Mo Farah goes back to school at Feltham Community College

25 September 2012 Last updated at 15:40

After a victorious summer for GB athlete Mo Farah, the double Olympic gold medallist heads back to his old school to talk to School Reporters from Feltham Community College.
School Reporters prepare for the interview
School Reporters Saed, Kirran and Ben conducted research into the life and career of Mo Farah, which all started at their school, Feltham Community College. They prepared and fine-tuned their interview questions for the double Olympic gold medallist before his arrival
Mo answering questions from the School Reporters
The School Reporters were lucky enough to conduct an interview with Mo, who is in considerable demand after his amazing performance at the 2012 Olympics. School Reporter Saed asked the 29-year-old about his time at school, including whether he had to overcome any struggles. Mo described how the hard work he puts into running all started at school.
Mo was challenged to a race
Despite his phenomenal gold medal-winning performances at the Olympics this summer, Mo responded to School Reporter Kirran's challenge to a race by telling her she'd definitely beat him as he's "unfit at the moment"!
Demonstrating the mobot
After the interview, the School Reporters joined in with Mo as he demonstrated the now famous "mobot" move which the whole world saw both him and fellow gold medal winner Usain Bolt perform on the Olympic podium during the 2012 Games