Glitz and glamour as Wrenn School hosts 'Oscars' event

22 February 2013 Last updated at 15:42

School Reporters at Wrenn School in Northamptonshire take to the red carpet to interview winners at their very own 'Oscars' event.
Ben and Luca from Wrenn School
It was all red carpet glitz and glamour as Wrenn School in Northamptonshire held their own 'Oscars' ahead of this weekend's awards in LA. An excited team of School Reporters, including Ben and Luca, pictured here clutching the 'golden statue', got into the spirit.
Amber, Ope, Kennedy, Jess, Alana and Alicia
As the evening got into full swing, the girls from the School Report team took to the red carpet, just like at the real Oscars, to report on the awards. With cameras and notepads at the ready, Amber, Ope, Kennedy, Jess, Alana and Alicia posed for a photo.
Amber and Ope
Amber and Ope looked the part for the glamorous event. Amber said: "The atmosphere was really good and I really enjoyed interviewing everyone. The best part for me as a BBC reporter was having the privilege to plan and start a brand new event."
School reporters Alana (left) and Andrew
Reporters Alana and Andrew honed their journalism skills as they interviewed contenders. Alana said: "The best bit was interviewing the winners at the interval. It was really exciting. I loved that we all got to dress up and look smart. There was even a red carpet, and I had a lot of fun playing at being paparazzi!"
School Reporters Lewis and Zara
School Reporters Lewis and Zara did a fantastic job hosting Wrenn's 'Oscars' night. Lewis said: "It really looked and felt like the real Oscars! The whole thing was really exciting and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Zara added: “Being one of the hosts was really scary but lots of fun at the same time."
Callum, sports achievement award winner
Winner of the sports achievement award, Callum, was proud to receive his Oscar as he posed for a photo opportunity. Host Lewis said: "Everyone deserved an Oscar I felt, but sadly only one per category could be given. Even though some lost out I think everyone had an amazing time and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!”
Chloe, poetry award winner
And the winner is... Chloe, who scooped the award for Best Poem. She wrote A Baby with No Name, a poem which looks at the one child per family rule in China.
Art winner Jaleel (left) and nominee Ruadiarh (right)
Proud winner Jaleel showed off her art Oscar at the Wrenn awards. Meanwhile nominee Ruadiarh donned his dark glasses and hat for a red carpet photo shoot.
Student Chloe with teacher Mrs Bass
Mrs Bass, BBC School Report co-ordinator and Oscars organiser, posed with Chloe, a nominee for best six-word story. Mrs Bass said the event was amazing for the students to report on. "I know that I will remember the evening for a very long time to come."
A table set out for the Wrenn Oscars
The school really looked the part for the special evening. School Reporter Amber said: "I’m really looking forward to seeing the real Oscars and seeing all of the lovely outfits on the red carpet."
Themed cup cakes topped off the exciting event. "It was an absolute privilege to be a part of," said Mrs Bass. "It was wonderful to see so many parents, students and staff getting into the Oscars spirit".