Hooray, the 2014 Commonwealth Games are on their way!

  • 10 October 2013
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Mark Beaumont interviewed by School Reporters about the Queen's Baton Relay

We were lucky enough to interview Mark Beaumont at BBC Scotland before he goes on his long journey around the Commonwealth countries, following the Queen's Baton Relay.

When we arrived we received our visitor badges and School Report lanyards and met the producer, Donald who helped us to prepare for our interview.

Before we started we met the cameraman James and learnt a bit about filming an interview. For example, to achieve the effect of having multiple cameras we had to repeat our questions a few times with the camera at different positions.

After that we rehearsed and improved our interview introduction. Once we had perfected it we did the same with the ending sequence. We both had to use our drama skills and once we even had to pretend we were chatting!

We asked Mark about the design of the Queen's baton. He told us the handle is Elm wood and the top is titanium latticing - this is where the Queen's special message will be inside.

We also asked him what he thought about the benefits for Scotland will be for hosting the Commonwealth Games next year.

Mark said he thinks it is a great thing that the world's eyes will be on Scotland and it is our chance to show the world our story and what Scotland is really like.

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Image caption Mark shows the route the baton relay will take over the next nine months

He also showed us the map that the BBC will use to keep track of him in his travels. His journey begins in Delhi, India where the last Commonwealth Games were in 2010.

Since it has been announced that the 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow, we have noticed a lot of changes in the city, such as the Hydro, lots more advertising, the Emirates arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

In fact, one of us Rory has actually cycled round the Velodrome and he found it to be extremely scary!

We are both really excited about the Commonwealth Games and Rory has even been lucky enough to get tickets to watch the Men's 100m Final and so really hopes that Usain Bolt will be there!

Now we have learnt more about the baton we are both looking forward to hearing the Queen's special message inside it.

It is amazing that the Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow and we can't wait for it all to begin!

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