Teach First celebrates 10 years of training teachers

Latest education news from the Teach First event

Students from Villiers High School and Burlington Danes Academy attended the Royal Festival Hall in London to witness and report on a special milestone in the history of Teach First.

Teach First was founded by Brett Wigdortz in 2002.

The teacher training organisation was celebrating 10 years since its inception and so we investigated a little more about how it works and why the teachers it trains think it's so good.

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He shared with us his thoughts about the negativity the organisation faced in its early stages: "You can't always listen to people who don't believe in you. The great lesson is always to believe in yourself."

His enthusiasm was shared by people we spoke to in the 'marketplace' area at the conference: "I think Teach First is very inspirational" said one attendee, who now works at IBM.

CEO of Kids Company, Camilla Batmanghelidjh, was also very enthusiastic.

She said "if teachers are very passionate they can see which children are struggling and help them do the best they can"

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Image caption Camilla Batmanghelidjh, founder of the charity Kids Company, told School Reporters about how teachers can support the most vulnerable students

A similar organisation, Teach for All are attempting to spread this message globally: "Our hope is that we are helping educational organisations around the world get children to have an equal start at education."

The conference was packed with teachers, trainee teachers and some famous faces of the educational world such as Steven Farr, a renowned author who has written about leadership and teaching.

The day at the Royal Festival Hall was action packed with excitement and so for those attending it seems the year of 2012 is not only going to be remembered for the Olympics but also a remarkable year for Teach First.

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