Manchester Islamic school is visited by Jewish pupils

15 March 2013 Last updated at 13:15

Students from Manchester Islamic High School for Girls and King David High School have taken part in a ‘school swap' visiting each other’s schools to teach a lesson on their faith.
King David pupils
Pupils from Manchester Islamic School for Girls visited King David High School to present on Islam last month and students from King David decided to return the visit. School Reporters Ben and Ryan from King David recorded this significant event.
Manchester Islamic School for Girls students
The presenters asked the girls of Manchester Islamic School for Girls to look at some photos of Jewish people and think about the Jewish stereotypes they know. The girls then discussed how these people did not always fit the stereotypes.
King David pupils
The students began to make many connections between Islam and Judaism.
King David pupils address the Manchester Islamic School for Girls students
The girls from King David explained the traditions in their faith, their presentation included various ceremonies and rules they must follow, such as keeping Shabbat (the Sabbath), Gan ʿEdhen (the Garden of Eden) and Tzedakah (giving charity).
King David pupils chat to the Manchester Islamic School for Girls students
The King David High students discussed what they had learned and the similarities and differences between their faiths. These included fasting and the difference in prayer for men and women.
King David pupils meet the Manchester Islamic School for Girls students
Both schools thanked each other for their time and sharing their faith with them.
Ben intervews two Manchester Islamic Girls School students
School Reporter Ben interviewed some of the Islamic Girls School students about their experience and what they have taken away with them from the presentation
Ben interviews King David students
Ben then interviewed the girls from King David about what they had learned from their experience. Among the things mentioned was how the project is helping build bridges and that they felt their misconceptions had been knocked down.
King David pupils chat to the Manchester Islamic School for Girls students
Some students stayed behind to ask more questions after the presentation.
Rabbi Rickman
School Reporter Ben here in his final interview of the day with Rabbi Benjamin Rickman about the school pairing project. Rabbi Rickman spoke about how the girls learned so much through this experience and how he feels it will affect the community and that there are plans to do a similar project with an Islamic boys school.