Arsenal's like a second family to me - Alex Scott

Alex Scott playing for England against Turkey

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England vice-captain Alex Scott is one of a select band of players to have won more than 100 caps for her country.

The Arsenal right-back reached the landmark in a 1-1 draw against Russia in this summer's European Championship finals.

While England's Under-17s are taking part in their own European Championships on home soil, Alex took time out to answer questions about her career from School Reporters.

Q - How did you get into football and why did you choose this sport?

A - My older brother played football and always got me to play with him. When we would get home from school we would always go to the local bit of grass where all the other neighbourhood kids would also be. There would always be a football game of some sort going on. From a young age I just happened to fall into the sport and totally fell in love with it and never looked back.

Q - How do you feel when you are playing for your country and Arsenal?

A - Every time I put on a England shirt it is a magical feeling. I'm always filled with pride playing for my country as well as a feeling that I need to give it my all because I do not want to let anyone down. I feel I am very blessed and lucky to have made it to the level I have, along with the hard work that it has taken me to get here. Arsenal are a club that I have always supported and it is a different feeling from playing for England. I started to play for Arsenal when I was eight so it has been like a second family for me. The club as a whole will always be special to me because it has played a significant part in my life.

Alex Scott factfile

Alex Scott in action for Arsenal
  • 1992-2004 - Arsenal
  • 2004-2005 - Birmingham
  • 2005-2009 - Arsenal
  • 2009-2011 - Boston (US)
  • 2012 - Arsenal
  • England caps - 107
  • England goals - 12
  • Team GB caps - 5

Q - What is you favourite goal celebration and why?

A - I like the Didier Drogba celebration, when he points his hands out at the side as he is running off. For a while with the national team, whether it was a goal in a match or when we would score a goal in training, this was a ongoing thing for us to do as a way of having some fun and some banter amongst ourselves as if to say….yeah take that!

Q - How often do you have to train?

A - We train most days now - some days being double days. This will maybe consist of a weights session in the morning and a club session in the evening. The way the women's game is progressing to be able to stay competing with the top nations you need to be training every day and have a ball at your feet to keep improving as a player.

Q - What different types of food do you need to eat to keep healthy?

A - This is a side that has really come to the forefront in the men's and the women's game. It's not only what you do on the pitch, but how you look after yourself off the pitch. Eating the right foods provides your body with the right energy it needs to be able to perform at the same high intensity all the time. So lots of proteins like chicken and fish helps, along with lots of vegetables, brown rice and pastas too. I think it's trying to get the right balance in your diet really, Nobody is perfect and its OK to treat yourself now and again if you have a sweet tooth.

Q - What do you do on a typical matchday to prepare?

A - I am a very laidback person, so on a matchday you will find me just chilling out and relaxing. I try to go into every game with the same mentality and that starts with me being relaxed and not putting any pressure on myself that is not needed. When you play night games it really is just trying to kill time before you go to the game. Watching box sets or movies in the hotel helps a lot.

Q - As a player myself for a local under 12's team, I would like to know what football achievements did you achieve at a young age?

A - I was lucky enough to be in a great football club like Arsenal when I was eight. We won a lot of youth tournaments and league titles in various age groups. Even wining all of these title however i then went to my first England trial when i was 14/15 and got rejected. This made me more determined as a player and I was so determined to show them that they got it wrong. I worked even harder and then got picked the following year which I was proud of.

Q - What has been your proudest achievement in your career so far?

Alex Scott in action during her 100th game for England against Russia Alex Scott in action during her 100th game for England against Russia

A - This is a hard question because I have been lucky enough to achieve so many proud moments that I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen to me. Getting my first England cap was special because I had to work so hard to get there and prove to a lot of people that never had the same belief that I did that I could make it to that level and play for England. Then to go on and get my 100th cap this year was just simply indescribable to me. Not a lot of players get to, or will achieve something like this, so I think both of these are my proudest moments to date.

Q - Who is your inspiration?

A - I have to say my mum as cheesy as this may sound! Not once did my mum ever try and change my path away from football, not once did she say that I had to concentrate on a different career, but what she was to me was always so supportive of my choices and my decisions. She was always there reminding me through my knockbacks that anything is possible if I work hard and put my mind to it. She will always be my inspiration in life and if I can be half the woman she is that will make me happy.

Q - What would you like to do when you retire from football?

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A - I am doing a degree at the moment in sports-writing and journalism which I am really enjoying. I like doing the presenting side of football coming up with questions and asking questions and getting different reactions from players. I like seeing the different side to footballers with more relaxed questions also, so hopefully I can find a broadcaster or programme that can use my personality and the fun side of me and have a career path in that also. We shall see.

Q - If you weren't a footballer, what would you like to have been?

A - To be honest all I have ever dreamt and thought of is football so if I was not a footballer i would be one very sad girl!

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