February Practice News Day as it happened

Key points

  • School Reporters put their journalism skills into action for the final Practice News Day of the 2012-13 academic year
  • The seventh annual 2012-2013 School Report News Day takes place on Thursday, 21 March

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  • Ian Westbrook 
  • Amanda McGregor 

Last updated 15 February 2013


LATE LATE ENTRY: Students of Brondesbury College for Boys also took part in Practice News Day.

They had been made aware of some fatal accidents around Brondesbury Park because of speeding cars, so their journalism club decided to conduct an interview with Brent Council as part of an investigation into the subject.

Ibrahim, Issa, Samy Yasin had an exclusive interview with Councillor Moher, Paul Chandler, Head of Transportation, Debbie Huckle (fowler),Team Leader Accident Prevention, Transportation Services, Sally Hennessy, Senior School Travel plan & Accident Prevention Officer

They have asked some interesting questions with along with some suggestions.


LATE ENTRY: We have just heard from that pupils from St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College took part in Practice News Day at the North East Education and Library Board (NEELB TV) headquartersin Antrim.

St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College students Students keeping busy
St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College students Time for a team group photo


1645: Well that's it for our final Practice News Day of this academic year.

Thanks to those of you who took part and for all the news and photos you took us and also to those of you who have been following our updates. Look out on the site later for some more highlights of the day.

And now we are all set for the big one - our News Day on Thursday, 21 March.

Live text will return then - hope you can join us.


1642: Bolingbroke Academy's reports are finished and the team are thrilled with the results. Their teacher Miss Kelly says: "The School Report team have done some really great work today, especially turning their reports around to such a tight deadline. We've also learned lots for next time!"


1635: Fullbrook School's students have now finished their reports which are being uploaded to the school website.

Well done on a successful day!


1612: Pupils from Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury have been looking at some important stories of local interest relating to cuts. Among the topics they have been researching are the proposed closure of Withington Baths and reduction in services at Trafford General Hospital and local libraries.


1605: Marden High School in North Shields report: "Our reporters are exhausted after a hectic day but the reports are done and soon to be uploaded." Well done all!


1532: "Hooraaay!" say Mrs Pender-Mitchell, Ms Szentpeteri and Mrs Martingale as the Lord Grey School reporters in Milton Keynes have completed their Practice News Day - their video report is now live on their website.

"We are so proud of them for completing and finishing their report by the deadline! The students worked hard but it would not have been possible without our Year 13 editors Abby and Liam!" said the teachers.

The students have been doing a report about bullying today - they looked closely at what bullying means to some students and even managed to interview the head teacher Dr Jones, about her views.

Some of the School Reporters gave us their reflections afterwards:

Shannon: "The project was fun, interactive and creative! I liked it because it got everyone working together."

Dillon: "I liked doing the interviews because it was interesting getting other people's views on the bullying, especially getting to talk to the head teacher herself who gave us some personal views on bullying."

Abdul: "There were ups and downs but we managed to get through it by working together as a team. My role was to record the footage and it was fun because it was something I have never done before!"

Spencer: "It was interesting working the camera because I had to make sure everyone was ready before I could press record."


1522: It's Oscars fever at Wrenn School in Wellingborough, as the students prepare for their own special award ceremony on 19 February, celebrating talented individuals from the school.

Their School Report team will be reporting all the action and interviewing winners so watch this space for their reports.