Voyager explores 'brand new region of space'

Voyager space probe explores the depths of the universe Image copyright FREE VT
Image caption Voyager space probe explores the depths of the universe

A student at Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale, interviewed Oxford University's Dr Robert Simpson about Voyager's continued exploration of space beyond our solar system.

Dr Simpson is an Oxford University researcher, specialising in stars and planets. School Reporters wanted to see if he could shed some light on what has happened and how significant it is.

Lloyd, from Matthew Moss High School, wrote up their findings in a special School Report article, in which he explains the background to the space probe.

Dr Simpson told him: "The voyager space probe was launched in 1977 and has been the flagship of human space exploration ever since. It took many important pictures of Saturn and Jupiter. Its radioactive plutonium batteries are expected to finally run out in 2025."

He explained that the space probe appears to have discovered a "brand new region of space" - but he is doubtful that it has left the solar system.

School Reporters asked Dr Simpson if he thought this discovery could make life better on earth.

He was doubtful, but pointed out that "we are, however, going into the unknown, so who knows?"