Obama's visit to Northern Ireland: Belfast pupils inspired by schoolmate's speech

"The young people in Northern Ireland want to live in peace"

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Inspired by the speech from Hannah from our school about peace in Northern Ireland when she was introducing the President and the First Lady of the United States, we have investigated what the speech meant to the pupils in our school and its relevance to their lives.

We asked a range of pupils from Form 1 to Form 4 - and one of our very own vice-principals, Dr Gallagher - what they thought of Hannah's speech. They answered that she made the school proud and delivered her speech in a well-rehearsed and confident style.

The majority of pupils responded by saying that her speech represented their opinions and views about peace in Northern Ireland.

They said that her speech reflected the views of other teenagers in Northern Ireland - and of our school - and conveyed the ideas that we all had in mind.

School Reporter on meeting the President

Most students, when asked if they would change anything about her speech, said no - that it was a great speech and really put everyone's views across to President Obama, his wife and the audience of the Waterfront Hall. They also said that she was able to cope well with not only the massive audience there but also the many people who were watching worldwide.

Dr Gallagher said that Hannah was an excellent representative of the College and that her words truly reflected Methody as a whole, and also that her speech represented his views as well as the view of many teenagers in the school and Northern Ireland.

Many pupils also said that it was a great honour that the G8 came to Northern Ireland and that we did a great job at hosting them; also that the event put us back on the map, and hopefully changed people's perceptions of NI… that people start to realise that our troubled past is over and there is a new hope for a more peaceful Northern Ireland.

In conclusion, we can show that Hannah's speech was well received both within our school and the rest of Northern Ireland, and it also represented and conveyed the opinions of teenagers all across the country.

Hannah did a great job in relaying all of our thoughts to the massive audience that was watching her across the world.

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