Meet Morris - the dog who goes to school!

13 March 2013 Last updated at 16:56

Go behind the scenes as The Mosslands School tells the story of Morris, the puppy who goes to school.
Mossland students looking at their notes
Students at The Mosslands School on the Wirral had a very good idea for a story they wanted to cover for School Report. They decided to focus their report on one very special, four-legged pupil at their school....
Morris runs across the grass at the school
Morris is a guide dog puppy in training and every day, he arrives at the school with his puppy walker Mrs Kemp. Spending time at the school, surrounded by hundreds of students, helps Morris prepare for his career as a guide dog. But how would the School Report team tell his story?
Mossland students prepare questions.
To start, a group of students put their heads together to discuss the kind of questions they wanted to ask their interviewees and the shots they would need to film in order to explain to an audience what it's like to go to school with a puppy.
A storyboard on a desk.
The team put their sketching skills into action and drew up a storyboard to help them imagine how their TV report would look. They also made sure they had checked the locations which they had decided to film in, to ensure that everything was ready once the cameras started rolling.
Students taking pictures
Then some of the team were off outside to capture some photos of Morris going for his pre-lunch run. The team also worked closely with BBC cameraman Reuben, learning about the kit he uses to film reports.
Morris and Mrs Kemp
Then it was off to film Morris walking the halls of the school with Mrs Kemp. He even tried his hand at being a camera-dog! If you look really closely, you might be able to spot the miniature camera around his neck!
Penny Williams, Morris and the School Report team prepare for an interview.
Penny Williams from The Guide Dogs Association, came to the school to tell the students how what Morris learns in school will help him learn to be a good guide dog. After a quick water break, Morris was ready for his close up again!
School Reporter interviews a fellow student!
Adam (left) and John both help look after Morris, bringing him water and playing tug of war with him. Here, Adam interviews John for a radio package about Morris and learns that it's hard work holding a microphone up to someone's mouth for a long period of time!
Morris sleeps on the floor as Mrs Kemp is interviewed
Being the star of a TV report is exhausting work and after a day in the limelight, Morris took the opportunity to have a quick nap while Mrs Kemp was interviewed. His snoring was loud enough that the sensitive microphone on the camera picked it up!
Jacob speaks into a microphone.
The Mosslands Team had a very busy day as they were making reports for both TV and radio, as well as gathering material for a behind the scenes feature for their school website. Jacob took on presenting duties, recording his script for the radio report with BBC producer Becky.
Jacob being filmed in front of the school.
Jacob then headed off to record a piece to camera for his TV report. Cameraman Reuben explained how important it is to look straight at the lens of the camera and Jacob did a great job of focusing on what he needed to do - even with some of his School Report colleagues watching him.
Morris and camera
After a day of hard work, Jacob and Morris recorded the last shot of their report outside. When the camera stopped rolling, Morris got to go home - but Jacob still had to record a few lines of script!