Ronnie O'Sullivan Q&A

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Image caption Ronnie O'Sullivan has won snooker's World Championship four times

Snooker star Ronnie O'Sullivan is widely regarded as the most talented player to pick up a cue.

A four-time world champion, O'Sullivan has been out of action since November after deciding to take a sabbatical from the sport.

But the 37-year-old has announced he will return to defend his world title at the Crucible in April..

As part of BBC News School Report's '13 in 13' series of interviews, the 37-year-old answers a wide range of questions about what he was like when he was 13, as well as his career.. and his celebrity crush!


Q: How do you feel about being famous? Megan, 12, Walworth Academy, south London

A: It has its pluses, it has its minuses. But on the whole, I'm pretty comfortable with being famous.

O'Sullivan opens up to School Report

I don't relish it, I'm not one of them that enjoys it, but you know I have good support from snooker fans which is all important to me. You can't have the rough without the smooth, I suppose.

Q: If you could be 13 again what would you do? Owen, aged 14, Roselyn House School, Lancashire

A: I'd probably do exactly what I done when I was 13 which was play snooker, because I loved it.

Q: When you were 13 who or what inspired you? Danae, 13, Walworth Academy, south London

A: Stephen Hendry inspired me, and Steve Davis as well. I was probably more inspired by Steve Davis at that stage, I think Hendry was still young, but both of them are big heroes of mine.

Q: Where did you do your work experience when you were at school? Stuart, 14, Roselyn House School, Lancashire

A: At the snooker club, my whole life has been about snooker.

Q: What was your favourite place to go when you were 13? Amanda, 13, Roselyn House School, Lancashire

A: McDonald's, KFC, Burger King - and the snooker club, obviously!

Q: Who was your childhood best friend? Rahul 12, Park High School, Middlesex

The highs and lows of 'Rocket' Ronnie O'Sullivan's career

A: George Pallikaros who I went to school with, shared the same bedroom with, shared the same dinner plate with, we were playing in the same football team, we were like blood brothers... he's still my best mate!

Q: What book are you currently reading? Nisha, Park High School, Middlesex

A: I'm actually reading a book about (co-founder of Apple) Steve Jobs - a brilliant and interesting man.

Q: What is the scariest thing you have ever done? Craig, Gloucester Academy

A: Walking out in the final of the World Championships in the last session and it's mine to lose, that's scary.

Q: What is the best place you have ever visited? Lewis, Gloucester Academy

A: I would have to say that is India. It was a good experience and just a big culture shock for me, I was 15 at the time. Just to see the poverty and the young kids that had no arms and no legs, that kind of thing was just a big, big shock for me.

And plus we played snooker in front of packed crowds there, we got to travel around and I felt like a superstar at 15!

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Image caption Demi Moore has starred in several films, including the 1990 hit Ghost

Q: Who is your celebrity crush and why? Hafisa, 13, Morpeth School, east London

A: I'll say Demi Moore, because she's the older type!

Q: What type of movies do you like to watch? Bonnie, St Andrew's School, Bedford

A: I like box sets - Breaking Bad, Sopranos and action-packed sorts of films. My favourite film would have to be Law Abiding Citizen, it's a good film.

Q: What is your favourite television show and why? Abby, St Andrew's School, Bedford

A: I would have to say Big Brother, I just like it. I don't know why, I just love watching people interact and how they cope with pressurised situations which it obviously is.

Q: If you were stuck in a supermarket what would you eat first? Jessica, St Andrew's School, Bedford

A: Apple, banana, bag of nuts.

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