School Report News Day 2013

Key Points

  • 1034 schools turned their classrooms into newsrooms
  • 33,000 11 to 16-year-olds worked as School Reporters
  • Their reports featured on BBC One, CBBC, the News Channel, Radio 4, 5 Live and 52 local radio stations
  • A School Report channel broadcast for 8 hours from London and Londonderry

    0815: Hello, it's finally here! Welcome along to BBC News School Report 2013: around 1,000 schools, more than 30,000 students, and we'll have all the latest updates throughout the day....


    0825: The live page may have just got running, but School Reporters have already been reporting on a host of BBC outlets including Radio 5 live, Farming Today, BBC London and BBC Breakfast.

    Students from Samworth Church Academy appeared on Breakfast alongside reporter Bryony Mackenzie, who asked School Reporter Finn whether he'd recommend journalism. "Definitely - this is just brilliant - you get to go around, ask people questions and at the end of the day you're on TV!"


    0832: School Report LIVE is up and running - you can follow it here on the BBC News School Report website, or on the red button. Stay tuned for all the updates and highlights from now until 1600 GMT.


    0840: As students file into classrooms - soon to be newsrooms - up and down the UK, it seems like a good time to wish everyone good luck. We've called on some famous faces like Lord Coe, Huw Edwards and Kate Nash to send on just that message!


    0845: School Reporters with a story from Ravenswood School about young people suffering from heart problems. They want to raise awareness for the prevention of heart disease.


    0847: Some 13 year 9 students at Manor House School in Surrey have a food theme for this year's BBC School Report. With young journalists split into groups ranging from designing and publishing web pages through to producing their own cookery show, they've looked at stories such as support for people with eating disorders through to the latest horsemeat scandal. Teacher Kim Boyd says "the filming of the cookery show suggests we have two celebrity chefs in the making!"


    0852: Anyone looking for the School Reporters from Elizabeth College in Guernsey should head for the library where 14 students will be based for most of the day. And don't forget to look out for reports on the snow day carnage (!), a roundup of local sporting achievements and an intriguing story on Guernsey folklore.


    0859: How much do teenagers know about how to stay safe on Twitter? School Reporters from Tarporley School, Cheshire, looked into the issues surrounding social media and talk to people in the know.

    Bolingbroke Academy

    0900: Students from Bolingbroke Academy are taking part in School Report today. We wish them luck!


    0901: For all those following School Report LIVE, don't miss our special education programme about everything from exams to building schools at 1230 GMT.


    0905: All the schools today should just take a couple of minutes to read School Report's a simple guide to keeping your news safe and legal. You won't regret it!

    Via Twitter Roger Mosey Director of Vision

    Best of luck to everyone taking part today in @BBCSchoolReport. Always good to see the next generation take to the airwaves.


    0907: Getting ready to film some interviews? Print off a BBC School Report microphone cube for a professional-looking microphone. (Or grab the Welsh version.)


    0908: Students have been bringing us a special report about Olympic Legacy and the future of the Olympic Park. Sections of the park will be available to students and School Reporters explore to find out more. More sports stories will be coming up later.


    0910: BBC mentor Kalpana has texted in from Trinity High School in Redditch: "About to give pupils a master class in news before they do a mid-morning bulletin at 11:30 GMT for BBC Hereford and Worcester!" Good luck everyone!


    0911: It's all been building up to today - so don't let your reporters' hard work go unnoticed. Pick up some top tips on how best to promote your stories, including how to write a press release and how to maximise the power of a tweet!

    Mansfield L-R kieran, alicia, finn

    0915: Here are Kieran, Alicia and Finn from Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield - they've already been busy working for School Report this morning on BBC Breakfast, bringing us a report about students turning into chefs.


    0917: Students from Cirencester Deer Park School will be presenting a report on "The Big Bang," a science event held in London where students have entered a rocket-powered car competition! Other stories the school will focus on include the story of volunteers escorting toads across the road in order for them to mate.


    0920: Baylis Court School in Slough are lucky to be joined by Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew! Duncan is an ambassador for the school's Swimming campaign and is talking to our School Reporters about his life and his work.


    0922: Some breaking news from Isca College of Media Arts students. The radio team were on their way from Exeter to BBC Radio 1 and then onto TV Centre London as part of BBC News School Report. However, the train came to a stop - they report there has been a smell of petrol and it's has been confirmed that a car was hit by the train with a suspected fatality. They say: "A train is coming from Plymouth to pull us back to Taunton. We are waiting for more information, and will update you when we know more. Thanks Isca Radio."


    0923: School Reporters have met Happy Days star Henry Winkler, aka "the Fonz", to talk to him about how he reached his goals despite being dyslexic.


    0926: Baylis Court School in Slough are lucky to be joined by Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew! Duncan is an ambassador for the school's Swimming campaign and is talking to our School Reporters about his life and his work.


    0930: Racism in football is the hot topic of choice for St John Wall Catholic School in Birmingham. Their School Reporters have been invited to the BBC Studios in the Mailbox in Birmingham to put together their story.


    0935: School Report LIVE has now switched into mode - they're live on air now from Londonderry. You can listen online and even see the team on our special School Report webcam.


    0939: You can't accuse Heaton Manor in Newcastle of lacking imagination! They'll be reporting on the new Doctor Who series, the Russian meteor, exam stress and Bond villains. And if they've still got the energy (!), expect an in-depth report on the the life and times of Phil Caffrey: a local/national singer songwriter legend whose career has spanned over 40 years and who regularly visits the school.


    0940: Paper reviewers from Lambeth Academy in London have been talking us through today's top stories on School Report LIVE. Many thanks to the team and keep up the good work.


    0941: Twenty Year 8 School Reporters from King Ethelbert School and Dane Court School in Kent have been busy putting together their own news programme complete with presenters, producers, editors and newsgatherers. They've set themselves a big challenge by setting the news agenda and putting their filmed bulletin together all in one day.


    0944: School Reporters at Bell's Brae Primary on the Shetland Islands are officially "under way"! There are 20 Primary 7 pupils working on a local issue important to them. They've gone for a piece on how the Dance Pony Dance advert has put their local area on a global stage. They're going to send us interviews with a tourism officer and local residents, as well as some photos. Their lead teacher tells us "they are coping well with the demands for a young group". Giddy up!


    0947: All Year 8s at Surrey's Prior's Field have been taken off the timetable today: in order to make the news! They already have an exclusive interview with Kate Mosse in the bag, in which she gives inside info about the adaptation by Ridley Scott of her book, Labyrinth. Not only that, they have another exclusive: an interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield about the impact of social media on the human brain.


    0949: What is happening on Mars? And can electric cars be racing cars? Northfleet School for Girls in Kent are participating in their first School Report and will be asking those questions and plenty more, like: Do you know what you're eating?


    0950: Students at William Brookes School, Shropshire, get the chance to use equipment from DSLRs to the latest iPads to portable microphones as they create their reports. They'll be asking fellow pupils whether they think there are enough relevant subjects like Life Skills on the school curriculum.

    School Report

    0953: The Priory School are busy reporting and it looks like things are already going well. Keep up those energy levels guys!


    0954: Reporters at Beaconsfield High School in Buckinghamshire have been very busy interviewing a vicar about the rise of atheism in young people today; an Olympic rower about the issue of Olympic sport funding; two Bucks head teachers about the current proposed changes in exams; as well as a homosexual man on the recent issue of gay marriage. They also have proposed articles about teenage girls and eating disorders and about the death penalty.


    0955: Twenty School Reporters at Jordanhill School in Glasgow have created a newsroom of presenters, producers, reporters, researchers and editors. As well as making their own programme based on the national news agenda and interviews they've conducted with local people, they're also making a fly-on-the-wall documentary so the rest of the school can see what it was like behind the scenes!


    10:00 GMT: If you're near a radio, put it on to Radio 4 now. Woman's Hour is about to start, with a School Report twist! School Reporters are co-presenting and editing the programme.


    Students at Woodlane School in Shepherd's Bush have been busy editing footage and making ruthless decisions on what ends up on the cutting room floor. They're also producing a special report on adoption, asking teachers and students how they would feel if they found out they were adopted.


    At Thornton Grammar School in Bradford, School Reporters are busy voxing pupils about their thoughts on the horse meat scandal.


    BBC Radio Foyle have brought us a report from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, which was named City of Culture this year. School Reporters talk about what the city's award means to them, as well as all the exciting events that it has brought to their city.


    Students from Norton Canes High School in Staffordshire are reporting on how the new Budget affects them; how the oncoming snow will impact how the school runs; whether pupils are excited for the new royal baby; and are also covering a wheelchair basketball event for Red Nose Day.

    School Report

    Students at Madrass College in Fife are taking part in School Report in fantastic style - and with very red noses!

    School Report

    School Reporters at Diss High School in Norfolk have been carrying out interviews on everything from PE to asteroids.

    School Report

    Here are Kieran, Alicia and Finn from Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield again - this time with a video camera in action!

    School report

    Lampton School students are getting involved today - here are some of them in their classroom. Good luck with your reporting!

    School Report

    Big Wood School students in Nottingham are out and about this morning for School Report LIVE. We're looking forward to more material from the team and we're glad to see it's not raining!


    Thank you to Gryffe High School students in Houston for sending us this picture - hope the day goes well and we're looking forward to hearing more from you!

    School Report

    Samworth Church Academy pupils have been live on BBC Breakfast for School Report - and looking very smart in their chef uniforms.


    Pupils at Paddington Academy in Westminster are covering stories for News Day on water crisis, Twitter's 7th birthday and news about a local Maths genius.


    Bentley Wood High School for Girls in Harrow are working hard to report on Twitter's 7th birthday, World Poetry Day, and a charity art exhibition. While some stay to rehearse and tidy up scripts, a couple are off in search of a camera!


    Pupils from Carrickfergus College in County Antrim, Northern Ireland are covering local stories and some school stories. These include "Bradley is feeling chilli!" as one of the school's sixth year pupils is eating a really hot chilli for charity. Plus there's reports on the Harlem shake, what is appropriate for Twitter and what isn't, and "school ski trip shenanigans". The reporters are about to have an editorial meeting to decide other stories too.


    Pupils at Paddington Academy in Westminster, London are covering stories for News Day on a water crisis, Twitter's 7th birthday and news about a local Maths genius.


    Year 9 pupils from Bury Grammar School Boys have been holding their editorial meeting this morning. They're making plans to interview their Economic and Business teachers to get reaction to yesterday's Budget, will be discussing Twitter's 7th birthday and finding out why, on the first day of Spring, it's still cold.


    St Patrick's Academy in Lisburn have been discovering the benefits of a school trip to Romania for both locals and pupils to answer the question: "Do small amounts of money go a long way?"


    BBC mentor Angela Roberts has texted in from Hamilton Grammar in South Lanarkshire, where students are busy getting to grips with a green screen ready to film a weather report before heading on to Scottish Parliament to get a quote about the referendum. Sounds like they're very busy indeed!


    Ten School Reporters from King's Leadership Academy in Warrington have a space theme to their News Day. They've produced an audio report with space news - complete with an exclusive interview with NASA Astronaut Commander Ken Ham.


    Pupils from Robert Clack School in Dagenham are reporting on Afghan teenager Malala Yousafzai's battle for an education on BBC Radio Essex. They are discuss her story and how it has changed the way they view their own lives.

    school report

    Pool Hayes Arts and Community School in Walsall have sent us this picture - good luck with your School Reporting!


    Students at Blythe Bridge High School in Staffordshire are working on the final edit of their video about the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first LP and 30th anniversary of the CD. They've gone around the school filming interviews and recreating the album covers with students taking on the role of George, John, Paul and Ringo.


    School Reporters from Lealands High School in Luton brought lots of ideas to the morning meeting. Tylan is intrigued by Newsround's interview with a real-life Spiderman and is off to the sports department to find out whether the school would be able to afford its own climbing wall.


    Forget John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John! Reporters at Beal High School in Redbridge are getting ready to interview the two stars of Beal's staging of the musical Grease - as well as covering a school expansion project, talking to students who won a national public speaking competition, and reviewing the success of the Comic Relief event.


    Idsall School in Telford has a number of interviewees coming in today. As it is a sports college, its pupils are particularly excited about the arrivals of Team GB Olympic archer Alison Williamson and a man who was an Olympic torch bearer at the London 2012 Games.

    School Report

    Students from Dallam School in Cumbria are also busy working on School Report today. Thanks for the pictures everyone and keep them coming!

    1056: Audio report

    ON AIR NOW: School Reporters from Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hayes on the BBC Asian Network

    1058: Audio report

    Students from Bartley Green School in Birmingham joined Jenni Murray to co-present Women's Hour on Radio 4. Listen to it here.

    School Report

    Cirencester Deer Park School in Gloucestershire look like they've been having some very professional news meetings as they prepare their School Report material. Keep up the good work!


    Chip shop controversy! Reporters from Ardnamurchan High School in the West Highlands will report on the arrival of the first takeaway shop to arrive in a local village. And one intrepid journo is planning to call Chancellor George Osborne and give him a grilling. Let's hope he takes the call.

    School Report

    Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale are getting involved with School Report and we'll be hearing more from them later today.

    Pupils from Perry Beeches The Academy

    Pupils from Perry Beeches The Academy, Birmingham are ready for their busy day gathering news for School Report. They have been looking at the school's 75th anniversary celebrations, the school being rated as "Outstanding" and the launch of their very own book for World Book Day.

    1111: Audio report

    So the first hour of BBC Asian Network's live OB with presenter Nihal joined by School Reporters from Guru Nanak Sikh Academy is over - but don't worry as there's two more to go so keep listening!


    Forty-four girls in Year 9 at Abbot's Hill School in Watford are working on School Report. Nine of them are in the newsroom today reporting on issues such as what is "beautiful" and the story of a Pakistani girl who dressed as a boy in order to play squash. Also, the story of a local pensioner who was attacked. Foreign stories include gun measures in the USA and the Syrian appeal for aid.


    Maidstone Grammar School in Kent has 180 Year 7 School Reporters working on News Day. As well as the news, students are also producing a number of other features, including a Desert Island Discs programme featuring members of staff - and they've already taken part in, and recorded, a school Question Time programme!


    Carluke High School in South Lanarkshire has five pupils working as 'roving reporters'. Most of the reports have been focused on local issues as well as the debate around whether Scotland should become Independent. Currently the pupils are working on topics relating to local sport events, the appointment of the new Pope; cake making competitions in Home Economics and the benefits of reading.


    There is a great buzz going on at Aboyne Academy in Aberdeenshire. The School Reporters are creating items on the Scottish independence referendum, have interviewed the director of education on the change in curriculum and spoken to the local mountain rescue teams. There are 130 pupils, aged 13 and 14, all getting involved with filming, researching and editing.


    Teacher Mr Read at Caister High School in Norfolk is working with 17 keen reporters in Years 7, 8 and 9. They carried out a survey and interviewed staff and students on the impact of computer games. They found that 100% of the participants own and use games consoles! Today their live broadcast covers current stories in the news. Year 9 are compiling a guide to the Budget and the team are making a 60 second news broadcast.


    How can the life of a single teenager 70 years ago have an impact on 13-year-olds living in the UK today? School Reporters from Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College in Preston have been learning about the story of Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager who kept a diary during WWII. Their report has been published on the School Report website.


    Twenty Year 8 School Reporters at Lampton School in Hounslow are producing a programme of features inspired by national and local stories. One of their subjects is how social media affects students and they've also interviewed a local author about his career. Teacher Nasira Dawood said: "We're all hoping and praying we meet the deadline!"

    1119: Audio report

    More on School Report on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. Presenter Jenni Murray was joined in the studio by Holly and Lauren from Bartley Green School who gave their views on things like bus safety, the Olympic and Paralympic legacy and offensive song lyrics. They also chatted to Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of restaurant chain Leon, about how to cook the perfect school dinner. No lumpy custard involved! Listen to it here


    School Report mentor Erica Benke has texted in from Wimbledon High School in Merton where young reporters are finding out about the Scottish referendum, writing up the results of a school survey to discover the staff and students' favourite book, and compiling a report on the growing popularity of women's football.

    1120: Breaking News
    brian may

    Pupils from Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College in Frimley, Surrey were very excited to have a chat with Queen guitarist Brian May last night. They are editing the video as we speak, but highlights include Brian's fierce opposition to badger-culling and fox-hunting, astrophysics and - of course - life with Queen. It's a must-see video - we'll let you know the minute it goes live. Here's a picture of May in action.


    School reporters Alex, Patrick and Ben from Dr Challoner's Grammar School in Buckinghamshire are filming at the launch of the Premier League's annual community report. They're just finished interviewing CEO Richard Scudamore and Sports Minister Hugh Robertson. Back at the school, final edits are being made to news reports on the horse meat scandal and Olympic sporting legacy.


    Eleven School Reporters from Years 8 and 9 at John Henry Newman Catholic College in Birmingham are busy covering a host of topical issues including the HPV vaccine and how it's changing the future of young girls. They're also reacting to the Budget and looking at animal cruelty and the report of abuse of seals in California. All of that, plus possible changes to school timetables to suit teenagers' sleeping patterns! The students have produced a radio report and a number of news videos - and are currently busy editing and uploading.


    If you're wondering who's taking part in School Report today - and where they are broadcasting from - have a click through our special interactive map, or use the new postcode search option to find your school.


    Thirty School Reporters at King Edward VI School in Staffordshire are tackling some difficult issues as part of News Day. Students have picked a range of stories for their articles such as the Korean political situation, horsemeat scandal, body image, the new Archbishop of Canterbury and a young person's guide to the Budget. Tom in Year 8 says: "The challenge in engaging with a group to explore a difficult issue such as the Budget, for our age group, is exhilarating."


    There's lots of hard work going in the newsroom at Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead. A group of year 9 School Reporters are planning on doing their own version of the Harlem Shake. There will also be coverage from the successful Comic Relief fundraising event they held recently and the debate around the Voyager-1 spacecraft.

    Lydia Bright

    It's a busy morning for the 180 Year 7 School Reporters at the Maidstone Grammar School in Kent. Two of their excited young interviewers are preparing to speak to Lydia Bright from TOWIE, (pictured). The atmosphere is building as would-be presenters audition to present the news broadcast this afternoon, and form groups are now starting to put their school newspapers together. There are more Desert Island Discs interviews happening with members of staff who are going greyer by the minute. The kids are loving it all!


    St Egwin's Middle School in Eversham have texted in to give "a big shout out to everyone taking part in BBC School Report News Day. The newsroom here is very busy!"


    BBC mentor Linden Kemkaran is at Hillview School for Girls in Tonbridge where school reporters have just finished their editorial meeting. They're now preparing material for the big stories of the day, including Twitter's 7th birthday and the Scottish referendum.

    Richard Branson

    School Reporters from the Lincoln Castle Academy in Lincolnshire have had a busy morning. So far they've interviewed Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, singer Beverly Knight and a local graffiti artist about enterprise and business skills.

    1141: Science

    Pupils from Waldegrave School in Richmond-upon-Thames have been working with children from a nearby primary school to run a competition as part of science week. They'll also be investigating women's rights in Iraq, complaints over this year's Comic Relief as well as looking ahead to Rio 2016.


    Caistor Grammar School in Lincolnshire is reporting on the rise of TV on Demand, and asking if children should learn typing in schools - as they do in the US - as well as whether Twitter is "pointless". Pupil Darcy has found out making the news is "more than talking into a microphone".


    Thirty-nine School Reporters from Years 7 and 8 at Ashfield School in Nottinghamshire are out and about conducting two surveys among their fellow students. Where should Richard III be buried - Leicester, York or Westminster Abbey? And what sports should pupils be doing in PE?


    Caistor Yarborough Academy in Lincolnshire are investigating lots of local issues, including an update on their heritage and arts centre that was rescued by a grant from the Big Lottery Fund. They have also reported on BBC One's Village SOS. Later they will be interviewing Paralympian Jamie Carter - a former pupil - who took part in 200m wheelchair sprint.


    It's been a very exciting day for the Manchester Islamic High School for Girls as they were taking part in a live religious debate on BBC 5 Live at Media City about what religion is for, with two Christian schools and a Jewish school.


    Bury Grammar Boys School has been busy covering dodgy tackling in football and Liverpool FC men and women's team training together. A highlight was the morning editorial meeting where 30 packets of biscuits were provided.

    1152: Breaking News
    kate nash

    Pop star Kate Nash answered questions from our School Reporters and revealed some fun facts about herself and her teenage life. The singer, whose songs include Foundations, tells students what she was like at school, how she was a big Britney fan and who her biggest crush was when she was 13.


    Today's charts are dominated by One Direction and Rihanna, almost every teenager has a smartphone and the internet plays a part of daily life. But how does growing up in 2013 compare to the 1980s? In a special film for BBC News School Report, Ola, Leila and Alice travel back to the decade of legwarmers, neon and Rubik's cubes and ask whether it was better to be a teenager then or now.


    School Reporters from Calderstones School, Liverpool have been busy interviewing singer songwriter Stephen Langstaff who's giving them a lesson in lyric writing. One group of students are on their way to Radio Merseyside to discuss the impact of the city getting Capital of Culture status and they're also looking forward to this afternoon's CSI-style investigation in the science lab.


    Students at All Saints Catholic High School in Sheffield are writing stories about the pending horrible weather and the inauguration of the new Pope. Some of the group are making a report for Look North about the closure of Don Valley Stadium.

    Desiree Henry

    St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls in Enfield tell us: "We are making great progress and are going to start filming soon! Our stories inform people about what we did for Comic Relief at school, International Women's Day and what effects have been going on to the weather. We have an exclusive interviews with Desiree Henry (pictured) and also our geography teacher." (Desiree's one of the seven young athletes who lit the cauldron during the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.)

    1201: Sport

    The shed at Abbot Beyne School in Staffordshire has been converted to a newsroom where School Reporters are covering local and international stories - like England's football team training at St George's Park. These budding journalists will have interviews with BBC Sport online and an ex-student who now plays for Burton Albion.

    Sam Allardyce

    More sports: Interviews with West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce and team captain Kevin Nolan are set to feature in a bulletin being put together by students at Chigwell School in Essex. Twenty children, aged 11 to 13, are auditioning to be presenters. "The kids are really rising to the occasion," said teacher Paulette Pewsey.


    A group of 10, Year 8 and 10 School Reporters from Acland Burghley School in Camden have produced a report on the recent banning of fizzy drinks at their school. They did a great job working together in roles such as cameraman, interviewers and researchers.

    1206: Breaking News

    Students at Arvalee School in Omagh had some dramatic news of their own to report on. Their school burnt down in September - fortunately no one was hurt - and so, before they close early for the Easter holidays while temporary premises are sorted out, they made a video all about it. It was featured this week on BBC Northern Ireland's Newsline programme..


    Duncanrig Secondary School's news team are just about to record their radio show around the theme of "Being Scottish and 13 in 2013". They are also looking forward to showing off their film about Scottish independence featuring interviews with Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling.


    The students at the Channel Hop Hub have spoken to Year 8 students at St Andrew's School in Bedford. They had a lot of fun interviewing teachers and people in the street about the horse meat scandal. They are now working on their interviews.


    There are 13 students from year 9 at Manor House School in Surrey taking part in School Report this year, with the overall topic of the day centring around food. Do people with eating disorders get enough support? What are typical breakfast and break-time eating habits? They're also reflecting on the horsemeat scandal. It's a big challenge but they've already carried out interviews with the school's head chef and two Food and Nutrition students. They're split into specialist areas - webpage design and editing, writers, interviewers and vox poppers. There are also students in charge of cameras and sound and there's a group working on a cookery show.


    The school report team at St Mary's High School in Newry have just broadcast their first online feature about three team mates who played netball together for years. They have recently been scouted for different teams, and now face the challenge of competing against each other in a Glasgow tournament this summer.


    Stories the 18 BBC School Reporters from Caldervale High School in North Lanarkshire are covering today include Obama's visit to the West Bank, the Budget and the announcement of the Scottish Referendum date. They also have a weather reporter based outside and a specially-created map with graphics and weather symbols.

    1220: Audio report

    One of BBC Radio 4 senior broadcasters, Harriet Cass is talking to School Reporters Daniel and Andrew to give them a few tips for reading the news - she says the main things to look out for are to "make sure your script is well written" and that "to speak slowly and clearly." She also spoke about how she got into a career in radio journalism.


    Sophie from Ashmore School brought us the headlines at 12 o'clock on BBC Radio Foyle in Londonderry. Headlines included this morning's train crash and the inauguration of the new Archbishop of Canterbury.


    Pupils from Lord Grey School in Milton Keynes are dashing to the nearby Sno!zone to grab an exclusive interview with 14-year-old snowboarding prodigy Becky Menday - the UK's second-ranked female snowboarder. Teacher Ms Pender-Mitchell says the students only found out on Monday that they'd be doing the interview but they have thrived under the pressure and are confident of meeting their deadline. They plan to ask Becky if she might even compete at the 2014 Olympics in Russia.


    School Reporters from Copland Community College in Brent have been following up their concerns about the state of their school buildings, and schools minister David Laws is appearing on BBC Radio 4's World at One in half an hour to address their concerns on air. You can see their report about the issue here.

    Pupils from Cardinal Newman Catholic School

    Students at Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Coventry are creating radio reports in their very own recording studio. Students from Year 7, 8 and 9 are covering current affairs such the Budget and the Australian prime minister's apology to people affected by her country's forced adoption policy.

    1232: Breaking News

    An update on the Isca College of Media Arts students from Exeter who were on their way to BBC Radio 1 for School Report before their train was involved in a fatal collision with a car first thing this morning. They are on another train and now due to be at Paddington station for 2pm - 5 hours behind schedule. Reporter Denis said: "We were talking through some questions on the train, we thought we could smell petrol and we heard a loud bang." Full report to follow on their School Report website.


    Students at Big Wood School, Nottingham, are busy working on stories about an online bullying reporting system, the use of mobile phones in schools and are considering whether graffiti is an art form.

    Louis Tomlinson

    Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster interviewed a lady called Maria Rudden and she told the pupils what they described as a "fantastic story". They discovered that Louis from One Direction, pictured, went to their school and they even interviewed some of the teachers who taught him.

    Clint Hill

    Update from Queens Park Community School in Brent. Students are writing up the interview with QPR footballer Clint Hill (pictured), compiling a report on the replacement of Trident and editing the footage from the school production of Les Miserables.


    More on that train crash in Somerset, which is being covered by students from Isca College of Media Arts students in Exeter. Here's how the BBC is covering the story.

    1246: Via Twitter Nick Robinson, BBC political editor

    Good luck to all the School Reporters taking part in @BBCSchoolReport News Day today! Watch their news unfold here.


    Have you been inspired by the success of women in sport over the last year? The students at Madras College in Fife definitely have - and they have first hand experience of it! They interviewed one of their fellow pupils, Lauren Whyte, who recently represented GB in golf at the Youth Olympics in Sydney.


    School Reporters at Cardinal Heenan High School in Liverpool are busy putting a football match report together which the school won 9-8 on penalties. They'll be finding out whether their new school building has been a success or failure and they're interviewing the winners of the Battle of the Bands event which was held at the school last night.


    Year 9 reporters from Newstead Wood School in Bromley are having a very productive day and have already interviewed a host of people including a female Harlequins rugby player, a comedian who's become a YouTube sensation and a deputy headteacher from a faith school. All of that, plus a chat with Gordon Ragget, the director of CRIBS - a Christian organisation which believes in teaching Christian values to primary school students.


    Good progress is being made by young reporters at St Andrew's Primary School in Cumbernauld who are in the process of uploading a documentary onto their school website. It's called "St Andrew's Scotia Sambadrome" and is inspired by Brazilian football players like Ronaldinho, who attribute their great soccer skills to their ability to samba. The reporters would like to thank Katie's dad Steve and grandfather Allistair for their help in the making of the video.

    1253: Breaking News
    Train crash

    Those students from Isca College of Media Arts who were on the train involved in a fatal crash in Somerset have uploaded this picture. Follow their blog here.


    It's a little bit frantic at De La Salle High School in Downpatrick where 26 Year 10 pupils are busily putting together a 2pm news bulletin - including an interview with the cast of the school's production of Oliver, and a feature on what it's like to be a 13-year-old in 2013. They only started their reporting duties at 11am but teacher Miss Graham says they are still on track to meet the pressing deadline!


    Reepham High School in Norfolk took to the airwaves this morning on BBC Radio Foyle to discuss local stately home, Houghton Hall, where paintings collected by Britain's first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole, are returning for a new exhibition. And that's only a small part of their day - other topics being painted with Reepham's reporting brush include the building of an eco-friendly greenhouse at the school, and the local economy.


    Have you been inspired by the success of women in sport over the last year? The students at Madras College in Fife definitely have - and they have first hand experience of it. They interviewed one of their fellow pupils, Lauren Whyte, who recently represented Great Britain in golf at the Youth Olympics in Sydney.


    Students at Big Wood School, Nottingham, are busy working on stories about an online bullying reporting system, the use of mobile phones in schools and are considering whether graffiti is an art form.

    St Angela's Ursuline School Reporters

    St Angela's Ursuline School in Forest Gate tell us that that are "really excited about Claire Stancliffe, who will be taking part in the 2013 Deaflympics, replying to our interview questions - just in time to make our lunchtime new broadcast!"


    School Reporters at Newton Abbot College in Devon have been covering issues such as child neglect, a "Farmers Weekly" column, and they've been busy compiling their own news and sports broadcasts. They're using techniques such as double-headed presentations, and group discussions to reflect the topics they're discussing. It's busy, busy, busy!


    Four School Reporters on School Report LIVE ask education specialist Tina Issacs some big questions about what is being done to help deprived areas in Britain. Reporter Jamal also asked about the GCSE changes. Tina said "I know lots of people that are worried about the changes - but I don't think they're being devalued, the government is trying to strengthen them."


    Students at Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School in Manchester are auditioning presenters this afternoon ready for their bulletin later. They'll be reporting on the new Pope, interviewing the school chef about the horsemeat scandal and running a story about body image.


    Around 130 Year 8 School Reporters at Manningtree High School in Essex are busy gathering material before the 14:00 GMT deadline. They've already interviewed some local celebrities including a Paralympic athlete and a local author. They've been vox-popping members of the public regarding a new supermarket in the area and finding out how it might impact local businesses. Their teacher says it's a "terrific atmosphere" and he's "never seen them work so hard".


    1311: The School Reporters at The Howard in Surrey had a nerve-wracking experience when they were interviewed on BBC Radio Surrey - live! The students learned at first hand how broadcasts are pieced together against the clock and under pressure.


    1312: Whickham School in Gateshead have already been practicing hard ready for News Day. They're planning a "One Show" style TV package including features on road safety and the 2013 Budget, and an interview with local band Alterverse. A podcast promises to cover arts funding cuts and the growing concern of alcoholism in the local region.


    1313: Colne Community School Reporters are reporting on various stories including reports on Olympic legacy and the relationship between dance and intelligence. Intriguing...!


    1313: School Report newsroom editor Holly, from Foxwood Academy in Nottinghamshire, says all is going well. Reporters have been out and about filming stories on youth employment, the badger cull, horsemeat and the Budget.


    1314: The World at One is on Radio 4 now - listen out for Schools minister David Laws answering concerns from School Reporters at Copland School in Brent about their state of their school building.

    School report

    Students at Attleborough High School in Norfolk with Science Teacher Mr David Brahams.


    1319: School Reporters at Bishopston Comprehensive School in Swansea have got a great half-hour bulletin planned with their top story looking at the effects of mobile phones on young people, as well as some great interviews with Ian Gough and Jonathan Thomas from their local rugby team the Ospreys.


    The top story at Kingsbury High School in Brent is going to be the arrest of their deputy principal, Nigel Jamieson, on Friday. And it's all for charity. The school must raise £1,000 of bail money for a local hospice to set him free. Year 8 and 9 students "are having lots of fun", says teacher Nicole Farrell, as they prepare their written online report.


    In a School Report Sports Special being broadcast in Salford students interviewed Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Her advice to other young athletes was to "find something you enjoy and stick to it." When asked about her daily training routine she said it was "it's different every day. I just try and be healthy so I have the energy to train

    School report

    1322: Twenty-seven enthusiastic Year 9 reporters at Holmer Green Senior School in High Wycombe are investigating a host of topics, ranging from the dangers of running up exorbitant bills on apps, the merits - or not - of fundraising events like Comic Relief, and whether the school's uniform rules are too restricting. Teacher Nikki Olhausen said it was "an honour and a privilege to work with such a fine group of budding journalists". Keep up the good work everyone!


    As well as covering the Budget, the students at Eastlea Community School in Newham are celebrating World Poetry Day by posting a couple of their own poems on their website. They are also reporting on school truancy and children in care. Fifteen reporters from Years 8 - 11 are taking part in News Day today.


    Some 41 students at Giffnock Primary School in East Renfrewshire have hijacked the ITC suite to produce reports on the horse meat scandal and smoking bans in cars.

    1328: Breaking News

    The curious tale of telepathic rats is in the headlines at Beaminster School in Dorset where all the students in Year 9 at are taking part in School Report day. Sticking with the rodent theme, another story they will be covering is about a hamster which got lost in a blizzard.


    Students at New Charter Academy in Tameside have been putting together reports on the Pope, futurology, the HIV virus and the India v Australia test. Sabiha has prepared a video report telling the story of one man's Argo-esque adventure in revolutionary Iran.


    Biddick School Sports College in Sunderland have been reporting on attendance in schools, a tax on fizzy drinks and the school naming a local car manufacturer's building. Pupils Ethan, Grace, Keiran and Lucy have said there is a mixture of calmness and franticness to meet the 2pm deadline. They also say they've enjoyed the challenges of finding stories, reporting and typing up their work.


    Students in Year 10 and 11 at Beauchamp College in Leicestershire are busy editing their report on the new music scene in Leicester - and are only just going to make the deadline. Good luck!


    School Reporters from the JCoSS school in New Barnet are well on target to meet their 2pm deadline. They've been covering topical issues and generating broadcast reports on stories all day. Now the students are busy uploading videos onto their website. Their teacher tells us that all is "going brilliantly" - just what any news editor wants to hear from their reporters.


    "Good afternoon," says St Anne's Catholic School in Southampton. "Our news day is going really well. We have reporters focusing upon what it is like to be 13 in 2013 and how teenagers have changed over the years, how technology has changed our lives, and whether there really is an Olympic legacy for school sports."


    Lancasterian school in Manchester have produced some great stories discussing the merits of different communication aids accompanied by a piece on how pupils would feel if they had a new voice.


    James from Lealands High in Luton is editing his exclusive interview with author Victoria Campbell discussing her debut novel. As the day's chief video editor, he's got five more packages to knock into shape before broadcast. Meanwhile, production editor Alex is being tough on anybody running late with the scripts. The pressure's mounting!


    School Reporters at Cheadle Hulme School in Cheshire are leading on the Budget. They'll also be covering stories on Bart Simpson and how they've been raising lots of money for local charities. Students Jacob and Lauren will be presenting the live report at 2pm.


    With the deadline looming, School Reporters at St Andrews RC Secondary in Glasgow are feeling the pressure. They've texted in saying: "Tension building. Finalising our copy. Racing against time but having lots of fun!"

    1347: Breaking News
    david laws

    Rat traps in the library, paint peeling off the walls, a broken window covered by cardboard: Copland School in Wembley needs urgent attention and one year on from asking Prime Minister David Cameron what he planned to do about it, Year 8 student Khadija has been on BBC Radio 4's World at One programme, showing presenter Martha Kearney around. Lib Dem Schools Minister David Laws then responded to School Reporters' concerns about why the school was still awaiting redevelopment. "Of course I can understand why people are so keen to get these buildings up as soon as possible," said Mr Laws. "If there's anything I can do to accelerate the timetable I will do exactly that."

    school report

    Well done to students at Beale High School in Redbridge - they look like they're working hard to meet the 14:00 GMT deadline.


    Students at Newbattle High School in Midlothian have covered a range of topics for BBC School Report news day. There's a thought-provoking report on what it might be like to be blind, the pupils have looked at the issue of unfair wages and there's even a 50th anniversary tribute to James Bond.

    School report

    Students at Bury St Edmunds County Upper School in Suffolk are among the thousands of pupils taking part in School Report today.


    Nine students at Ashford School in Kent have collected a huge amount of news, including an interview with Kiran Stacey of the Financial Times about the budget. "We just phoned the FT and got the interview today," their teacher Lorna Dolan explained. "It's absolutely manic, there's the real buzz of a newsroom."


    Teacher Matthew Snelson from County High School, Leftwich, informs us that 12 of his pupils from years 7 to 10 were investigating a local wedding in which guests were dressed as Jedi knights. Also the students took part in activities to do with water aid in Africa - like walking with water on their heads. "Nothing so far has gone wrong, touch wood," says Matthew. All the students seem to be enjoying the day and they intend to take part next year, he adds.


    Drama at Lealands High in Luton as it emerges the legendary Rondi youth club is to close after many years, making a change to the lead story. The pupils are not happy with the explanation they've got from Luton Council. Lauren is off to do a report from the location - but will she beat the 2pm deadline?


    Students from Forest Gate Community School in east London had a lesson with a difference when rapper Akala dropped in to teach them Shakespeare set to hip-hop beats. The pupils are now busy putting together a written report on the experience.


    Right, that's the 14:00 GMT deadline for getting all your stories finished. We hope it went well! Now comes the task of getting them published for all to see.


    Reporters at the Oasis Academy John Williams in Bristol have produced a video report on the after effects of the horsemeat scandal - and the lucky reporters did it with a BBC crew. They've also compiled a text report on their recent Ofsted report, and an audio report on Gromit, of Wallace and Gromit fame, unleashed in Bristol - the public art project taking place this summer where large model Gromits will be designed by famous artists and then dotted around the city, before being auctioned off for charity.

    School report

    Cumbernauld High School in North Lanarkshire have sent in a picture of two reporters in action.

    1407: Breaking News

    A group of School Reporters from Isca College of Media Arts in Devon were on their way to BBC Radio 1 this morning when their train was involved in a fatal crash in Somerset. Read their report on the incident here, and compare it with the BBC's own news report.

    School report

    Here is the School Report team from Davison C of E High School for Girls in West Sussex - looking very professional. We hope the day is going well.

    School report

    Thanks to students from the Fleming Fulton Special School in Belfast for sending us all the latest on your School Reporting. Keep up the good work.

    School report

    Congratulations to students at Fullbrook School in Surrey who have spoken to the Secretary of Defence, Philip Hammond. In a wide-ranging interview, he told School Report about his role as a local MP, his leadership of the Ministry of Defence and what he remembers of his time as a 13 year old.

    1423: Via Twitter

    BBC presenter Simon Reeve tweets: "Good luck to all the School Reporters taking part in @BBCSchoolReport News Day today! Watch their news unfold here.


    The Year 9 School Reporters at Selby High School in North Yorkshire have been researching multiple stories, with only 16 pupils. Their stories they have reported include Comic Relief, a cat that has recently been shot by a pellet gun, and a local band procession. Also, they had the opportunity to interview Harry Gration, a news reporter from BBC Yorkshire. The pupils were split up into groups, and from there they organised themselves on what they would base their report on. One of the teachers leading the report, Peter Griffin, has told us that the pupils are really enjoying themselves.


    Teacher Mr Smith at Chailey School in East Sussex says: "We have spoken with our local MP, Mr. Norman Baker, about his latest project - a departure into music and recording an album with his band The Reform Club. We are now wrapping up our reports, which include local police approaches to vandalism and how it can be tackled in school."


    Some 27 Year 7 students from Walbottle Campus Technology College in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne have been reporting on the impact of weather on their school's open hours. They had plenty of experience - they say it's been a cold winter so far.


    The students and teachers at the Radclyffe School in Chadderton, Oldham, have been keeping their school report close to home. Twenty students from year 7 and 8 took part in a Poetry Slam on Tuesday last week. This event was introduced by MC Mixy - part of the the rap and poetry duo Dead Poets. The school had a great time and wrote plenty of great poems, with students choosing their own roles - editor, reporter and director - based on their own strengths and weaknesses.


    Anna is in the middle of the action in Canterbury where sun has come out for the enthronement of new Archbishop, Justin Welby. In the live report, Anna said everybody at the event is getting "excited to see what the new Archbishop is like" Guests will include the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and David Cameron. Anna added "Being here with the Archbishop would be nice but I wish we could see what he's like on the inside."

    School report

    Looks like pupils at Gumley House Convent School in Hounslow have been working hard on their video reports.


    Hammersmith Academy in London has had a small dedicated team focusing on reporting events happening in their school, keeping everyone informed on in-house sports, school trips and the creative story competition.


    Chaucer Technology School in Canterbury have published their first story online - on divided opinions over a scheme to redirect traffic away from one of the city's historic monuments.


    1441: Well done to Year 9 pupils at St George's CE School in Blackpool who had an interview with Ben Birges, a Blackpool FC player, who has a journalism degree. He should be well used to dealing with tricky questions then!


    1442: Today, Years 7 and 8 pupils from Broughton Business and Enterprise College in Preston, Lancashire took part in School Report, focusing on their environment, the importance of reading for pleasure, and helping other people. While technical difficulties have held them back at times, we hear that everyone has had a fantastic time and can't wait to take part next year.


    Excitement is building at Guildford County School as two school reporters prepare to be interviewed by BBC Surrey. The students are also looking at whether the rise of technology is actually making us less sociable, the dangerous lengths girls will go to achieve the "thigh gap", and how the weather can impact on our mood.


    Some 25 Year 9 students at Maple Hayes Hall School in Staffordshire have been putting the final touches to their web page. Their report is based around all the activities they've been doing over the past two weeks raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust - including a whole school Harlem shake, a non-uniform day, chocolate raffle, cake sale and a charity gig. Lead teacher Alison Fawdrey says: "They've raised in excess of £1,100 which is phenomenal considering we only have 120 students in the whole school."

    1445: Interview

    BBC News Live brought us a report on Boris Johnson. Students persistently quizzed the Mayor of London on whether he wanted to be PM. Boris decided he had "about as much chance to become PM as me being reincarnated as an olive - but if the chance came along of course I would want to do it."


    As well as bringing a veteran punk together with his teenager counterparts, the School Reporters at Hove Park School in Hove are using their new iPads to look at how technology can help in putting news together, whether or not 16-year-olds should get the vote (it's a 50/50 split according to their survey) and the rumours about the future of Gus Poyet - the manager of Brighton & Hove Albion who is being linked with a move to Reading.


    It's all go for reporters from Belmont House Special School in Londonderry. After a few weeks of training on sourcing and reporting news, a group of 9-12 year-olds have been involved in arranging a top interview with School Principal Nuala Begley. Daniel was the lucky reporter. She was very impressed and said: "This was a great project to get involved in and we will definitely get involved next year again."


    BBC News Live brings us an interview with a former gang member and current St John Ambulance crew member about the "Stick It campaign," a programme which teaches young people basic first aid skills and about the dangers of being involved with gun and knife crime.


    Fresh from their appearance presenting a live sports bulletin on School Report TV with BBC Sports presenter Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, Divine from Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College in Lancashire and Al-Hamid from the Oldham Academy North gave BBC mentor Elizabeth Hudson the lowdown on their experience so far. Divine said '"it was a unique experience and gave us a great view of what a journalist's job is like'". Al-Hamid agreed it was an "exciting day", although admitted he wasn't keen on the make-up.

    david beckham

    Student reporters from the Sirius Academy in Kingston-upon-Hull have been bringing us the latest sports news, including one report from David Beckham - who has urged parents to ensure children participate in sports. "It doesn't have to be football. I think it is very important for kids to be out in the fresh air, being healthy," he said.


    Reporters at Ardnamurchan High School in the West Highlands are updating their website articles, including reports on football, the Highland game shinty, and a piece on the budget. Chancellor George Osborne declined to be interviewed, despite a couple of heartfelt pleas via his secretary.


    George Salter Academy in West Bromwich have had a team of students reporting on World Down's Syndrome day and another on National Science week. Others reported on a theatre trip to see the play Birdsong, and some wrote games and film reviews. They say lots of fun is being had by all!


    Jacob, a Year 9 student at Cape Cornwall School in Cornwall has been reflecting on his newsgathering experience. "It's very interesting and provides a good opportunity for young people to increase their skills and learn new things," he said. "I will definitely do School Report Day again next year."


    The JCoSS school in New Barnet have already published four reports and a journal of the day on their website. But that's not all - they're planning to add three more reports. No rest for them!


    Millie and Amelia at St Andrew's School, Bedford say there's a real buzz in their reporting team. "We have been interviewing people around our school. People have been reporting about teachers, pets, German exchange students, uniforms and about the press. So far it is going great and we are just putting it all together."

    School report

    Here is the Holly Lodge Girls' College news team in Liverpool - we hope the day has been exciting.


    Marden High School in North Tyneside say: "Our reporters have just scraped the deadline and the news reports will be up online imminently. Well done to all the Year 8s who took part. We are currently filming our anchor introductions."


    School reporters from Felpham Community College in West Sussex are reporting on the floods that hit their area recently, followed by heavy snow - which is unusual on the south coast. They are also producing a report on their school's answer to Red Nose Day, which is a charity week ending with a sponsored 10-mile dog walk.

    School report

    John Henry Newman Catholic College in Solihull have been working extremely hard to get their School Reporting finished.


    School Reporters on the Live programme give the last bulletin of the day with the top stories at 3 o clock. Students in the studio reflect on their experience of presenting the news "It's been really fun, it's a lot more technical than I thought it would be. It was a really good experience," says one. Highlights of School Report to come at 3:30.


    Students from Tendring Technology College in Essex had a last minute panic when they thought they'd deleted some texts for their broadcast. But co-presenter Joe, 14, said it all came together in the end. He also carried out a report on video games and violence which generated a range of opinions. Teacher Valentina Burley said the students loved every minute: "They've been so well behaved and our sixth formers were on hand to help. This year I really feel we really got it right."


    School reporters at St Aidans Church of England Academy in Darlington did a story about a school pantomime that they were recently involved in. They also produced a story on rising stars - students that had excelled in sports in school. The reporters were in Year 10 and during the day had some technical difficulties as they were unable to upload their work onto the website. We hope everything went ok in the end.


    A group of Year 9 students from Cardinal Wiseman School in Coventry have finished filming and editing four videos which are now live on their website. The films include a piece on the plight of the city's football club, which is in the High Court tomorrow over unpaid debts.


    Well done to Llantwit Major School's reporting team in Vale of Glamorgan who say: "We've working hard writing and storyboarding our two main stories - voting ages and the effect horsemeat has had on our eating habits."


    The BBC has spoken to James Watson, who teaches English at Tadcaster Grammar Business and Enterprise College in North Yorkshire. He says the news team chose the topic of the horse meat scandal and comic relief. They are still editing.


    School reporters at Sir John Thursby Community College in Lancashire compiled a story about working in a hotel, some students from the school went to the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Burnley and took on different roles. Three of the student reporters interviewed the students that worked at the hotel and found it a "really great experience". The students were in Years 9, 10 and 11 so their ages varied from 14 to 16 years old.


    School Reporters at Castle Manor Business and Enterprise College in Suffolk have been watching over their finished videos after a busy morning. Around 24 Year nine students worked on a range of stories from "Boris Johnson for PM", to "International Happy Day". They definitely felt the pressure of that 2pm deadline, and according to their teacher, Mr Harris, it's been a very "positive atmosphere".


    School reporters at Sir John Thursby Community College in Lancashire compiled a story on working in a hotel. Some students from the school went to the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Burnley and took on different roles. Three of the student reporters interviewed those who had worked at the hotel and found that they had a really great experience.

    1551: Breaking News

    Ok everyone - we're coming up to the 16:00 GMT deadline when we hope everyone will have published their reports. Only a few minutes left so make them count!


    It's here at last! Take a look at this mosaic of photos from schools taking part in this year's School Report.

    School report

    School reporters at Gloucester School, based all the way over in Germany, are also taking part in School Report. They are very busy, covering a range of stories - including how there was on the first day of Spring in Germany; having parents in the armed forces; the intricacies of plastic recycling in Germany; and how students are working in the school canteen.

    austin powers

    There was an outbreak of Austin Powers dancing at Testwood Sports College in Hampshire. Students reported on the craze taking over their classes. Teacher Julia Housham said it was a lot of fun and the students managed to plan, film and edit in four hours. Kieran, 12, was one of the presenters and also edited. "It was quite stressful and I did have a moment where I thought this is really difficult, but I persevered."


    Twenty-eight young reporters at Forrester High School in Edinburgh have been reporting on a range of topics, including an exchange project with Polish and Spanish students, the Royal baby, and the Commonwealth Games 2014. Others interviewed the transport commissioner of Edinburgh Council for their "Trams on Track" piece, and also got an interview with the co-founder of the Kilt Walk charity project. "Mysterious meals" was a spin-off from the horsemeat scandal, involving foods containing strange ingredients.

    School Reporters outside Canterbury Cathedral

    School Reporters are on location at Canterbury Cathedral, covering the enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury. They are from St Anselm's School and Chaucer Technology School. Here are two pupils hard at work broadcasting from outside the cathedral.


    Well done to Sarah and Charlie from Haberdasher Askes Crayford Academy in Bexley who have just finished filming their news bulletin segment. They've produced stories on international conflict week and the plans for a new Paramount Pictures theme park in Dartford.


    Some 50 pupils ranging from Year 6 to 9 from St Benedict's Catholic Middle School in Northumberland have been reporting about the heritage of Bedlington, their town. To find out which report they would cover, they looked through their local newspaper and also had a question time session with local politicians. The leader of the report, teacher Johnny Hall, said "the pupils found the report difficult and challenging at first, but overall they have really enjoyed the experience".


    Billericay School in Essex have been hard at work uploading more than 150 online articles to their website. They've covered some great sports stories, including one about Year 8 pupil Sebastian competing as an international fencer; Year 13 student Richard having the chance to play for Leyton Orient FC; and international decathlete Leo, who has continued his gruelling training alongside treatment for testicular cancer. Former journalist-turned-teacher, Rick Jones, also gave the students a talk on what it takes to build a successful media career.


    Larkmead School in Abingdon are covering the closure of Didcot Power Station, the school leaving age, Performing Arts in schools and computer games.


    Ellie-Mae from Sirius Academy in Hull presented a live TV sports bulletin. She said she loved the experience and "just wanted longer on air". Fellow student Jack also presented on the show, saying that once the nerves had gone he gained confidence and is now "relieved it's done".


    School Reporters at Oakgrove Integrated College in Londonderry have been following the news all day. They've told us it's been a real treat for them to experience a different school day and enjoy discovering how the news is produced - as well as the various career opportunities that accompany it. One of the highlights of BBC School Report news day 2013 was the great effort that students put into producing an interview recorded for BBC Radio Foyle.


    It's been a busy day for School Reporters from Farnborough Hill in Hampshire and they've unearthed some School Report gold dust. The Year 9 girls have been interviewing two famous ex-pupils - Rachel Welby, daughter-in-law of the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, and Team GB's hockey bronze medallist Alex Danson. The reporters have also interview a current pupil appearing in Sky One's Got To Dance. Reporter Cerys said: "School Report Day has been stressful but fun and very enjoyable."


    That's it - we've hit the 16:00 GMT deadline! Thank you for so many fantastic reports - we hope you got them up in time. And if you didn't there's always next year...


    Thanks for all your scoops School Reporters - we've been blown away by the quality and variety of your reports.


    Make sure you tune into Newsround at 4.20pm on the CBBC Channel. School Reporters Mahfuza from Oldham Academy North and Matilda from Corpus Christie College in Lancashire have been guest editing the show's website.


    Producing the news has been water off a duck's back for the students at Debden Park High School in Essex. They already put together a weekly round-up of school news, which is broadcast to their fellow students every Monday morning. However, one teacher says they don't normally have to cope with such a tight deadline, or have to handle national news stories. In the middle of the mayhem, one Year 8 student was heard to exclaim: "This is like a real news studio!" Their bulletin included a weather report from one pupil who picked up a bit of knowledge through his geography lessons.


    Reporters at Featherstone High in Ealing, London, have a very full news schedule today - reporting on over 10 stories. Their filmed pieces are currently being edited - fingers crossed they sort out their technical issues. As a non-faith school, they have been finding about the importance of many different faiths. They tried to get as many people in their school involved as possible, and filmed interviews throughout the day, to find out about as much as possible about how faith impacts people's lives.

    School report

    Well done to those at St Wilfrid's School in Devon - looks like you were enjoying yourself today.


    Interested in space? One student at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale has interviewed Oxford University's Dr Robert Simpson about Voyager's continued exploration of space beyond our solar system. School Reporters wanted to see if he could shed some light on what has happened and how significant it is. You can read the full story here.'


    Some hard-working School Reporters have unearthed a few scoops during the course of the day. Several pupils reported on a train crash from the scene. Other reporters got exclusive interviews with Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, who was flummoxed by the first question posed to him, Queen guitarist Brian May and they also got singer Kate Nash to reveal how she was a big Britney Spears fan when growing up.


    Twenty two students in year group S2 ,at Gordon School in Aberdeenshire, have been researching five great stories, but finally settled on the horsemeat scandal as their predominant news report. A group of children interviewed a local butcher. Vicky, 13, told School Report that the butcher had seen an increase in the number of people purchasing his fresh local stock as opposed to buying from the main supermarkets. Students said they found the school report experience rather stressful but still managed to finish on time. Cameron, 13, said: "It's been a brilliant day and we've all really enjoyed it and I think I've gathered lots of skills that will be useful in the future."


    More on that story about billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson being flummoxed by a School Reporter. Read all about it on our School Report site.


    After three hours of live radio broadcasting from their school with Nihal from Asian Network, students at the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hillingdon have been reflecting on the experience. Sajan, 13, said: "It was scary at times but the best part was when we asked Mr Hall [Vice Principal of the school] questions about his worst moments ever and he told us things we didn't expect. Most of the answers we got were good and some were great. I want to do it again!"


    Nine School Reporters in years 7, 8 and 9, at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College in Widnes researched and made a story on reality TV and celebrities entering competitions. The reporters interviewed other students and teachers to get their opinions on the topics and worked in groups with a writer, researcher and reporter to work on their report.


    St Augustine's Catholic College in Wiltshire told us they interviewed a musician, a guest speaker on WWI and Olympian and former student Danny Talbot. They really enjoyed editing too!


    At Glenthorne High in Sutton the whole of Year 8 have been off-timetable to take part in School Report. They've been putting their technical capabilities to good use and have become fully skilled at creating multiplatform news. They've had a go at reading to camera, writing their own news stories for a webpage, and producing a podcast for radio. There has been a feeling of excitement throughout the day.


    Year 8 to 10 pupils from Nonsuch High School for Girls in Sutton have been looking at a tragic story of a women dying in a lake with two dogs. They have also been looking at the intriguing topic of millennium babies and the effect that this has had on their lives. The students have said that they enjoyed the experience and that they found their roles easy to fulfil. Teacher Miss Tingley said the students have been a real inspiration and that there has been an overall buzz in the air for the past week.


    Four news teams from Arnold Hill Academy, Nottingham, have been busy producing newspapers and videos, just managing to deliver all the content by the 2pm deadline. Over 30 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 have reported on females in sport and interviewed a woman from Nottingham Forest FC. They also discussed the impact of the Budget on education with their head teacher.


    Xara, a 15-year-old student from Four Dwellings Academy in Birmingham, joined forces with Zoe and Connor to do some filming and editing of the debating club as part of their School Report work. This included an interview with the leader of the debate society. They also filmed the chicken garden and other resident school animals before publishing their work on YouTube.

    School report

    Thanks to everyone at Tabor Academy in Essex for your hard work. You look like a good team.

    1646: Online report

    Decathlete Leo Barker gave an inspirational talk to students of Billericay School in Essex on overcoming difficulties in order to succeed. Josh James, Eurovision entrant for the UK, discussed his progress from starting out, winning a place in Eurovision and then finally releasing his own album. And the school's reporters also covered how an Oxford University librarian was sacked and a number of students fined after a recording of the Harlem Shake dance craze.


    Felsted School reporters in Essex have reported on the progress of two of their rugby teams, competing in the national rugby finals at Twickenham on Saturday. This is the first time that two teams from the same school have made the finals at U15 and U18 so it is a pretty big deal at the school. The pupils have had a great day and are very proud of their report.

    School report

    Here are some School Reporters from William Farr CofE Comprehensive School in Lincolnshire. Follow the link to check out what the team produced today


    Littleover Community School in Derby have interviewed Sam Rush, CEO of Derby County FC and two Derbyshire County Cricket players. Great work.


    The 10 school reporters in year 8 from Lavent House in West Sussex have been reporting on Phil Packer MBE, wounded in Iraq, about his struggle to recover and the Navy's latest destroyer, HMS Dragon, which left Portsmouth harbour seven months ago. They decided to do this report because one girl is linked to the HMS Dragon, as her father works on it. The leader of the report, Helen William, said the children really enjoyed their journalistic experience.


    School reporters from Ash Manor School in Surrey have been really busy finding out what students think about having a longer time for PE in school, as well as hearing some contrasting opinions about horse racing. The students have also been reporting on whether, with the Duchess of Cambridge in the news again, anyone actually cares about news stories involving her.


    School Reporters at Catmose College in Oakham have had a really good - though dramatic - day, where the atmosphere has been quite literally electric. Eleven students got to work quickly, but were interrupted by a fire alarm set off by a piece of burnt toast. With everyone evacuated from the building, this obviously delayed their work. When they finally started recording, their mentor - Jim Buchanan from BBC News - was able to assist with coaching the students in projecting their voices.


    Teacher Duncan Melvin of Archbishop Tenison's School in London says: "We have been having FUN FUN FUN! What a team we have here. Brilliant."


    It's been a hectic day at Feltham Community College in Hounslow where student reporters have been writing news stories about a local girl who is raising money for a bone marrow transplant. They have also created a radio piece on a pupil called Said who is running for youth parliament, and a TV news report featuring the break-up of Girls Aloud.


    Nervous students at St Aloysius RC College in Islington soon got over their fears and really took to being journalists for the day. Teacher Elaine Doorly said: "Once everything was set up, they just got into the mind-set of being a presenter or a reporter." Amongst the stories covered, students did an "expose" on the Harlem Shake by interviewing "Mr Harlem" and looking at the impact of the dance. But they didn't miss out the big issues, as they also investigated the horsemeat scandal and gangs in London.

    St Ambrose Barlow pupils

    School Reporters at St Ambrose Barlow RC School, Manchester said they have had "a great day which went better than we could have expected". They researched news stories, compiled them and worked together to enable the radio broadcast ran faultlessly. "Having pupils in familiar roles as well as many trying new ones was a great idea by the team," they said. A close look at their group photo shows they might even have a scoop on their hands, as they seem to have captured proof of extra-terrestrial life...


    BBC mentor Debbie texted in to say: "Congratulations to the News Teams at St Egwins CE Middle School, Evesham. You have worked really hard and your reports have been amazing. Thanks for a great day!"


    Reporters at Archbishop Tenison's School, London have interviewed a fellow student who is deputy youth mayor for Lambeth and asked him about the work of the Lambeth Youth Council. They also posted a pre-shot film, asking whether we should bring back National Service for young people.


    Students from the Thomas Hardye School in Dorset have looked at the Olympics, one year on, how Dorchester high street has been hit by the recession, and have previewed the school's trip to Borneo where a selection of sixth form students will volunteer in some of the country's poorest areas.


    Year 9 pupils from Braunton Academy in Devon took part in the BBC School Report Newsday, questioning whether the elderly are watching too much television. They also gathered teachers' reactions to the pay changes announced in yesterday's budget.


    A busy day for School Reporters from Ashfield Girls' High School, Belfast, who've produced a radio programme as well as appearing on BBC Radio Foyle this morning. Topics included an interview with school star Jessica Hammond, who appeared on the first series of The Voice last year.


    Edmund Rice College in Belfast are a sporty bunch. Some 14 Year 10s went down to a nearby football pitch and filmed interviews with local players. They have all had a fantastic day.


    It's been a noisy day for Herne Bay High School in Kent, as they reported on a Samba workshop in the classroom. Samba is a popular music genre in Brazil and young musicians were seen noisily drumming as they took a day out from their normal routine to practice. They filmed a report and wrote it up as a as written piece.


    The Ansford Academy in Somerset news team investigated what the Building Schools for the Future programme really means for their school, grilling a local site manager about the costs of renovating a single classroom. And they reported on why anime was such a fast-growing phenomenon.


    Twenty pupils at Foyleview Special School - part of the Western Education and Library Board - reported on the City of Culture creativity project in which the school band took part. They also worked on a musical and have taken part in a horticultural project.

    School report

    Pupils from Wrenn School in Northamptonshire took part in today's reporting. Here they are working hard.

    School report

    Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera in Neath Port Talbot have taken part in BBC's School Report day. They sent this picture in for our live page.

    School report

    Here are a few more budding journalists from Broughton Business and Enterprise College in Lancashire.!


    Pupils at Knightswood Secondary in Glasgow have been working hard all day and made a film about the full-time policeman stationed at their school.


    Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School in Barnet has, after a few technical problems, put up its report on "Should Britain stay in the EU". Watch here for exclusive interviews with former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Labour MP Tessa Jowell. Pupils have been celebrating with cake and a cup of tea. "Thanks School Report for an amazing day of news," they said.


    The pupils may have gone home for the day, but School Report's not ready to stop just yet. Highlights still to come include a report on the 6 O'Clock News about school leaving age, with students from Priory Ruskin Academy in Lincolnshire and Hove Park School in Brighton, while every English regional news bulletin will cover School Report during their bulletins at 1830 GMT.


    Faith leaders weren't the only ones who attended the Archbishop of Canterbury's enthronement earlier today. BBC News School Reporters Robyn from St Anselm's Catholic School in Kent and Kelvin from Chaucer Technology College in Kent were there too, and they spoke to people of different faiths attending the ceremony.

    School report

    Thanks to the students of Attleborough High School in Norfolk who sent this picture in earlier.


    Award-winning author Annabel Pitcher has revealed to School Reporters from Manchester's Matthew Moss High School how her second novel Ketchup Clouds came about on a gap year abroad.


    There's been some amazing photos sent in to School Report HQ today and we've tried to use as many as we can - check out our photo galleries to get another flavour of this day of reporting from schools up and down the UK.


    As well as this mammoth live text page, another way School Report has been reflecting the work of the thousands of pupils taking part today has been through our shout out page. It's full of good luck wishes and messages of congratulations, so why not have a look and see if your school got a mention?

    1816: Online report

    Marlon, a student from Hove Park School in Hove who has his own punk band, has been exploring whether the punk revival amongst teenagers means history is repeating itself.


    School Reporters from St Paul's Cathedral School have been looking at wage inequality in London. In their article they talk to Dr Brian Bell of the London School of Economics, to find out some details about the facts and figures.


    School News Report featured on the 6 o'clock news on BBC ONE tonight, giving an overview of today's exciting event. The David Cameron report and the survey about what it's like to be a teenager in 2013 were among the highlights mentioned.


    Two students from Selby High School in York had a nerve-wracking live interview on BBC Radio York this morning, telling host Jonathan Cowan all about their School Report efforts. One of them, Izzy, explained how they had covered an unusual story in the local area. "A cat got shot twice - luckily he's OK - so we looked into whether people should be worried for their own cats or not." Their report can now be read on the Selby School Report page, where you can also listen to their interview with BBC Look North presenter Harry Gration. Teacher Mr Griffin said his pupils had learned "that what you put in is what you get out".


    Students from several schools in the north of England got the chance to visit MediaCityUK, the BBC's base in Salford to embark on a variety of reporting, interviewing and presenting - as Matilda and Divine from Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College in Preston report.


    There've been some great examples of journalism coming in from schools around the UK today, as part of School Report's News Day. We've had interviews with billionaire businessman Richard Branson and Queen guitarist Brian May, a breaking news report from children on a train which was involved in an accident and stories on such topics as the the policeman who is back at school and food poverty in Britain. About 30,000 children have taken part in the day's reporting and many have said the experience has made them want to become a journalists when they leave school. Thanks and well done to everyone, pupils and teachers, for all their hard work. See you all next year.


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