Teacher resources: Activity - Spot the deliberate mistakes! (20 mins)

BBC newsroom at Television Centre
Image caption The BBC newsroom relies on sub-editors to make stories as good as they can be

As one of the assistant editors for the BBC News website, Ian Jolly - together with lots of other sub-editors - is responsible for checking stories before they go live on the internet.

He has to check for all sorts of things: Is everything spelt correctly? Is it grammatically and factually correct? Are there any potential legal issues?

But even at the BBC some mistakes sometimes slip through the net... until they are spotted by Ian's eagle eye!

Here is a quiz drawn up by Ian based on genuine examples of mistakes made by real-life BBC journalists.

Have a look at each example and see if you can work out what is wrong with it.


Subbing quiz [7.46 KB]

1. The one-vehicle collision took place on the A9 Inverness-Perth road near Tomatin, at about 17:20 on Saturday.

2. Among passengers affected was Britain's Got Talent finalists, electronic string quartet Escala.

3. The crew waited with the rota blades still turning for their ice creams to arrive.

4. His destination was Uyanga, a mining town on the Mongolian Steppe, a rolling grassland that stretches hundreds of thousands of miles in a large crescent around the Gobi Desert.

5. Irish comedian Dylan Moran has become the first British stand-up comedian ever to perform in Russia, organisers of the gig have claimed.

6. Westwood abandoned the car at a block of flats in Pickering Road, Wednesfield, where police dogs tracked him and Simpson into some flats and arrested them.

7. A group of men in white tea shirts, carrying assault rifles, is standing just outside the village.

8. Jonathan Doran, principle analyst at research firm Ovum, is surprised by the turnaround in fortunes.

9. Around 50 officers are involved in the murder enquiry including detective officers, uninformed officers and scenes of crime teams.

10. The royal barge built for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will be lowered on to the Thames on Thursday. The Gloriana which cost around £500million will lead the Jubilee river pageant in June.

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