February Practice News Day as it happened

Key Points

  • School Reporters put their journalism skills into action for the final Practice News Day of the 2012-13 academic year
  • The seventh annual 2012-2013 School Report News Day takes place on Thursday, 21 March

    LATE LATE ENTRY: Students of Brondesbury College for Boys also took part in Practice News Day.

    They had been made aware of some fatal accidents around Brondesbury Park because of speeding cars, so their journalism club decided to conduct an interview with Brent Council as part of an investigation into the subject.

    Ibrahim, Issa, Samy Yasin had an exclusive interview with Councillor Moher, Paul Chandler, Head of Transportation, Debbie Huckle (fowler),Team Leader Accident Prevention, Transportation Services, Sally Hennessy, Senior School Travel plan & Accident Prevention Officer

    They have asked some interesting questions with along with some suggestions.


    LATE ENTRY: We have just heard from that pupils from St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College took part in Practice News Day at the North East Education and Library Board (NEELB TV) headquartersin Antrim.

    St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College students Students keeping busy
    St Columb's College, St Cecelia's College, Oakgrove Integrated and Lisneal College students Time for a team group photo

    1645: Well that's it for our final Practice News Day of this academic year.

    Thanks to those of you who took part and for all the news and photos you took us and also to those of you who have been following our updates. Look out on the site later for some more highlights of the day.

    And now we are all set for the big one - our News Day on Thursday, 21 March.

    Live text will return then - hope you can join us.


    1642: Bolingbroke Academy's reports are finished and the team are thrilled with the results. Their teacher Miss Kelly says: "The School Report team have done some really great work today, especially turning their reports around to such a tight deadline. We've also learned lots for next time!"


    1635: Fullbrook School's students have now finished their reports which are being uploaded to the school website.

    Well done on a successful day!


    1612: Pupils from Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury have been looking at some important stories of local interest relating to cuts. Among the topics they have been researching are the proposed closure of Withington Baths and reduction in services at Trafford General Hospital and local libraries.


    1605: Marden High School in North Shields report: "Our reporters are exhausted after a hectic day but the reports are done and soon to be uploaded." Well done all!


    1545: The Olympics were the big story of 2012 and this year School Report is looking at what kind of legacy has been left for young people in the UK.

    Back in January, School Reporters from St Angela's Ursuline School, in the Olympic borough of Newham, explained the impact the Games had on them.


    1532: "Hooraaay!" say Mrs Pender-Mitchell, Ms Szentpeteri and Mrs Martingale as the Lord Grey School reporters in Milton Keynes have completed their Practice News Day - their video report is now live on their website.

    "We are so proud of them for completing and finishing their report by the deadline! The students worked hard but it would not have been possible without our Year 13 editors Abby and Liam!" said the teachers.

    The students have been doing a report about bullying today - they looked closely at what bullying means to some students and even managed to interview the head teacher Dr Jones, about her views.

    Some of the School Reporters gave us their reflections afterwards:

    Shannon: "The project was fun, interactive and creative! I liked it because it got everyone working together."

    Dillon: "I liked doing the interviews because it was interesting getting other people's views on the bullying, especially getting to talk to the head teacher herself who gave us some personal views on bullying."

    Abdul: "There were ups and downs but we managed to get through it by working together as a team. My role was to record the footage and it was fun because it was something I have never done before!"

    Spencer: "It was interesting working the camera because I had to make sure everyone was ready before I could press record."


    1522: It's Oscars fever at Wrenn School in Wellingborough, as the students prepare for their own special award ceremony on 19 February, celebrating talented individuals from the school.

    Their School Report team will be reporting all the action and interviewing winners so watch this space for their reports.


    1510: School Reporters from Lord Grey School in Milton Keynes have been busy all day and are waiting for their report to upload to their school website as we type!


    1500: School Reporters at Bolingbroke Academy (see 1054 entry) are planning their reports.

    Nakai, 11, is working on the Six Nations rugby union story. He says: "I'm excited but quite nervous as this is our first Practice News Day and we might muck it up!"

    Celeste, 12, says: "I'm really excited about writing reports for the BBC. We are going to interview science teacher Mr Conlon about Bolingbroke's community project for Red Nose Day."

    Wendelle, 12, comments: "At the moment I feel awkward because I might pronounce the words wrong!"

    The team are off to start recording soon... good luck!


    1452: Do not worry if you were unable to take part in today's Practice News Day. The main News Day is just under five weeks away on 21 March.

    That will be the day to get all your reports finished by the big 2pm deadline with everything uploaded to your school website two hours later.

    For more information about how to get ready for News Day, check out School Report's guide to preparing for the big day!


    1442: Are you turning 13 in 2013? Calling School Reporters who were born in the Millennium. We want to know what it's like to be 13 in 2013. Have a look here for more information.


    1435: Pupils from Denton Community College have recorded an interview and are now editing the audio and captioning the pictures on our Mac Suite in the Lab in BBC MediaCityUK.

    Denton Community College Furious editing going on from the Denton team
    Denton Community College Processing the audio

    1431: Another update from Manor Church of England Academy in York, who tell us that the students are busy filming and editing and making the best use of all their available equipment. Pupils are testing a wide range of ideas to create news, with Paige, 14, and Mathew, 12, using their skills as presenters for Alex, 15, and Bethany, to record.

    A successful day of filming over, it's back to the editing suite to create Manor C.E Academy's first practice news report!

    Pupils film their reports at Manor Church of England Academy Pupils present in front of a green screen

    1420: At Lurgan Junior High School in County Armagh, there's 48 Year 9 students taking part today. School Reporter Victoria told us they're covering lots of stories including the asteroid coming close to earth, the horsemeat scandal and the hunt for Madeleine McCann in Russia.

    Their teacher Mr Moorehead added: "It's very exciting, everyone is having a great time."


    1412: Skerton Community High School pupils have been filming and recording their experiences of turning 13 in 2013. They liked holding the boom mic and said the day has been a "fabulous" and "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.


    1405: Madras College in Fife had their Practice News Day early on 13 February. School Reporters Caitlin and Nina wrote an article on a recent visit from writer and adventurer Matt Dickinson to the school. They found out what it was like to climb Mount Everest and learnt about how difficult it is to digest food and wash up there. They also quizzed him about his documentary series and his books.

    The students with author and adventurer Matt Dickinson Students with author and adventurer Matt Dickinson

    1348: Chigwell School in Essex is hosting a Practice News Day with clickable stories and videos. It's a bit of a preview to news day. They're looking at the naming of the royal baby, using iPads in classes and teaching home economics in school.


    1340: The students at Marden High School in North Shields are back from a quick lunch break and busily editing their reports ahead of a 1400 deadline.

    They have added a report on body image and identity among teenagers to the list of topics mentioned in their last update (see 1158 entry).

    Thomas and Theo editing their sports report at Marden High School Thomas and Theo busy editing their sports report

    1326: There was a day out for Year 7 School Reporters from Stoke Damerel Community College in Plymouth last Friday as they visited Dartmoor Zoo.

    They interviewed owner and author Ben Mee, who told them how his family purchased the complex. The students may have been familiar with the story, which was made into the film We Bought a Zoo starring Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon.

    The School Reporters managed to record lots and lots of material so now the challenge is to edit it into a report for News Day! They also got some top tips from former Guardian writer Ben, who gave them a journalism masterclass.

    Stoke Damerel Community College School Reporters interview Ben Mee

    1319: Web safety is vital for School Reporters and pupils from several different schools got involved with Safer Internet Day earlier in the month.

    Ailsa and Emily from The Mary Erskine School Ailsa and Emily from The Mary Erskine School reported on a Safer Internet Day event

    School Reporters from The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh visited London's Microsoft headquarters to help launch a charter to keep young people safe online.

    They even landed an interview with Children's Minister Edward Timpson.

    They interviewed other young people on internet safety, including School Reporters from Bishopston Comprehensive School in Swansea.

    And Twitter was the focus for School Reporters from Tarporley High School who looked at how easy it is to get addicted to the social networking site.


    1314: After a very busy morning, it's just the editing to go for Fullbrook School in Surrey. Their teacher, Mr McLean says: "I'm very proud of the students' endeavours. They have worked incredibly professionally."

    Fullbrook School A minute to relax after a busy morning

    1310: School Reporters at Carluke School in South Lanarkshire had a great Practice News Day yesterday.

    They covered stories about Scottish Independence, Fairtrade, a youth dance club and volunteers for next year's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. They also looked at Holocaust Memorial Day, because one of the students had visited Auschwitz.

    A big shout out to their hard working team; Caitlyn, Dylan, Reece, Amy and Lucy, all aged 11.


    1304: We have received this great picture of the Ormesby School team in Middlesbrough, who are one of the many taking part today.

    Ormesby School team in Middlesbrough The team from Ormesby School in Middlesbrough pose in front of Valentine's Day banners

    1301: Wallace Hall Academy and Primary reporters in Dumfries and Galloway have been working hard creating lots of different reports.

    A group of keen cyclists have been working on a report on the national Bike to School Week, and have even taken part in their own bike race. As primary and secondary pupils are working together, one group took this opportunity to report on the transition from P7 to secondary and have been interviewing staff and pupils this morning.

    Reporters have also been working on stories surrounding Childhood Cancer Day, Holocaust Memorial Day and the dangers of drink driving.

    Wallace Hall Academy School Reporters Wallace Hall Academy School Reporters hard at work
    Wallace Hall Academy School Reporters The Wallace Hall team smile for the camera!

    1252: The day is going really well at Darlington School of Maths & Sciences, where they have spent the morning doing plenty of online research and filming their reports. The reporting team have been looking into lots of stories including the Six Nations, the horsemeat scandal and the 'King in the Car Park'!

    They now have lots of footage to edit as they try to get everything ready for publication. Katie, 14, said the day had been "really enjoyable" but that they'd learned a few things that would come in handy for the big News Day on 21 March, most importantly to get really organised beforehand so that all the timings work properly.

    A good lesson to learn!

    Darlington School of Maths & Sciences team Some of the Darlington School of Maths & Sciences team
    Darlington School of Maths & Sciences team Katie, James and Liam ponder some editorial decisions in Darlington

    1250: The School Report team at Manor Church of England Academy in York are interviewing other pupils and the deputy head Mr Thunder to get an insight into how the school operates on a day-to-day basis.

    Tom, 13, and Paige, 14, have been among the interviewers in the 18-strong reporting team, while Ellie has been behind the camera.

    The reporters are carrying on into the afternoon, so good luck with the rest of the day!

    Manor Church of England Academy reporters in full swing Manor Church of England Academy reporters in full swing

    1244: It's been a busy morning for the School Reporters at Skerton Community High School, who have been working really hard on their stories!

    There was a preview of England's next Six Nations match, against France on Saturday week, and one reporter conducted some interviews about how child poverty can be tackled.

    Teacher Mr Daykin says: "It's been nice for the pupils to have more time to work on both their literacy skills and creativity outside of the normal timetable."

    Well done team!


    1235: Davison C of E School for Girls in Worthing, is filled with School Reporters working away on some really interesting reports for today's Practice News Day.

    Phoebe, 14, is the editor and has filmed an interview with the Deputy Youth Mayor of Worthing. Phoebe told us some of her questions, saying: "I asked her about the process and what it takes to become Deputy Youth Mayor." She will now be trying to edit the interview for a 2pm deadline.

    The school are reporting on a few other stories, and Ellie and Rosie, both aged 14, have written a report covering the closing down of HMV stores. Ellie said she thought it was a shame as lots of her friends would buy CDs from there, and hopes to interview a few more people about how they feel about the stores closing.


    1229: The next port of call for Denton Community College students was the BBC Sport Centre where they were given a talk and tour of the large television studio by assistant editor Ian Moss. The students were told that BBC sport news bulletins were usually broadcast from the big studio but that it could also host programmes like Match of the Day if necessary

    Denton School Reporters in the Sports studio Lucky Denton School Reporters also got to see the BBC Sports studio

    1225: Students at Lagan College in Belfast are exploring the rights of children and whether they can be accepted and respected as themselves. School Report photographer Shannon, aged 15, and Hannah, aged 14, worked on this photo for the Amnesty International photo journalist competition and for BBC School Report.

    Lagan College Could this entry win the competition?

    1223: School Reporters at St Michael's Catholic School in High Wycombe held their Practice News Day on Wednesday. The students looked into a recent charity trip to an orphanage in Kenya, and the week's Champions League fixtures.

    St Michael's Catholic School team The St Michael's Catholic School team

    1213: Teacher Allison Reeves has been updating us on the progress of School Reporters at Cams Hill School in Hampshire.

    "So far they have been very busy creating stories based on 'health and safety gone mad with school ties', a harder maths test for 11-year-olds, the 2012 AD14 asteroid and llamas escaping from their enclosure!" she says.

    "The pupils involved are Hannah, Maddy, Alice, Susie, Becci, Tom, Genny, Kieran, Will, Alex and Lucas.

    "They have been doing an excellent job so far and the final edit should be ready for 2pm."

    A couple of the team have also sent us their views on the day so far.

    Tom says: "I've liked interviewing people around the school and finding out people's views."

    Maddy says: "I thought it was interesting going through the newspapers to find stories and checking the sources to make sure they are accurate and true."

    Cams Hill School The Cams Hill School team decide on their stories

    1211: Practice News Day is well under way at Saint Aidan's Church of England Technology College in Preesall, where they are now filming their reports.

    Charlotte and Michael record their story about clip on ties at school Charlotte and Michael record their story about clip-on ties at school

    The stories they have chosen to cover today include the passage of the asteroid close to earth, the new iWatch, the menace of internet trolls, 'The Wanted or One Direction - which is your favourite?', 'are clip-on ties at school a good idea?' and Valentine's Day at school.

    Katie and Jess research their stories Katie and Jess from St Aidan's research their stories

    1208: The students from Fulbrook School in Surrey grilled their school principal on a variety of issues ranging from proposed changes to the school timetable and the school logo (currently a squirrel).

    The most interesting part of the interview was when Mrs Turner confirmed that horsemeat was not being sold in the school canteen!

    Fullbrook School (left to right): Zahra (Year 11), Mrs Turner (Principal) and Catherine (Year 11). (left to right) Zahra (Year 11), Mrs Turner (Principal) and Catherine (Year 11)

    1201: School Reporters from Wallace Hall Academy in Dumfries & Galloway are "doing a fabulous job", says their teacher Miss Stuart.

    Watch this space to find out what stories they are working on!


    1158: School Reporters from Marden High School in North Shields are in full swing. After an editorial meeting this morning, they've decided to cover the resignation of the Pope, an in-depth sports report, a news round-up of the latest events happening in school and a science report on the recent Institute of Physics Lecture hosted by the school. Good luck to the team!

    Marden School Reporters Marden School Reporters getting stuck in

    1156: School Report gives students a real audience, by linking to their work from the BBC website. If you need some tips about getting your school website ready for News Day, have a look in our FAQ.


    1151: Diss High School's television news reporters have been interviewing Tom Vince from local Norfolk station Mustard TV about how to be a successful journalist. They are also looking at how strenuous PE is at their school and the consequences of an asteroid hitting Earth.

    Katie and Lizzy interview Tom Vince from Mustard TV, while sixth form mentor Eleanor films their work Katie and Lizzy interview Tom Vince from Mustard TV, while sixth form mentor Eleanor films their work

    Meanwhile their radio news reporters are looking at how Year 9 students can choose the best subjects possible, whether cruise holidays are a good idea and trying to find out whether an iPad can really control cars?


    1148: School Reporters from Denton Community College are having a busy day on their visit to BBC MediaCityUK.

    They were given a tour of the studios by BBC Radio Manchester Assistant Editor Andrew Bowman and a masterclass on radio presenting from early Breakfast presenter Matt White.

    Denton Community College School Reporters in the BBC Radio Manchester studios The Denton team watch Matt at work

    Later they had the chance to interview BBC Radio Manchester presenter Becky Want. She told them: "The most important part of being a good presenter is listening."

    Denton Community College School Reporters & BBC Radio Manchester's Becky Want Becky prepares to answer the Denton students' questions

    1137: Students from Fullbrook School have just finished interviewing Tom who has secured a place to study medicine at Oxford University. It follows their earlier interview with Johnny (see 1038 entry).

    They both mentioned the importance of independent study. Tom was asked about paying the Ā£9,000 a year tuition fees and replied: "If that's what you have to pay for a good education then it's worth it."

    Fullbrook School's School Reporters (left to right): Laurel (Year 11), Zoe (Year 11), Tom (Year 13), Abby (Year 9) and Daisy (Year 9) The Fullbrook School team (left to right): Laurel (Year 11), Zoe (Year 11), Tom (Year 13), Abby (Year 9) and Daisy (Year 9)

    1132: The team at Skerton Community High School in Lancaster are finishing off their research and getting ready to start writing their online reports.

    They have been looking at a story on the Radio 1 Newsbeat website to see how a story is structured and they remembered that your first paragraph has to really make people want to keep reading.


    1129: Cams Hill School in Hampshire are covering a massive five stories this morning, including the ongoing horsemeat saga.

    School Reporter Hannah, 14, has been asking her Food Tech teachers for their opinions on the scandal and she reveals that one teacher prefers horsemeat to beef!

    Genevieve, 13, is also busy gathering interviews this morning, but is not currently worried about meeting the 1pm deadline. "We're all quite excited," she says. "But round about the deadline time, I think it will start getting stressful!"


    1125: Today is the last Practice News Day before the big event on 21 March. How about brushing up on your broadcasting skills with some tips from BBC newsreader Huw Edwards?


    1120: A big shout out to School Reporters from Darlington School of Maths and Science. They've got a great list of stories they're covering today. The students are looking at Six Nations, Formula 1, films in 2013, top bands for 2013 as well as a Kenya trip and horsemeat.


    1117: Hounsdown Secondary School in Totton, Southampton have a team of 14 School Reporters out filming a story today about the decline of the high street.

    Their teacher Bridget Bancroft explained: "They're not massive internet shoppers and they just like the idea of wandering and browsing in Southampton. With local branches of HMV and Game closing, they want to know what is happening and what the council is doing about it."

    She added that they have an interview with the leader of Southampton council booked for after half-term.


    1114: From football to energy drinks, School Reporters at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, held their Practice News Day early.

    The reporters tackled retirement age and gay marriage, and also looked at Keith Hill being named the new Rochdale AFC manager.

    Matthew Moss Practice News Day The students broadcast from the school hall

    Energy was on the news agenda too. They looked at solar flares disrupting power and asked: Which electronic device could you not live without?

    Their action-packed day ended with a 10-minute news programme broadcast from their school hall.

    Matthew Moss High School Reporters Matthew Moss High School Reporters had a full news agenda

    1108: School Reporters from Comberton Academy Trust in Cambridge swapped their usual Wednesday lesson timetable for a trip to Westminster last week after they managed to arrange some time to speak to Shadow Chancellor and Labour MP Ed Balls!

    He gave them a tour of the House of Commons but not before they gave him a bit of a grilling about economic and education issues. Now they are editing the report for News Day.


    1103: Students from St Michael's Catholic School in High Wycombe had a busy news agenda for their practice news day on Wednesday.

    The School Reporters looked into a charity trip to a Kenyan orphanage and the Champions League fixtures.


    1100: Students at Fullbrook School have been interviewing the Mayor of Runnymede, Cllr Linda Gillam.

    She told them she wanted to see Runnymede "put on the map" and emphasised the importance of everyone knowing about the history of the Magna Carta being signed there.

    School Reporters at Fullbrook School with the mayor School Reporters at Fullbrook School landed an interview with the local mayor

    1054: The newly formed School Report team at Bolingbroke Academy in south London are holding their first Practice News Day today. They are looking into the Chinese New Year, the forthcoming Red Nose Day and the Rugby Six Nations. Check back later to see how their work is going!


    1049: A big shout out to Parrs Wood High School in East Didsbury, Manchester whose Year 8 School Reporters will be taking part in news development and interviewing exercises today.


    1047: It's down to business for School Reporters from Denton Community College at BBC MediaCityUK as they share their story ideas at BBC Radio Manchester's daily planning meeting.

    Denton Community College Will the School Reporters' ideas be chosen for a bulletin?

    1044: Reporters at Skerton Community High School in Lancaster have split into four news teams covering local, national, international and sports news.

    There are lots of ideas - from changes to the school's doors to Manchester United's Champions League match with Real Madrid. A story about a cute pig in a specially designed wheelchair is also being looked at.

    Great to see such a wide variety of topics being covered in one place!


    1042: The Year 11 media pupils from Lagan College in Belfast will be doing a report on children's rights for Practice News Day today. We look forward to hearing how they get on.


    1038: Fullbrook School have conducted their first interview of the day with sixth former Johnny and questioned him about what was involved in his recent offer from Cambridge to study Mathematics.

    Fullbrook School The Fullbrook School team at their planning meeting
    Fullbrook School Fullbrook's reporters get to work

    1037: Students from Denton Community College had an extra special treat before attending BBC Radio Manchester's daily planning meeting - they got to sit in the Breakfast TV studio which is also used by North West Tonight.

    School Reporters in the Breakfast TV studio School Reporters got to sit in the Breakfast TV studio

    1024: Pupils from hundreds of schools taking part in School Report 2013 are already bursting with ideas ahead of the big News Day on 21 March.

    If you need a few more ideas to get you going, here's some food for thought. You can also look at some upcoming events in our planning diary.


    1017: And another of our big shout outs - and good luck - to schools who have told us they are staging their Practice News Day after half-term.

    Harris Academy Purley, Tobermory High School and Whickham School are all holding their Practice News Day in the upcoming days and weeks, so keep an eye out for their stories.


    1014: Guildford County School are one of schools that have already had their Practice News Day. They held their's on Thursday, and their BBC mentor Kate Riley reported back to us last night.

    "Just had a great practice day - very calm and hit deadline of 2pm - all edited themselvesā€¦" said Kate.


    1009: Away from Practice News Day, the future of GCSEs has been a hot news topic lately. School Reporters from Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove shared their views on the BBC News Channel.

    School Reporters Emilie and Ben appeared live on the BBC News Channel School Reporters Emilie and Ben appeared live on the BBC News Channel

    You can get inspired by their report here. Students at St Joseph's Catholic College in Bradford also got stuck into the story, asking their head teacher for his views on the government's plans


    1004: The keen reporters at Marden High School in North Shields are already down to work. Their editorial meeting is under way, and the reporters are discussing the stories they want to cover.

    Among other things, the reporting team will be focusing on what's going on within school, with some classroom refurbishments imminent and also reflecting the recent success of some of the school's sports teams.

    Marden High School pupils The reporters get down to work at Marden High School

    1000: With different half-terms and inset days going on around the UK over these couple of weeks, some eager schools who are off today made sure they did not miss out on News Day practice by staging their rehearsal early.

    Well done to Carluke High School, Ernest Bevin College, Fearns Community Sports College, Guildford County School, Heritage High School, Madras College, Penwortham Priory Academy, St Michael's Catholic School, St Philip Howard Catholic High School, The Towers School.

    We'll try to give you updates on what those schools have been up to already!


    0952: Mrs Garvey wishes the Year 9 students at Nottingham's The Bramcote School good luck with their reporting as they take part in Practice News Day today!


    0950: Pupils and teachers from Denton Community College have arrived at MediaCityUK in Salford bright and early looking forward to a busy day reporting and interviewing with BBC Radio Manchester.

    Denton Community College School Reporters The Denton team got straight to work....
    Denton Community College School Reporters ....but there was time to stop for a team photo!

    0945: We have just heard that Ormesby School in Middlesbrough are taking part in Practice News Day today.

    Welcome to you and your team and we look forward to hearing your updates!


    0941: First update from the School Reporters at Diss High School, who are already researching the news and will be interviewing Tom Vince from Norwich's new local television channel 'Mustard TV'.

    They're hoping to get lots of top tips from him about how to become top-class local reporters!


    0938: One school not taking part today is Bishopbriggs Academy, because they are on half-term at the moment.

    However before they went on their break they told us they were "very excited" to receive their School Report goodies as you can see from this picture.

    They tell us: "We will make sure they are put to good use!"

    Bishopbriggs Academy The goodies have arrived!!

    0933: And our shout out to more schools who are busy for Practice News Day right now!

    Hounsdown Secondary School, Lord Grey School, Lurgan Junior High School, Manor Church of England Academy Trust, The Arthur Terry School, Wallace Hall Academy & Primary School, Marden High School.


    0930: Part one of our big shout out to the schools who have told us they are taking part today - good luck to everyone!

    Altrincham College of Arts, Archbishop Tenison's School, Blythe Bridge High School, Cams Hill School, Chigwell School, Colchester Royal Grammar School, Corpus Christie Catholic Sports College, Davison C of E High School for Girls, Diss High School, Eastbury Comprehensive School, Fleming Fulton Special School, Fullbrook School.

    And there's more to come!


    0921: We have already been sent several photos of hard-working School Reporters who have taken part in their Practice News Days - you can see a selection here.


    0917: One of the schools which has already held their Practice News Day is Fearns Community Sports College.

    Fearns Community Sports College School Reporters Fearns Community Sports College met their deadline

    Respect was the theme of day. They looked at what it means when pupils wear respect wristbands.

    Students wearing respect wrist bands

    0910: We're expecting around 30 schools to take part, although some are not in action today because of the differing half-term holidays around the UK. Some have already done their reporting, while others are building up to it in the days and weeks to come.

    And if you are taking part today but haven't told us, please let us know!


    0900: There are now only five weeks to go to the real News Day on 21 March and this is the last chance for schools to have a taste of what that day will be like. We can't wait to hear what schools are up to!


    0857: Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the final Practice News Day of the 2012-13 academic year.

    With schools all over the UK taking part, there are going to be stories galore so stay tuned to see what students are reporting on.


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