In Pictures: Children in Need at BBC Broadcasting House

18 November 2013 Last updated at 12:43

Northwood School students visit BBC Broadcasting House to report on the building's Children in Need events.
School Reporters Parmis, Tilly, Sinthiya, Chelsea, Daniel, Aaron, Ryan and Jess from Northwood School.
School Reporters from left to right Jessica, Chelsea, Daniel, Aaron, Sinthiya, Ryan, Tilly, and Parmis from Northwood School were ready and raring to report on the Children in Need events taking place in BBC Broadcasting House as soon as they saw the building! Here is the story of their visit in their own words....
Northwood School team prepare to interview Jeremy Vine.
"We were excited and nervous as we headed into Western House (the home of Radio 2) for our first task of the day - interviewing Jeremy Vine."
Jeremy Vine being interviewed by Parmis and Tilly from Northwood School.
"Jeremy Vine was really kind when Parmis and Tilly interviewed him. We heard it through the grape-Vine himself that he thinks Radio 2 is the best radio station."
Jeremy Vine, complete with Pudsey ears, in his studio with Northwood School team
"As it was Children in Need, Jeremy Vine was glad to wear the Pudsey ears with us in his studio."
Pudsey and dance troupe Rough Diamond dancing at Broadcasting House.
"Back at Broadcasting House - Pudsey joined dance troupe Rough Diamond to get everyone dancing and fundraising on every floor of the building."
Pudsey and Northwood School team.
"Afterwards we got a bear hug from Pudsey - he looks so much bigger than he does on TV!"
Children in Need fundraisers and Northwood School team.
"We were heading down to see the Asian Network's busking event when we saw the Children in Need fundraisers dressed up in reception - they were doing really well with their collection."
Rapper Cynikal outside Broadcasting House.
"Outside the building, the BBC Asian Network were holding a 'Busking for the Bear' event. The first artist we saw was the rapper Cynikal."
Vocalist San2 singing outside Broadcasting House.
"Punjabi vocalist San2 came up next. Parmis thought the music was really unique and said it was nice to get a flavour of different cultures. Daniel was impressed by San2's enormous vocal range."
Aaron (right) and Daniel interviewing rapper Sin-Seer.
"Aaron (right) and Daniel impressed the rapper Sin-Seer with their interview questions. Afterwards Sin-Seer said that he wished he'd been able to prepare in advance to answer them and added: 'They were really good, it's one of the best interviews I've ever had.'"
H-Dhami singss while School Reporters form a train around the piazza.
"H-Dhami was the last performer we saw - when he saw us in the crowd he gave us a shout-out and made us form a train around the piazza whilst he played his hit track 'Rail Gadi'."
Teacher Mr Clyne and Northwood School's School Reporters in the dancing train outside Broadcasting House.
"At first it was just us, but it was so infectious that everyone started joining in - including our teacher Mr Clyne, which was really funny!"
H-Dhami and the Northwood School team.
"H-Dhami was really nice - when we interviewed him he told us that before he started singing he actually wanted to be a footballer."
Northwood School team hard at work editing their content.
"After all that excitement we went back indoors to edit and review all our day's content - which was hard work - but it rounded off an amazing day! We didn't want to leave!"