Jubilee Time Capsule: School Reporters meet the Queen at Jubilee celebration

14 November 2012 Last updated at 19:59

Students from The Heathland School in Hounslow get a taste of royal reporting and chat to the Queen as the Royal Commonwealth Society handed over the sealed Jubilee Time Capsule to Her Majesty to celebrate the end of her Diamond Jubilee year.
School Reporters from The Heathland School outside the Commonwealth Club in London
School Reporters Emily and Laki from The Heathland School attended a special presentation at the Royal Commonwealth Society where the Queen was presented with the top 60 Jubilee Time Capsule entries. More than 37,000 people from 66 countries around the world contributed to the digital archive to mark the Diamond Jubilee, including Emily and Laki's school.
The Heathland School Reporters Emily and Laki practice interviewing each other outside the Commonwealth Club, London
The girls had a bit of a practice interviewing each other before preparing to speak to some of the guests, especially as the Queen was one of them. They made sure they knew how to address Her Majesty - and curtsey too!
Laki interviews primary school pupil at Royal Commonwealth Society event
There were about 120 specially invited guests, including some other school children. They told Laki and Emily how "really excited" they were to be there
School Reporters Laki and Emily interview guest at Jubilee Time Capsule event
There were lots of guests at the event who had submitted entries to the Jubilee Time Capsule - these were being displayed on screens around the room for everyone to see and will now be part of the Royal Collection at Windsor.
Emily interviewing Jay Thompson, Tuvalu Scout Association Ambassador
Emily and Laki met people from all over the world representing different Commonwealth countries. Tuvalu Scout Association Ambassador Jay Thompson told them about his special Diamond Jubilee celebrations: “We spent the Diamond Jubilee having a community feast on a Pacific island with other boy scouts and their families.”
School Reporters Emily and Laki with Jubilee Time Capsule guest John, 12 from Malawi
Emily and Laki said that 12-year-old John was their "number one" interviewee. He came all the way from Malawi after winning an essay-writing competition and he told them that he thought England is nice. 'I like the buildings, it’s really cool!'" he added.
School Reporters Emily and Laki interview Jubilee Time Capsule guest John, 12 from Malawi
John told Emily and Laki about the essay he wrote which was entered into the Jubilee Time Capsule: "I talk about my first school uniform and the day I found a school that accepted me for free. In my country, Malawi, it is very difficult to go to school when you are an orphan and when you are poor."
Laki interviews Pearl from London about her Jubilee Time Capsule entry
Emily and Laki spoke to Pearl from Tottenham, who told her that her Jubilee Time Capsule entry was her view on the 2011 riots. "It's great to know she’s an ambassador for our generation!" said the girls.
School Reporters interview John Dickie who entered seven events into the Jubilee Time Capsule
John Dickie had entered seven items to the Jubilee Time Capsule and Laki and Emily were particularly impressed: "We extremely enjoyed talking to John as he had very interesting stories to tell us about covering Commonwealth conference events for over 30 years," they said.
John, 12 presents the Queen a tablet computer with Jubilee Time Capsule entries on it
After looking at some of the entries John also had his special moment and presented the Queen with the Jubilee Capsule entries on a tablet computer - looks like he helped her out with the technology too!
School Reporters Laki and Emily meet the Queen at Royal Commonwealth Society
And then finally it was time for the School Reporters to meet Her Majesty! Laki said: "I told her about our report - maybe she’ll read it later!?" and Emily added: "It was a jaw-dropping and mind-blowing moment to actually meet her!"