December Practice News Day as it happened

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  • School Reporters are putting their journalism skills into action for the second Practice News Day of the 2012-13 academic year
  • This is the story of the reporting going on in classrooms all over the UK
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    LATE UPDATE: A belated shout-out to Horbury Academy in Wakefield, who had students from years 7, 8, 9 and 11 taking part in Practice News Day yesterday!

    Katie, a veteran School Reporter, told us: "It's been great working with newcomers to the BBC News School Report as a mentor and passing on my skills to others has been beneficial to all involved."

    "We're reporting on many activities happening in school - including the final of 'Horbury's Got Talent'.

    They've also sent in this great pic of the Horbury reporting team!

    The Horbury reporting team! The Horbury reporting team!

    That's it folks. What a day. Students all across the UK have been talking to the stars, unearthing some fabulous stories and even speaking to pupils who have taken over their school.

    Here's a round-up of the day to give you

    And remember, with more practice days coming up and the big School Report News Day on 21 March why not sign up to be on the mailing list right now and get involved.

    So if you fancy being a reporter or you think your school may be interested then contact us. Thank you for everybody who took part in the Practice Day and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Incredible scenes towards the end of Practice News Day. The world's most famous clock says "DING DONG almost over for all of our amazing School Reporters"....the time-piece made its way on to the BBC World Service with presenter Peter Okwoche telling the time to millions of viewers across the planet. Tick tock...

    School Report hits live BBC TV What's the time folks?

    Well done to year 7 and 8 Carshalton High School for Girls for their first ever reporting efforts today!

    Their Media Studies teacher says: "Our students have loved today and have done a brilliant job of putting together a practice report"

    Why not check out their video bulletin and see all the hard work they have put in for yourself?


    After a hard day's reporting, Marden High School in North Shields have posted some of their reports online!

    You can check them out here.

    A big well done to all the Marden pupils involved today - great work.


    BMX U-16 Champion Quillan Isidore has dedicated himself to his rigorous training programme and has strong views about sportspeople who take performance enhancing drugs.

    "They are cheats who have let the sport and themselves down. They are people who are not willing to push harder in training to succeed and they're jealous of athletes who perform well without the assistance of artificial stimulants," he said.

    Find out more about this talented young athlete in his School Report Q&A with Farringdon Community Sports College.


    Well done to the reporting team at Stoke Park School and Community Technology College in Coventry who have successfully completed their first ever School Report Practice News Day!

    They have spent the day producing text reports around the theme of 'looking towards the future'. Stories included an interview with their new headteacher, their peer mentoring scheme and the recent Cultures Day.


    Students at The London Nautical School are hard at it reporting on the Annual Christmas Fayre which is hoping to raise more than ever with its 'Gunge a Teacher' stall. Previously it was done by teachers who were up for a laugh - and brave enough to put themselves in the stocks ready for MANY custard pies.

    This year pupils got their say and the votes flooded in. Some teachers had over 100 votes each! The deadline is fast approaching and the teachers are nervous wrecks, waiting to hear who'll be on the hit list!

    "I voted for my tutor because she is always tells me off for being late," said one pupil. Another said he was going to vote for a teacher he didn't know because he 'liked all his teachers' and yet another said: "I am voting for the PE teachers because they always play tricks on us and I want to get my own back."

    The School Reporters are going to interview stall holders and also find out how much money is being raised and what the school hopes to spend it on. They will also be taking video and photos for the School magazine. Look out for the 'gunge the teacher' photos!

    Well done London Nautical School. Top effort.


    Rebecca Tunney was just 15 when she became the youngest member of TeamGB to compete the Olympics.

    Rebecca has been nominated for Young Sports Personality of the Year and she told School Report about the sacrifices she makes to be a top gymnast.

    She also confessed her love of One Direction and Justin Bieber!


    After a long day producing local news stories, you can see the fruits of Bilal and Eikhlas's hard work in their video broadcast on the Brondesbury College for Boys School Report page now.

    Great work boys!


    Swimmer Josef Craig made a splash at the Paralympics this year by becoming the youngest member of the ParalympicsGB team to take home a gold medal.

    He competes in S7 category events and told School Report what kind of music helps him perform best in the pool and revealed that legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was his role model when he was growing up.


    Portadown College reporters have been finalising their report about a new local supermarket this afternoon.

    Johnny says: "I found my first attempt at 'vox pop' interesting!" and Tara: "I made phone calls to chase up interviews - and I can't believe we've written them up as news articles!"

    Teacher Ms Murphy says "the students have really enjoyed it, not least the rush to complete by the end of school day at 3.35pm!"

    We say well done for making the deadline!


    Sibling rivalry can be a problem for some young people but for Saskia Sills, watching her brother's success as a windsurfer inspired her to take up the sport.

    "When I was younger I always said that one day I will win a race against him but this hasn't happened yet," she said.

    Saskia won golds at two championships this year and she's also one of the potential winners of the Young Sports Personality of the Year award.

    You can read more about her in her School Report Q&A.


    Remember we mentioned earlier that reporters at Dallam School have been investigating the impact of a new shop in their area? Their report is now live on their website - take a look!


    Putting and schooling. Not easy to do both at the same time but Georgia Hall is coping. She may be the top amateur golfer in Europe, but also takes her education very seriously - along with PE, her favourite subject at school is maths.

    Georgia was speaking to Farringdon Community Sports College in Sunderland after their School Reporters came up with some great probing questions for this year's Young Sports Personality of the Year contenders.


    There are big plans and research going on right now with London Nautical School looking to do a report on their 'Christmas Fayre' that is happening next Tuesday. More details to follow they've told us.


    Being a presenter is much harder than it looks but Lara and Ceren from Marden High School look like they've taken to it very well!

    Here they are filming the introduction to their news report.

    Lara and Ceren prepare their news report

    The news team at Castle School have been very busy working on stories all day.

    They have been covering news in Syria, running surveys on the monarchy and freedom of the press and have written a feature on letter-writing and its impact.

    Ms Howells said: "This is our last day of term and whilst fun and games have been happening elsewhere, the news team have been working hard to create an exciting, interesting news round-up. What a dedicated bunch!"

    Good work guys!

    The Castle School prepare their reports Eyes down and working hard

    Newcastle school for Boys are taking part in Practice News Day and they've been talking to us about the projects they're working on.

    The date of the 2013 Budget was announced this week and it's going to be Wednesday March 20th - the day before News Day. That could be good news for Newcastle School for Boys as they are already School Report's Budget experts - see this great guide to the Budget they produced earlier in the year.


    For all you wanting to be a reporter. You can't go wrong with some advice from a lady who's done it all - she's covered all the big sporting events like the Olympic Games, Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon. Watch Sonali Shah's masterclass to reporting and start dreaming of being at the Rio Games in 2016.


    It's getting tense at Carshalton High School who are racing to get their special Christmas Fair report up for their deadline of 3.05pm precisely! Anna, 11, will be interviewing those involved in organising the fair & Christa-Jo, 11, will be filming. They'll be finding out why the proceeds of the fair will go to a leprosy charity and what prizes can be won in the raffle. It's Anna's first-ever interview and she told us: "I'm excited, but really nervous as well."


    Congratulations to St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Salford who have successfully completed their radio news programme and aired it to the school!

    Pupil Alison, Year 8, tells us: "I enjoyed publicising the radio shows in the morning, I never thought that this type of thing would be involved in the day."

    Classmate and newsreader Hannah added: "I really enjoyed reading the news, live and being quiet for my fellow news reader whilst she said her parts."

    George in Year 7 thought: "It was a great experience for my first time taking part."

    Well done to St Ambrose students for their hard work today! Well done to St Ambrose students for their hard work today!

    Josh, Lauren, Sophia and Amy worked through their lunchtime to interview TV presenter Adrian Chiles as he visited The Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield.

    The students spent 20 minutes with Adrian and asked him about everything from racism in football, to his thoughts about the Leveson Inquiry. They were 'stunned' to meet him, but he was 'a pleasure to interview'.

    They have filmed the whole interview and are waiting for it to finish uploading on their site.

    Well done guys!


    "I can't live without my phone." Sad but true! The Junior World Cup slalom champion Kimberley Woods is another Young Sports Personality of the Year contender interviewed by School Report. She uses her phone to keep 'up to date with everything' despite her vigorous training commitments, so she is 'constantly texting and on Facebook'. She also spoke about her dietary sacrifices and how she copes with setbacks. Read her top interview with Farringdon Community Sports College.


    Bilal and Eikhlas from Brondesbury College for Boys have almost finished producing content for Practice News Day. They have decided to focus on local stories and events and are hoping to work up to bigger stories for the News Day in March.

    As well as their videos, the School Reporters have also been busy planning on what to report at their school assembly and in their newsletter. They are uploading the content through now and are just waiting for it to go live on the site. Watch this space folks....


    Today, the BBC is marking 15 years of the BBC News website. When it launched in 1997, there were fewer than eight million people online in the UK, a figure which has mushroomed to more than 50 million today.

    Writing news stories for a website is very different from writing essays at school or from writing scripts for radio and television - it's even different from writing for a newspaper.

    For some top tips on writing for the web check out our video masterclass by BBC journalist Iain Mackenzie


    Earlier this morning we told you about Saint John Wall Catholic School in Birmingham and their recent visits to football clubs in the West Midlands.

    We love this picture of the reporting team with players and the manager of Walsall FC.

    School Reporters visit Walsall FC Walsall FC enjoy their visit from School Reporters

    And remember, if you want to interview a high profile celebrity or athlete, check out our guide on how to persuade people to get involved.


    Following an editorial meeting (see 0953), pupils at Marden High School in North Shields have pinpointed their chosen news stories, and are now putting together their reports!

    They are tackling news on a variety of levels - from a global story about Nelson Mandela's current ill health, to how social networking site Twitter has affected the lives of Marden students.

    Chris and Alex are also braving the cold to interview their fellow classmates about the weather!

    Reporting on the big freeze! Reporting on the big freeze!

    If you're looking for some tips on being an events commentary then look no further than Mr Cool himself - BBC newsreader Huw Edwards reveals all to School Report.

    Carshalton High School for Girls in action for School Report It's hotting up at Carshalton High School for Girls as they get ready for their live broadcast

    Hot off the press from the newsroom Carshalton High School for Girls: "Things are going well!" they have told us. With the race on to produce their content, it seems things are ticking along nicely.

    The students have been busy interviewing teachers around the school and are now viewing and editing their footage ready for the live broadcast later.

    Teacher Mr Dunk says everyone really is enjoying the experience!


    What a year 2012 has been. Olympics, Paralympics, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Torch Relay and the Cultural Olympiad. It would leave most broadcasters breathless but BBC's Sophie Raworth stayed calm throughout. How? She explains all the secrets on covering big events to School Report.


    Which student wouldn't want to be boss of their school and make the key decisions like changing the lessons and re-dressing the statue?! See what happened at Boston Spa School in West Yorkshire as part of England Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day.

    Horbury Academy Horbury Academy lines up for action for School Report's Practice News Day

    They seem a talented lot at Horbury Academy in Wakefield. For the Practice News Day they've got a dozen students from years 7, 8, 9 and 11 taking part. Katie - a veteran School Reporter - says: "It's been great working with newcomers to the BBC News School Report as a mentor and passing on my skills to others has been beneficial to all involved."

    They are reporting across loads of activities happening at the school - including...wait for it....the final of Horbury's Got Talent. Can't wait to see that.


    It's all go at Carshalton High School for Girls. In their words, they "are running the day like the real news day". Sounds like they are really busy because on today's menu of activities: A D2 dance event. Free books for all year 7s. They're also running a Christmas Fair. And my favourite...They have told us their Deputy Head is leaving to take a new challenge. What that means I have no idea but we should be finding out a bit later.


    Another Young Sports Personality of the Year contender is Siobhan-Marie O'Connor - the youngest swimmer in TeamGB at the Olympics.

    She told School Report how she has used her setbacks to spur herself on to greater success.

    Siobhan also revealed what is was like to become friends with one of her role models, fellow TeamGB swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


    Oasis Academy pupils have had a chance to interview BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent in the BBC Sports Centre at MediaCityUK.

    Sally revealed that her most memorable sporting moment of 2012 was watching Usain Bolt win 100m Olympic gold and that she enjoys running in her spare time.

    You will be able to see a report of the students interview with Sally later today on the School Report website.

    School Reporters in the BBC Sport Centre with Sally Nugent

    Students at Brondesbury College for Boys are busy trying to file all their impressive stories for today's 2pm deadline.

    Today they'll be uploading written reports, as well as a video on their triumphant Charity Ball, where they raised an incredible £50,000 for Syria Relief. They'll also be reporting on their successes at the British Wrestling Championships.

    Silver medalist Muhammad, 15, told us; "It was a very tough competition, but we fought our hearts out. I left feeling a sense of achievement, but next time I'll try harder to get gold."

    Reporters from the school were lucky enough to tour BBC Television Centre on Monday and posed for a classic photo in front of the Tardis!

    School Reporters pose in front of the Tardis at BBC Television Centre
    1159: Via Email

    An update now from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, who tell us: "Morning! We are well underway with our reporting, which will culminate in a radio broadcast to the school at lunch time".

    Earlier, they held an editorial meeting to generate story ideas - which included the recent hospital radio hoax, Arsenal Football Club's capitulation to Bradford City last night, and the glut of wedding planned for today's historic date: 12/12/12!

    St Ambrose pupils in action! St Ambrose pupils in action!

    Reporters at Westley Middle School in Suffolk can't take part in today's Practice News Day as lots of them are involved in a music concert at school, but they have already been getting some top tips from a journalist who works for their local paper as School Reporter James describes:

    "After a gruelling question and answer session with class 8RJ, Mr Peters from the Bury Free Press showed School Reporters how a page would be laid out in the newspaper. Although we had some technical difficulties, we used (old fashioned) pen and paper to place the articles, captions and photographs on a whole page. Hopefully we will use the skills learnt from a professional editor in our future stories and report".

    Mr Peters looks at a laptop while students watch

    For runner Olivia Breen, 2012 has been a very special year.

    She competed at her first Paralympic Games and took home a bronze medal as part of the T35/T38 4x100m relay team. It took hard work and sacrifice to get to the top though!

    Answering questions posed by Farringdon Community Sports College, she revealed that she has given up chocolate and isn't allowed to eat her favourite food!

    Olivia is one of the nominees for Young Sports Personality of the Year 2012. You'll be able to find out who takes the trophy home on Sunday 16 December, when the result is announced at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony.


    Students at The Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield are awaiting a visit from TV Presenter Adrian Chiles. He is due to arrive at around midday and there are four eager School Reporters, Josh, Lauren, Sophia and Amy ready to take part in a Q&A with him. They are very nervous, but they have prepared a couple of questions each and are ready to go.

    If you are preparing for an interview today, check out this video masterclass with Radio 1 reporter Natalie Jamieson.

    She offers some top tips on doing interviews - with help from some famous faces.


    Pupils from St Mary's Catholic College in Wallasey are working on some exciting ideas for News Day 2013.

    The students have been looking at the effects of cuts on their local area as well as the impact of the Hillsborough disaster on the Wirral. They also have a television star in their school with one of their students currently taking part in the Young Apprentice television show on the BBC.


    Students from Dallam School in Cumbria are getting reporting for the first time - hooray!

    And first up on their reporting agenda is an interview with the manager of a new local shop. It might not sound like much but apparently there was much controversy leading up to its opening.

    Also, a group of students are about to go on a Spanish exchange trip so some of the School Reporters are planning to keep a diary of their trip and maybe compile a travel journal.


    It takes a lot of dedication to be a top Paralympic athlete - something gold-medal winning swimmer Jessica-Jane Applegate knows very well.

    In her Q&A with Farringdon Community Sports College, she revealed she had to miss her own school prom and her 16th birthday for training.

    Jessica-Jane is one of the nominees for Young Sports Personality of the Year 2012. You'll be able to find out who takes the trophy home on Sunday 16 December, when the result is announced at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony.

    School Reporters at Birmingham City Football Club

    Saint John Wall Catholic School in Birmingham have had a busy few weeks of football-related reporting including visits to Birmingham City FC training ground to interview youth team players and coaches, Walsall FC where they grabbed a word with their manager and some first team players and yesterday they went to West Bromwich Albion FC to watch the first team train and carry out interviews.

    Watch this space for their completed reports!


    Pupils from Oasis Academy in Salford have arrived at MediaCityUK to take part in Practice News Day.

    The 10 students will have a chance to interview BBC Breakfast sports presenter Sally Nugent and take a tour of the North West Tonight set.

    You will be able to see a report of their interview with Sally later today on the School Report website.


    A reporting team of 14 students from Gosford Hill School in Oxfordshire are giving School Report a go for the first time and are planning to write an article on the recent floods which have caused a lot of issues for their school community and affected some families' properties.

    Welcome to the project!


    BBC Television Centre is feeling very festive today!

    Last night, a Christmassy 3D lightshow was projected on the outside of our iconic building live on The One Show.

    You can watch a video of the spectacular show here - including the moment when Doctor Who's Tardis appeared to burst through the side of the building!

    Tardis bursts from TV Centre

    Is your school planning anything special in the run up to Christmas? Is there an end of term concert or production you can report on? Or maybe another student or teacher has a really special festive themed story you can cover.

    Remember, stories are everywhere - so keep your eyes and ears open!


    Pupils from Farringdon Community Sports College in Sunderland were worthy of a medal as they told School Report recently how they came up with quirky and probing questions for this year's Young Sports Personality of the Year contenders.

    Find out how the 15 media students faced a race against the clock to complete their questions.

    The talented young athletes in the running for the award have answered the questions and we'll be featuring them throughout the day.

    First up, tennis sensation Kyle Edmund. He told School Report about cheating on his diet by occasionally eating chocolate and also reveals a story about a showdown with Andy Murray.


    Carshalton High School for Girls in Surrey are raring to go with their school-based reporting today. Stories include the Deputy Head leaving, an upcoming dance show and the Christmas fair. Happy reporting girls!

    School Reporters at Marden High School read the papers

    Students at Marden High School in North Shields have already had their morning editorial meeting and have drawn up a list of stories they want to report on.

    They are interested in the ongoing story about Nelson Mandela, who is in hospital in South Africa, and want to cover the progress of their local football teams, Sunderland and Newcastle.

    Reporters Emily, Lucy and Olivia are hoping to report on the impact Twitter is having on the lives of people at Marden.

    School Report has produced a guide about using Twitter safely as a journalist. But remember, Twitter is aimed at people who are over 13.


    School Reporters from Horbury Academy in Wakefield report that they are "ready and prepped" for their second Practice News Day.

    We can't wait to hear what they come up with today - good luck team!

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes with School Reporters from the London Nautical School

    Anybody fancy themselves as an explorer? School Reporters from the London Nautical School met one of the world's bravest last week when they interviewed Sir Ranulph Fiennes ahead of his record breaking attempt to cross the Antarctic on foot in winter.

    Check out their amazing photos and find out how he and his six-man team will deal with -90C temperatures and whether they'd consider eating a finger or three to stay alive!

    Sir Ranulph's expedition will begin on March 21 2013 - which is also News Day! You can read more about the big trip from BBC News.

    The London Nautical School is taking part in Practice News Day today - so stay tuned for updates from them!


    Good morning! In classrooms across the UK, School Reporters are getting ready to take part in our second Practice News Day of the year - and you'll hear all the latest from them here on our live page.

    It's a great chance for reporters to put their new skills into practice and the entire School Report team can't wait to find out which stories are making headlines in each school taking part.

    So stick with us!


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