MP Luciana Berger 'shocked' by Liverpool food banks

Pupils question Liverpool South MP about food poverty in the UK

School Reporters from St Julie's Catholic High School have been interviewing MP Luciana Berger to find out what she's doing about food poverty in Liverpool and across the country.

School Reporters Evie and Georgia met Ms Berger, the member for Wavertree, to talk about her involvement with food banks. Georgia stated that Luciana's actions "really inspired us to run our own school food drive".

Ms Berger expressed her devastation when she first visited a food bank a year-and-a-half ago, describing her reaction as "really shocked". She said it was a "terrible situation", and set about to raise awareness.

In her interview she talked about her investigation and how surprised she was to discover that users of the food bank were not necessarily homeless, but a great proportion were in work.

Berger said the increases in food prices, the increase in the costs of electricity and gas - with an average house receiving a £1,400 electricity and gas bill - and the delays in receiving benefits forced people in work to turn to food banks.

"I found it really difficult," admitted Berger, not least because she found people struggling to accept help due to pride. As an MP she is entitled to distribute food vouchers but discovered her constituents were resistant to help.

Evie and Georgia asked the MP if she felt she had made a difference. Ms Berger feels she has raised awareness, yet believes people still need to be more aware. She talked about needing more people donating food, but stated that "we're very lucky that people are so willing to donate".

Berger said: "I won't be happy until there's a day in our country when we don't actually need food banks."