In pics: Wildlife cameraman Doug Allan opens up his portfolio to School Report

4 April 2013 Last updated at 15:26

The Mary Erskine School interviewed wildlife cameraman Doug Allan
Mary Erskine students prepare to interview Doug Allan
School Reporters from The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh were given the chance to interview wildlife cameraman Doug Allan - who has worked on the likes of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet during his career - for one of their reports.
Landscape sunset
Doug kindly gave School Report access to some of his amazing portfolio of photos taken over the course of his career, providing some beautiful images as well as a fantastic insight into the work involved in getting the shots which wow viewers.
Doug on boat with colleague
Doug's career has taken him to some seriously cold - and dangerous - places, with a need to have some form of protection in the event of an attack by the animals he was there to photograph.
Doug Allan with a humpback whale and calf
Doug has been up close and personal with some remarkable creatures, including this humpback whale and her calf.
Doug prepares to dive into the icy waters with camera in hand
For all the beauty of the finished article, actually getting the images involves a lot of hard - and potentially dangerous - work. No wonder David Attenborough has described him as "the toughest in the business"!
Doug in an underwater ice tunnel
With a day in the office including shooting in an underwater ice tunnel, Doug gets to see sights seldom seen by the human eye.
Otter under water
Underwater shots are something of a speciality for Doug, a marine biology graduate, with this otter captured in full flow.
Penguins underwater
Penguins are among the other animals captured diving under water in another remarkable shot.
Doug at the South Pole
Doug's cold weather gear has certainly got some good outings, including this trip to the South Pole.
Two walruses
Doug survived a hairy encounter with a walrus which he believes could have had fatal consequences if he had not been alert to the situation. He was content to keep his distance from these two!
A fern
Doug's photography isn't just taken from the icy extremes or under water though, as this photo of a fern proves!
And the relatively common sight of a cobweb also caught Doug's eye.
Mary Erskine students after interviewing Doug Allan
Interview complete it was time for the students to pose for a snap with Doug.