Falkland Islanders vote on their future

15 March 2013 Last updated at 18:18

School Reporters get behind the lens to capture the referendum voting and result on the Falkland Islands.
Falkland Islands prepare for referendum
Falkland Islanders voted in a referendum on who should rule their long-disputed home - Britain or Argentina. Britain has held the Falklands since 1833 and in the build-up to the results the crowds were loud, with everything covered in flags, as they waited patiently by the beach.
Two Falkland Islands voters
Locals showed who they were supporting in style, along with much of the population in the Falklands. Preparations for the result continued with the dressing and decorating of the local area as School Reporters were on hand to capture the moment.
Voting in the Falkland Islands referendum
The Islanders placed their votes, the question they had to answer was whether they wanted to remain an Overseas Territory of Britain
Falkland Islanders celebrate
The result became known and the crowd erupted into enormous cheers. After all that waiting in the cold weather the result showed that 99.8% of the voters said yes to staying British.
The Arch Green, Falkland Islands
On the night of the referendum result, the Arch Green in Stanley became home to the big celebrations. Loud crowds waved flags, a DJ played loud music and they celebrated what was considered to be a fantastic result.
Reporters cover the press conference
The world's press reported on the results at the end of the referendum, engaging the effects and feelings of those involved
Celebrations on the Falkland Islands
There were speeches and the singing of Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen as the Falkland Islands celebrate locally.