the questions were as well as the quality and thought that had gone into them. I'm definitely going to be using some of their questions in future interviews that I do."

The students at The Morley Academy are all really interested in sport, especially after having the Olympic torch visiting the school in 2012.

Laura, a student on the Press and Publicity Panel at the school, told us she is: "Really excited to see it finally come to Leeds."

The school's enthusiasm for and interest in sport is shown through the fact they have several House competitions throughout the year that provide students with the opportunity to get involved.

At the end of the school year, the school even gives out trophies to the best groups and students.

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