School Report covers religion and faith in the UK

  • 10 April 2013
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Archbishop Justin Wellby Image copyright School Report
Image caption The Most Reverend Justin Welby arrives for his enthronement as 105th Archbishop of Canterbury

From reporting at the new Archbishop of Canterbury's enthronement, to finding out about a new atheist church and the differences between the Jewish faith and Islam, School Reporters have been considering many different aspects of religion and faith in the UK.

• Many faith leaders attended the Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Reporters from Chaucer Technology School and St Anselm's Catholic school in Canterbury met some of them.

• As the BBC programme Songs of Praise recorded its Palm Sunday broadcast in Canterbury Cathedral, School Reporters from St Anselm's Catholic School took a look behind the scenes.

• With the news of Pope Benedict XVI's retirement, School Reporters from Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College, reported on BBC Manchester how his departure affected Catholics in the UK.

• School Reporters from King David High School visited the Manchester Islamic School for Girls to share the differences and similarities between the Jewish faith and Islam.

• Pupils from four faith schools across Greater Manchester debated the question, "What is Religion for in the 21st Century?" on Radio Manchester, hosted by Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou from University of Exeter, on Radio 5 Live.

Explaining the Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury

• With a new Atheist church opening in Islington, London, School Reporters from Stoke Newington School explored the issues around atheism.

• The BBC Asian Network broadcast a whole three-hour show from Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hillingdon, the UK's first state-funded Sikh faith school. Students discussed the impact that attending a faith school had on their sense of cultural identity.

• The historic occasion of the Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury was marked by students at Chaucer Technology School in Canterbury providing an explanation of what was involved in the preparations and ceremony.

• Reporting from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Enthronement ceremony, School Reporters from Chaucer Technology School and St Anselm's Catholic School reflected on the day's proceedings.

• Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams spoke to School Reporters from Comberton Academy Trust in Cambridgeshire, discussing gay marriage and women bishops, as well as if he'd ever nodded off in church!

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